Best Email Marketing Platform For Ecommerce (384,597 Subscribers & $100,000+/Month Business)
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Best Email Marketing Platform For Ecommerce (384,597 Subscribers & $100,000+/Month Business)

the seven best email marketing services
for e-commerce you know they always say if you could spend one dollar and turn
it into three dollars online then you would have yourself a real business but
with email marketing usually you can spend one dollar and turn it into
upwards of $40 now there’s a business that will get you to your Lamborghini every email marketing service is just a
little bit different but there are a handful of basic needs that every EECOM
business needs in an email marketing service like list segmentation
ready-made templates scaling automation and really making sure that your email
marketing service can handle your projected needs opt-in forms that can be
embedded in your website and a very robust set of analytical and reporting
features also all of the email services that are on my list our Shopify ready
and others will also very easily integrate with econ platforms like
Magento and WooCommerce so before we go any further take just a minute and
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number one on my list and again these are in no particular order except number
one is my favorite and number one on my list is klaviyo
Flavio is specifically designed for e-commerce marketing they have feature
set that includes store integrations list segmentations buy tracking website
behavior super easy to personalize email campaign automation and a very robust
analytics and reporting also for their pricing they’re free up to two hundred
and fifty thousand subscribers and five hundred emails above that it starts at
$25 a month like these videos that I create then let me know by liking this
video so that more people will have the opportunity to see it number two on my
list is MailChimp and no list really would be complete without it I use
MailChimp all the time for some of my email marketing MailChimp is super
intuitive and easy to use they got really easy pre-made templates and drag
and drop features you literally don’t have to do any coding at all also
MailChimp has some of the most integrations amongst all email service
providers like zapier which connects to thousands of the most popular apps to
put your processes on autopilot their pricing starts from their free level
which gives you up to two thousand subscribers and twelve thousand emails a
month and their paid plans start at just $10 a month after that number three on
my list is Omni send and how many send is one of the pricier email services on
my list but all of my colleagues that use Omni send just rave about it because
it so easily builds all of the email sequences for all of your other
platforms I guess that’s why they call an omni send some of the features on
their list include integrated customer experiences sending relevant messages
and using behavior to drive sales over at the pricing page it is free to send
up to 2,000 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month and paid plans start at
$60 a month okay making my list at number four is conversion and they
really tout themselves as a brand building or brand awareness marketing
platform the platform makes it super easy to keep customers loyal and engaged
by encouraging them to review and post their own photos of your products and by
automating the follow-up emails and customer feedback requests the pricing
for conversion is based on customers so there are really no free plans this
starts at $20.00 a month for the first 500 customers if you have any
recommendations on email marketing services that you use or I just left off
my list just leave a comment below okay number
five on my list is rare dot IO and they really kind of market themselves as
being predictive smart email marketing service and their features work with
e-commerce platforms to automatically recommend the right products at the best
time to the right shoppers some of their features and highlighted by their
recommendation product engine the smart timing of these automated emails and
really an easy email builder over at the pricing page it is free for the first
249 contacts and then paid plans start at $24 a month after that okay number
six on my list is remarketing remarketing remarketing remarketing
remarketing remarketing takes these ready-made templates to a whole new
level and they offer not only the premades but also and really a
completely pre-built abandoned cart campaign from tip to toe they got a
bunch of other features as well these features include list segmentation
follow-up automation product recommendations browse abandonment
coupons a be testing social integrations and a lot more over at their pricing
page they have a free trial but no free plans and their entry plan starts at $25
a month and next on my list number seven is smart mail smart mail is one of the
few email marketing systems that focuses on a mobile design first and I’ve heard
from some people that say oh this really limits the design ability I guess design
ability of my email sequences that can go out but ultimately when you think of
mobile you want it to be fast and simple for the user so it’s really not an issue
here if we take a look at their feature set it includes product recommendations
and a complete email follow sequence list segmentation and obviously
analytics they have no free plans but they do offer a free trial and their
first tier pricing plan starts at $29 a month don’t forget to subscribe to the
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