Bhima Super Destroyer – 18 DAYS
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Bhima Super Destroyer – 18 DAYS

RAAWR! He fights like one possessed. Run, save yourselves! Supreme archers, ready another strike at Bhima! Prepare an incendiary volley. And then the atomic Astra to finish him. Aah! You are but distractions! Get out of my way! To Bhima’s Aid! We have to stop the
supreme archers before they kill thousands more. Die you demons! For Bhima! Now you dogs will feel my mace on your skulls. Burn, you pandava scum. That smell… The atomic power has turned him into ash.
The first of the brothers has fallen. RAAWRR! Impossible! Nothing could have survived that. Your army couldn’t stop me. Your arrows couldn’t
stop me. Your fire couldn’t stop me. Nothing can stop me! Quick, while Bhima has them on the run, take out the remaining archers. The twelve of the archers have fallen and without them
the rest will shrivel away like dry leaves. The Jackals will feed well tonight. Who among you Kaurava dogs still dares… ? Duryodhana! I promised you I’d gut you, didn’t I? The war has only just begun my arrogant cousin. Come Bhima! Death would like to meet you.


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