Born Warriors – 18 DAYS
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Born Warriors – 18 DAYS

Stay back! I’ll deal with this! Yearrrgh! Ha! You’re nothing but an over grown worm! I like the way you fight, boy. Who taught you? My… my father. It’s good! In your face! None of this hanging back and shooting arrows! He must be proud to have a son like you! Proud? I fear he would be angry, if how knew I fought here. Angry? Why? You are a warrior born. He has forbidden me to take part in this war. Then he is a fool. You were right to ignore him. Surely it is the duty of a son to obey his father? And it is the duty of men such as us to FIGHT. Did you pack anything to eat? My father is a great warrior. That is all I can say. He will not let me fight beside him. You can fight beside me any day, boy. Now get a fire going. This fighting’s made me mighty hungry.


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