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– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m
going to be showing you my best buys that I have found on Amazon. Now this isn’t a sponsored video. I just turn to Amazon for everything and the other day on Instagram I asked you guys what
you would like to see and someone sent me a message requesting a video of my best buys and things I found on Amazon and I was like, “What a good idea.” ‘Cause some of the stuff that
I’m going to show you today I had never seen in shops
before I’d seen them on Amazon so I think I’ve got some really
good bits here to show you. I’m gonna show you 20 items in total and I really hope you like this video. If you do, please give it a big thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel, I would love you to subscribe. I post three videos a week and I would love to have you as a viewer. So the first item that I’m gonna show you is a silly item that makes me so happy. I first saw this item on my
friend Kate Murnane’s channel. She showed this in a storage
video and I loved it. It is a stair basket. So it is cut like this
because it sits on your stairs and then when you have things
that need to go up the stairs like kids toys, shampoo,
clothes, anything, you can just put them into this basket. It holds quite a lot as well ’cause it has all of this storage and then once it’s full, you
can take it upstairs with you and put it all away. This is a game changer. You can get it in loads
of different colors. I went for this antique look. But I just love it and every time I put
something in the stair basket it makes me so happy because it doesn’t make
our stairs look messy. It still looks really tidy but all the stuff that
needs to go upstairs is in this basket. The next best buy that
I wanted to show you is one that I saw at my friend
Louise Pentland’s house. She had these cereal containers in black. I have ended up getting them in white to match our kitchen
but I really liked them. They remind me of, you
know you go on holiday to an all-inclusive and
at the breakfast buffet they have the cereal lined up like this. It reminded me of that and they were actually really reasonable. I think they were about
8.99, something like that and the best thing about
them is that my boys really enjoy using them. So Fraser can very
easily get his own cereal in the morning now. He can get a bowl out of the cupboard, go and get his Cheerios and off he goes. The next product I had to include because you guys go crazy for it. And I did my first ever
meet and greet last week and so many of the women
that I met with said, “I bought the spray mop.” So basically there’s this mop that I have that I include in all of
my speed cleaning videos and it’s really clever ’cause
it has a container on it where you put the cleaning
solution and water and it just sprays out from
pressing something on the handle and then you can just mop
your floor really easily. So many of you guys have
gone on to get this. I wish I had actually
invented this mop myself. But I’ll link down below
if you want to see it. But yeah, I love using it and I use it pretty much every day. The next product that I
wanted to tell you about is this world map wall sticker. Now I saw this at my
friend Johanna’s house. She bought this for her son and I really like the way it looks. It’s very colorful. It looks really cool. It also has the animals from
each place on the world map so my kids really seem to
like looking at the animals. And yeah, it was really reasonably priced. I saw other world map wall stickers that were a lot more
expensive on other websites. Next up is our bubble machine. I bought this just this spring and so many of you have
asked me where it’s from. It was about 24.99 but it is like a
professional bubble machine. I basically got sick of buying
the cheaper plastic versions and them clogging up and not working. This one works really, really well. I buy all of my bubble solution for it from the Pound Shop
and we just fill it up. My children love it. Especially my one year old. He really loves running around
and popping the bubbles. But even my seven year old. They all love it when I turn it on. So I’ll link it down below but I do feel like it’s a very
professional bubble machine. I said to my husband, I was like, “I reckon I could do kids
parties with this thing.” The next product is a really
simple but effective one. It is these pens on a string. So I bought these Stabilo pens and they came with this plastic cord to string them all up so
you never lose the caps of your pens. This is just perfect to have in my handbag for when we go to
restaurants or on the plane. I just love it and
whenever I pull this out in front of other mums they’re like, “Where is that from?” Because we just always
lose the caps to our pens and it kind of like
keeps them all together. So yeah, I really, really love this. The next product I
really wanted to show you because it’s literally
half the price on Amazon that it is anywhere else. It’s Jackson’s ball pit. He loves playing in this. It has a really nice soft,
squishy jersey outer bit to it and then all of the balls came as well and all the balls are nice stylish colors but it’s 55 pounds on Amazon and anywhere else that I found it online it was 110 pounds plus so
it was a really good buy. The next product I wanted to show you is this really cool table tennis net that goes onto any table. You can just hook it to the ends by pulling these down. And you just pull it
across the table like this and then we ended up buying the little ping pong
balls and bats as well and my boys love this. It was such a good buy
because at Christmas I actually looked at buying
them a table tennis table but then I was not wanting
to make the investment just in case they didn’t use it much but this is brilliant because if we go to someone’s house, if we go on holiday to
a villa or something we can take this with us. So I just think it’s a really cool one. Especially for my boys. I’ve got three boys and yeah. My husband loves playing with it as well. Next up is my makeup brush cleaner. I love this thing so much. I’ve had it for years
and I got it on Amazon. It’s so simple, you just
put it on like an oven mitt. It has different sections on it. So it has refine, wash, rinse. So you work your way around
it with your makeup brushes. I will normally just
use some facial cleanser and water and then rub it around the mitt and that’s it, it’s done, it’s clean. It’s so simple to use and I love it. I’ll link it down below. You can also get ones like this which I haven’t even used yet that actually go in the sink. So they suction to the sink and you can just do the same. Work your way around the
different parts on it but I just think it’s
a really good gadget. So I’ll link whichever
one of these is cheaper down below for you guys. The next Amazon best buy is a toy that all of my children have loved and I think will love
for a very long time. They are Playmags. They’re basically magnetic tiles that you can build houses with, towers, car garages, anything. All three of my children
still love playing with them. If they’re ever bored,
I get the Playmags out and they’re really, really cool. They’re a really good gift for kids. The next product is an interiors one and I wanted to include it because we get so many
comments from friends and you guys as well about this product. It’s Caleb’s mustard colored
pouffe that is in his bedroom and we use this to read on. Or I will sit on it and read to him on it. And it’s just really cute and it’s the kind thing that I don’t think you would automatically
of finding on Amazon. Next up is our stair gates and I’ve mentioned these
in my baby proofing video but I got them all on Amazon
and I really like them. We have some Numi ones which
were slightly more expensive but we’ve literally had
them for seven years. They’re so durable. They look really stylish as well and there’s no bar along the
floor for you to trip over. But I really, really rate them and then we also have some
that are on Jackson’s bedroom which we also found on Amazon. The next one is our spice rack. This is such good storage and whenever friends see
this when they’re round they will comment on it. It’s just a wire rack that goes
on the inside of a cupboard and it shows all of
your spices very easily. It’s really easy to install
and we really love having it. The next Amazon best buy is the wet brush. I love this. I’ve bought two of these now. I probably need to clean this but it’s just great if you
have long hair or tangly hair. I prefer this to the tangle teaser. It just brushes so very easily and I really, really rate it. Another kitchen product
which we use every day and love is our cutting boards. They are Joseph I believe
but I got them on Amazon and they’re brilliant. You get four different colored
cutting boards in the holder. One is meat, one is for
veg, one is for fish. There’s all different ones and we’ve really, really loved them. A baby product that we
have really, really loved that we found on Amazon is the Zoli. It is little chewy thing
that is great for teething. Your baby can hold this and chew on it. It’s really easy for them to hold ’cause there is a little handle and it used to really
soothe Jackson’s gums. So I haven’t seen it anywhere else so I wanted to let you
guys know about that one. And another baby product
which we really loved that I bought on Amazon was the AmaWrap. It’s this really soft, long baby carrier. It’s perfect for newborns and up. It’s just really, really
soft and we love it. I’ve got it in navy blue and we used it so much
that I wanted to include it in this list. The next product I haven’t
seen anywhere else before except for on Amazon. It is my handbag sectioner. It’s basically this felt insert that you put inside your handbag and it gives you lots of different places and pockets to put things in your handbag. This has been perfect for
me because I wanted to turn a normal handbag into my baby bag. So now I have a place
for all of the baby bits. For my phone, for my laptop. It’s just brilliant. You can get it in different
colors and different sizes so you can get it to suit your handbag. If you have a bucket bag
it’s honestly been brilliant. And the last product I wanted
to show you is my phone case. It is the mophie phone case and I use it every single day and I have come to completely rely on this because it gives my phone
double the battery life. So when I charge my phone it not only charges it but
it also charges up this case. So when I’m running low on battery it will then be charged
again from the case. It’s just so convenient and I love it. You can press this thing on the back and see that it is full
battery at the moment. If that was like one or two
you know to charge your phone and charge your case. But it makes it so that I
always have battery life all day long, no matter what I’m doing, no matter how much I’m using this for work or how much the kids want to use it in a restaurant, I always have battery and I love it. It’s not cheap, I think
it was about 80 pounds for my 7+ it might be
less for smaller phones but yeah, I totally, totally love this and I feel like I would
be lost without it. Right, so that is it for this video. I really hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting. Seeing what best buys
I have found on Amazon. I would love for you guys to comment below what your best Amazon buy was and yeah, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye guys.


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