Biggest Amateur E-commerce Marketing MISTAKE To Avoid At All Cost in 2019
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Biggest Amateur E-commerce Marketing MISTAKE To Avoid At All Cost in 2019

The number one mistake
that I see people making is that they are copying exactly what other people are doing. So many ecommerce business people out there
are running Facebook ads, because that’s the hype. That stuff works. Getting leads into their doors and selling
to them. But do they know how many people are actually
throwing thousands of dollars for Facebook ads and yet they don’t have the return that
they’re looking for? And the whole thing is because they don’t
truly understand why is it that people are actually making these ads. They don’t understand the whole funnel, the
full objective of why and what is happening behind the scenes. They only see the final edit of things, and
they don’t truly understand the purpose and objective behind running these marketing campaigns. For ecommerce business in particular, it is
so important to understand your own strategy, to develop your own strategy of marketing,
to understand what exactly are you trying to do and accomplish through this ads, whether
it be giving value, like Gary Vee always says, Jab, Jab, Jab, right hook. So many people are out there trying to copy
what other successful businesses are doing and that’s not the way to do it. It’s about understanding your own strategy. When you’re marketing, give value. Give value. Give value. And, for example, if you want to be able to
tell your own stories, then you are able to do that through, for example, Facebook ads. In fact, you know for a fact it’s not going
to convert. You know for a fact. You can spend like let’s say $500 to $1000
just getting your message out there, and it is completely fine with you. Because the next stage is for you to be able
to have these conversions, because the next stage is an event coming up that you want
people to come to your event. After you show them behind the scenes of what
your all about, now you tell them to come to your event. Now the conversion rates are going to be much
higher. Same thing with a product. Now that you tell them how great your product
is and how great it is for moms, and now that Mother’s Day is around the corner, now you
should buy my product. The conversion rate is much higher again. So a lot of people are actually not understanding
and not developing their own strategy before they go to market, before they go and market
to these people, and that’s the reason why they spend so much money just copying other
people and not developing their own strategies. That’s the number one mistake. So having marketing strategy is key when it
comes to great marketing. And a lot of people fail to do that. Recently, I’ve been seeing ads on my feed
and I always question, I’m like, “Huh.” so should I be running ads to other people as
well? And if I were to copy exactly what he was
doing, I’d be spending tens of thousands of dollars on ad cost with no return because
I have no offer at all. But because of the fact I know exactly what
they’re doing, they’re strategy. They’re running ads to feed people through
their funnel. Let’s say, for example, they’re spending a
thousand dollars on their ads, feed 100 people through their funnel, 20% of them convert
and buys their course that they’re selling for $1,000. That’s 20 grand right there. And of course they’re going to be running
these ads continuously, over and over and over again because they’re trading dimes for
quarters. Whereas if I copy the exact same ad that this
influencer is running just to grow my subscription, just to grow my following, I would be at tens
of thousands of dollars lost because I’m just looking at growing a following without having
a proper offer. That is the importance of having a strategy
in play. That so many people, ecommerce owners, are
not having. They think that they copy what other people
are doing, but they only copy bits and pieces of it. They don’t copy the full on strategy. So many people, they just copy bits and pieces
of what other people are doing and expecting the same results. If you have the capability, copy the whole
funnel. Copy the full strategy. A lot of us don’t have that capability, which
is the reason why we need to come up with our own set of strategy and not just copy
what other people are doing. Because if you only copy what other people
are doing, it’s not going to work with your strategy, and in turn you’re going to lose
a lot of money. It’s not going to be the same. When I first started business, this is exactly
what I did. I copied exactly what other people were doing
and expecting the same results. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. The majority of the time it cost me a lot
more than it has brought in. So that’s the reason why right now, whenever
I’m doing any type of marketing campaigns, I have a full on strategy and I have everything
written down. I have an objective of what I want to achieve
and I only take on inspiration from what other people are doing to put into my strategy. For you, I’m going to ask you, have you made
these mistakes in the past? Have you tried copying other people and expecting
the same results? Leave it in the comment section below. I’d love to see.


  • Michael Ng

    Great tips and advise. Too bad the background music is so loud. Had to crack up my volume to hear your message.

  • Julia Kim

    Hi Wilson! I β€˜ve been watching your clips and you have great stories and advice. Thank you for sharing!
    Just wanted to give you feedback that this particular video has a loud background noise and I can’t hear your voice well :0 maybe something to think about for your next one πŸ™‚

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