Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s4 e4 / Dan Morales, CIO, eBay (part 2)

it’s lunchtime and this is brad anderson
lunch break a lot of really smart people visit us here in redmond in between
their meetings i try to find a time for us to grab lunch today I’m meeting up
with dan morales the scale of ebay one of the things I’ve heard you talk about
it you talk about is the need to remove friction yes you talked about removing
friction to make your users productive tell me becoming about removing friction
everything is becoming complicated for the employees it wasn’t like the old
days where it was a few apps ran everything you know nicely monopoly is
life which is more complicated right there’s more devices there’s more
applications you know that device we took an inventory and there’s 900 plus
applications installed on my corporate network and so you think about how many
of those employees would access and it’s just incredible pretty sure and then you
add the world of shirt you know and multi-factor and single sign-on and all
that and right right in the horrible United so there you go more friction yet
I think you know then you add now multiple devices right all thats
friction you know one of the things that I’ve learned over the last couple of
years as we’ve really tried to bring the integrative scenarios across office 365
and enterprise will doing a security building an environment that is
empowering and secure is actually really hard very low because building something
that is secure it means it needs to fly down below the radar and the user should
even know it’s there that’s gross security doesn’t ride is hidden guides
the users you know one of the things here you’re describing to me was the
move to office 365 it tells on that journey you know that there’s a positive
and a negative and you know to the story and you know I was sitting down we’re in
a staff meeting and my boss for my peers he’s like Dan because did we even move
to office 365 because I really can’t tell the difference and I’m like you
know I’m thinking to myself we fail yeah you know and but then on the flip side
of my well if it was that simple we succeeded yes Jenna the lesson learned
there is you can you can make the migration so easy and so simple that the
user doesn’t even realize should happen but in reality they’re not actually
using office 365 the way they should make a spear out I’m collaborating
they’re not actions and all the bills if we’re doing all the same thing they’re
doing before they would have noticed from that same conversation I was like
wow you actually have to store your document in onedrive and you need a
collaborator permission exit early and so we set up just a training session
that’s for the most senior leader germinating Bay just watching the faces
of our CFO and treasurer and my chief accounting officer saying you know the
base of the email and files are gone yes and I yeah that now you see the power of
collaboration and office 365 well this has been awful i can’t say how much I
appreciate you general Carver some time out of your schedule we have introduced
again yeah absolutely thank you such a pleasure next time on Brian Anderson’s
lunch break what we’re now thinking about when we designed these things is
what if everybody was not in the office because I don’t have a expectation that
everybody’s going to keep those office at work you you

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