Boxing up cash! How to pack eBay auction sales! My first YouTube video! The ๐Ÿง‚๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿผ

welcome this is the salt princess my
daughter I’m the storage pirate and this is gonna
be her first YouTube May what are you saying what do you do what do I do
hands today she’s going to learn how to pack boxes for eBay shipping and our
online auctions we do on YouTube and she’s gonna learn to pack so that she’s
able to take care of the process from the other end and be a little more
efficient so this is gonna be her first video I want to introduce yourself the
salt princess she’s a salt princess all right real quick what were you know if
your hands if you guys ever we’d like to play a little game where we want you to
comment below one of our favorite movies pop quite possibly our favorite movie
comment below if you know what movie that’s from and it’s very funny because
that scene is exactly I want to say metaphor of us I’m tired though right it
is very essence of what she how she felt right there what she was doing out there
is exactly what happens in the scene from that movie so yeah here we go we
had an online auction the other night one woman shout out to Vicki Olsen I
think it was Vicki Olsen shout out to you Vicki you bought all this stuff you
bought records you bought books magazines you got black and white photos
and linen law all this beautiful women’s stuff jewelry etc etc this is all coming
to you and the salt princess is gonna learn how to packet right now one thing
one thing that’s notable Michaela Jordan do us a que salt princess when you’re
packing books music etc etc goes media male she’s very very cautious when she
pays attention this is medium F so we pack that it’s much cheaper to ship in
it’s heavier so we’re gonna put these in that box there how I would do it as I
would later bought us want to go ahead and shout this out real quick you’re not
supposed to use boxes like this so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna tape paper
all around this box so they don’t see the things like that they make it
illegal to ship so to speak take those and you want to lay them all in there
nice and flat square into the bottom of the box or you can just boom keep them
nice and efficiently transit break the edges these will go in there as well oh
yeah I don’t have to do them all at one time I take your time we wouldn’t want
Vicki to be upset return it yeah because she might actually watch this video
she’s gonna be like we do not want Vicki to be upset look at that okay now we
have more room in there actual you wanna get that tighter probably get tighter as
I would lift the box up slightly at an angle and kind of just wiggle it a
little bit back and forth yeah there you go get them all in there and we can use
paper to top a little set left to fill in that gap right there possibly stand
it up maybe ooh actually can probably pack it like that like this there we go
nice and steady nice and steady she goes yeah yeah but
all we’re gonna get in there all right we’re done now now you want to take your
paper and put like two little pieces down in here and then two pieces across
the top to fill it make it a nice and flat so if you tumble them out don’t be
afraid to just give the paper your all let’s just want to be squish them
so delicate with the paper say that I would do uh yeah now that we got
everything papered up good and seal flap over flap over like that crate nothing
like that we’re not we’re gonna seal it permanently this is how we do at the
flea market because we’re just gonna come back and they want to keep sealed
airtight now always best in a bar fight this is tight run one across this way to
hold the scene yeah there you go closer you can push try to push them together
like use your now that you squish the seam together here go ahead and put it
all you not get like that this is my little knife tape breaker that shouted
Joe G he watches my channel one of my subscribers and he sent me this as a
gift beautiful man beautiful man that’s one right there see how you were
struggling to look for that what you always want to do when you uh break tape
here let me see I’ll show you what you want to do you want to uh efficiency for
Petula’s whenever you want to break your tapes you haven’t seen you this right
here but always crinkle the end look at that beautiful all right man bye you
want to see how it says mineral spirits you’re not allowed to use alcohol boxes
they don’t want that on the outside or stuff like that so you just cover it up
with paper quick little cheat tip here we got the white paper all around
there’s one little thing holding it on here and to save yourself from cutting
each time you get it started so here we got this box right here and
we’re going to pack a stack of Records sorry y’all can’t see us but we’re gonna
let you see the box which is more important right here here’s the record
and we need to make them fit in this box and as if you can see the box is much
bigger than the record width and we don’t want to lose that space we want to
make it tight so what we do we come like this this is how we construct the box
big no-no we’re gonna cut this box here to blend it together so we look up
basically where it’s at and we just go nice razor blade always
it have good tools and then once you have that one done come around y’all saw
that almost better and now we have a nice clean break clock
nice clean break and you just slip them in together like that boom see now you
have a box now you have your buck right see how it’s perfect for that go ahead
and put your records in there let’s let you do this I’m taller down either way
you just kind of set him in there flat yes thank you kind of always want to
keep everything to one side like this yeah you get them all like that then you
come in with some paper that’s what you want to do right there
and you have your box nice and sealed like so now let’s go ahead and close it
up I’ll let you determine with no no no no great how I would do this because
there’s more you have that thought process on your own what do you know
it’s always on my wrist yeah we do removers my dad always kept I want you
to learn you don’t want loose flaps yeah you’re going in the same pattern and
that ladies and gentlemen is how you pack records when you got to create a
box there we go we go up like that now we have to bend over as much as dad’s a
you pack a box right McKenna Jordan we packed up as she’s learning so what
normally normally I wouldn’t put the books with the media maybe I didn’t fit
so that Packers are gonna be a little heavier but this is where we’re gonna
pack last Makayla Jordan our last box and you’re done for the night the linens
right off the bat look what’s good about the lens packaging
and possibly cushioning on the bottom is that same thing we can roll up in it so
uh let’s sprinkle a few pieces on the bottom of your box not like a law just
like do a couple just for little extra cushioning and then we use a little bit
of paper like normal so we’ll save some of these for cushioning around the other
stuff there we go now start crumpling paper up several times on the bottom
then just put a bunch of don’t be scared go fast and rough and just nice and
tight where the stopper set is put the pitchers on end here somewhere so try to
stand this whole stack of pitchers on the end in the corner of a box for the
structural integrity is on end reason being we got these ones situated because
things you won’t always have the structural integrity in a box believe it
or not those being on hand lay them flat way too let’s put a couple more of these
blanket things on the books there you’re not to be perfect you want to be kind of
crumbly like that’s how I do like that see like this is yeah once you want the
cushion we use packing papers what we did in the moving business you you know
how to roll these up right start over here works for us diaper wrappers we call do it several
times let me hold this one use both hands and do like three or four feet the
patient you get nice there you go you can do two or three
times they’re saying that’s it before hey stop don’t wind a little bit you’re
doing a very good job of doing the right wave is nice you just want like this one
you want to run for flap paper it’s you I’m the patient I think above it you
know okay now you try it again like that always do your long end first bring your
side around bring it around and they do the other one around yeah kind of you
know fold into it it be easier instead of folding use the weights to pull the
paper this way it’s kind like gravity pull the paper pipeline do like two
sheets again get started there two sheets bring this alright blowing the
basic structural integrity is padded in we don’t have to hold it like this and
use it with the paper then the papers go flat because you own the paper and
you’re picking a type I do there you go fold into it items you want
them to be on end for structural integrity us in there now let’s do the
same with tape to take three brushes and roll them up together one paper one
paper one paper to be one paper because they’re brushes like lay one down go
like that and I put the other brush flat there because we have paper cushioning
it roll it over and then get the other one and then finish your whole process
like that lastly and then do that do that again
with these two items and then you could do that with we’ll do that with several
things like that we’re gonna make little groups to make Krishna kind of take them leave them loosely you
don’t want to crumple these up too much because they’re cushion right now and
take to a time huh yeah we’re gonna okay grab that winner here lay it there
don’t drink the sprinkle then get your get your other ones lay them out all
nice like that next to each other I’ll let you do it
you gotta learn by doing it put them uh go like this actually put put one up
one-up one-up one-up and then lay lay a blanket in between them so they don’t
scratch whatever you want to call me doily
O’Doyle rules what movie is that from comment below or duo rules well you
don’t know what that’s from we’re gonna put paper on there filled it up with
paper like get like four sheets the least because you want to be tight
um well they’re gonna comment below I know what movie it’s from if you know
what movie O’Doyle rules is from comment below another movie line we love movie
quotes go ahead and just kind of like put a bunch in here like that and then
get a couple just like one two three and then what you learned here how to pack boxes
from the auction what kind of packages were these ones
these two the heavier ones what do we call those why is it Media Mail because
it’s papers books the third one something you love a lot music music CDs
tapes records and then the big one was all of her other stuff that you have to
shit be the priority parcel but boom now you’re getting ready do you think you’re
ready to pass on your own no not yet a couple more times like this but good
practice hopefully I don’t know if you all what am I trying to say what am I
trying to say let her know or let us know both of us what you think about
this little videos is our first youtube video right your first one you don’t
have any other ones before right did I don’t know about I didn’t know about
that when was this hell a long time ago okay alright well this is her first
video she even want to make a channel because I guess she watched us he’s now
part of my channel feel free to subscribe to storage option fire if you
don’t already maybe she can give me some subs and she does a lot of work of us
she’s been to flea market for many years of me doing this stuff she’s starting to
be part of the team and she wants to start making her own videos so trying to
get ideas for things she could do you a lot of some of it around what we do
besides just showing stuff if you guys have ideas go ahead and talk continue I
see you’re a good talker comment comment down below what kind of videos
you could see would like to see her do cuz she has a lot of access to film and
do things that you that you might see Alex and I and uncle Michael if you ever
watch our channel doing she has the ability to film things that we might not
think about so if you guys have ideas and let her know and she’s also going to
be trying to run anybody so she could be doing things like that but what do you
say at the end of the video I say had a little a terrific enthusiam say like you
say like so like pizzazz gonna be happy subscribe shout outs all princess

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