Birth of Gatok – 18 DAYS

I am Bhima. I want you. In this form? Or as a delicate little human? In any form you choose. But what will your family say? I really don’t think my family’s the problem. This is your last warning! My new wife, like me, wasn’t one for too much talk. She was under a curse, and could never leave
the forest. But we got married anyway. If my brothers and mother had a problem with me
wedding a demon girl, they hid it well. Not that I would have cared either way. Hidimbaa
and I were made for each other. And in a year, Gatok was born. Our exile ended. We moved on. I missed him terribly, but I heard he was as strong as his father. And his mastery over the arcane arts was second to none. The day when we returned to the forest and I met
my son was one of the happiest of my life. His mother told me Gatok had powers she’d never seen before… the mixture of superwarrior and demon blood made him something new. Something… special. If ever a day comes when you need me… just
whisper my name. I will come to you. I had never known such joy. Such pride. Such love. Bhima! Yes, brother. What is it? It is time. What for? We need to end this war quickly, before our forces are spent. Bheeshma wreaks havoc among us, decimates our armies. We need our secret weapon. No, you have me, brother. That is enough We need more. Your son’s power can change the course of this war. Gatok will not be dragged into your war…into paying for your mistakes. It’s your choice Bhima. But there’s more at
stake here than just one man’s son. Krishna says we fight for all of the future. Gatok is my future. You are my brother and
my King, but he is my son. Bhima has spoken. That is all.

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