Best Amazon Boxing Day 2017 Deals (Amazing AFTER Christmas Sales!)
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Best Amazon Boxing Day 2017 Deals (Amazing AFTER Christmas Sales!)

– It’s one of the biggest
savings events in the world, happy Boxing Day 2017, plus, deals and a huge giveaway coming right up. Boxing what? Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. I know that a lot of
people watching right now, you may have heard of Boxing
Day and you may not know who I am or what’s going
on, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite,
I find the biggest deals in the country and for
those of you who hear that, especially in the US, I sometimes
talk funny a little bit. And despite having lived a good
chunk of my life in the US, I’m Canadian and that
means that Boxing Day is something I grew up with. Some of you met my sister,
we hosted a video from London earlier on UK Boxing Day,
also a huge phenomenon there, and it’s just started
to catch on in the US. What is it? It’s that day after Christmas, this became a phenomenon for
the first time last year, more so than I’ve ever seen
those after Christmas sales. And today, with massive
deals located right under this video description box,
you can find many items still in stock from Black
Friday and Cyber Monday, at the exact same ultra low price. You can find all of those
items located right under this video screen, just expand
the video description box, and here are some of my other
favorite items you can score Boxing Day wise after
Christmas and I’ll get to that giveaway in a moment. For all the tech you
received over the holidays many people still looking for
Bluetooth wireless headphones. These have Siri built in, not
only are they under 35 bucks they pair with both Iphones and Ipads as well as Android devices, great audio, water resistant ready for the gym, you get a carrying case,
absolutely awesome, and yeah, Siri built
in for under 35 bucks. You’ve all heard of selfie
sticks, but say hello to the new era where
it’s Bluetooth, wireless, and it comes with a tripod,
and even has a mirror on the back so you can
perfectly capture those moments and many of those holiday photos
that didn’t turn out well, trust me, I take the
worst selfies, this works with both Apple and Android devices. And your ability to securely
hold your phone in here an control the shutter all with a remote and a wand at under 20 bucks. And finally, at under 40
bucks, to power all that tech you got for the holidays,
one of the most powerful rechargeable power banks
and batteries to give you more than an extra day of
battery life for an Iphone and Ipad, Samsung,
whatever it is, but look, this has three USB ports so
you could charge three devices simultaneously, Apple or
Android, you get the LED lights absolutely awesome, Amazon’s choice top rated incredible reviews. Okay, I’m now gonna give
away any item featured in this video to a very lucky subscriber using TubeBuddies random selection tool to find a subscriber
who’s commented in the last six months, congratulations
goes to Alexis N. Yes! Whoa! Go, get it, you pick your freebie
and I will send it to you. Alright, for those of you that didn’t win, or you wanna know what’s
around the corner, first of all, more
savings, I’m gonna be live at the Consumer Electronics Show giving you a tour behind
the scenes, and bringing your New Years resolutions to light. Well, it depends, if
it’s to save more money or be more economical or
frugal, that would help, if you’re trying to do something else tied to your health or
fitness, nope, I’m useless. But that’s okay I’ll
have fitness trackers. Okay, alright, not subscribed? Here’s what you need to do. Just click on my slightly oversized head and happy head right
here, that will subscribe you to this channel, if you need help turning on your notifications
or leaving a comment got a demo up there, the
last big roundup of deals I featured right over here, happy savings, happy Boxing Day, okay bye.


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