Hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today is an exciting kind of video I think a vlog a small like vlog from the brandy melville warehouse sale And then I’m also gonna be showing you guys what I got and like how much everything was and like some tips about the sale and then I’m gonna be Trying the stuff on for you I’m gonna show you guys the quick little montage I made from the sale and then I’m gonna show you guys everything i got Fine oh my god Okay. So hope you guys enjoyed that little thing It’s really hard to record in there because since we are like timed and stuff You don’t want to be spending time like on your phone and stuff. You want to be looking through all the boxes? The boxes are so like packed with so many clothes and most of the clothes were This tiny shirt ill insert a picture Because I guess it didn’t sell in stores that they literally had probably a thousand of this shirt. And so no one wanted that So there was a lot of them so we waited in line for two and a half hours and Then they came over and gave us wristbands like an hour and a half before we went in. I think I still have one yeah, so they get I got the blue wristband which was the second group and We got there around 7:00 and they said they wouldn’t let people in till 9:00 But they ended up letting the first group in out like 8:30 ish And so we got in around 9:30 or like probably 10 or 10:30 and we stayed for like an hour and a half. I Think they gave us like 30 or 45 minutes but once that was up they didn’t make us leave but they let in the next group and once like 200 more girls come in like we kind of want to leave anyways cuz like there’s no space to move and So if you don’t know like the prices t-shirts t-shirts like long sleeves tank tops like hats and stuff for five dollars and then I think like Pants shorts and all that are 10 and then sweatshirts are 15. And so I remember sounds like this we woke about 5:00 yesterday Didn’t go to bed until like midnight. But yeah, so I went to the one in LA and I can put the address down below. Maybe some of you guys watching went to it also It was pretty packed and a lot of people camped out in tents overnight and it was probably like 30 degrees so I give him props for doing that but They didn’t have as many nice stuff that I thought they would have liked the new stuff that they came out with was there which makes sense but like they also had clothes that were like donation clothes goodwill clothes And it was weird because like mixed in with the brandy clothes There was like random t-shirts or like random jackets or dresses and actually bought one of them That weren’t from brandy because I just liked it so much But I just thought it was weird that they had random clothes in there and a lot of them were like stained and messed up but Yeah, so right now I’m just gonna be showing you guys the things that I bought. I think I bought i forgot how many things but I’ll tell you guys my total and how much I spent there I also wanted to just say a quick disclaimer that I paid for all this with my own money so the first thing that I got is this little like Like baby tee and most of their t-shirts are super super tiny on me because they just don’t have enough material on them But this one is actually Like stretchy and fits really nice with like mom jeans or something And so this actually still has a tag on it and it was twenty dollars and I believe I paid $5.00 for this which is really good and it’s just this cute little like Bluish grayish like flower print, and I think this is really cute and comfortable for this summer And I’m only gonna be trying on the t-shirts because some of those pants that I bought don’t fit me very well So I just try on the t-shirts and like sweatshirts for you guys Next I got this shirt, which I haven’t seen in stores unless if you guys have seen it just comment But I don’t know if I’ve seen it yet. It says first Kings royal and It looks like this it’s just a cute like graphic tee and fun story about this one I pulled it out of the box and this girl was like right next to me like When I would put stuff when I would like drop stuff out him out of the box she would grab it also and I was like well anyways, so I pulled this out of the box and I like went to like a look at the print and the girls like oh, that’s really cute like saying she wanted it and that’s And I like didn’t even think anything of it And I was just like yeah it is and I put it in my bag and walked away But it was really awkward Like if she didn’t say that I wouldn’t probably got it. But then I like thought of it with mom means and like Airforces a checkered belt maybe and I thought it would be cute maybe cropped also Which I didn’t see in stores either maybe they like started making them and they didn’t sell but it’s really hard to read It’s a green Led Zeppelin shirt and the Led Zeppelin shirts that they sell are actually a medium Instead of a small which is weird because they only sell usually like small sized clothes, but it says Led Zeppelin It’s like the tan and black on that they have It’s really hard to read but most of you guys know what it looks like anyways, and then the back she’s plain I like this shirt might crop it also The next shirt I got which I really like because Brandy Doesn’t sell a lot of turtlenecks and stuff usually and so I found this a white turtleneck. Oh and Both of those shirts were five dollars, all the graphic tees were 5 and this I think was five But it might have been 10 since it was a long sleeve But it’s just a super cute white turtleneck and it’s not super high So it would be cute with like a pullover jacket or something or a sweater over it and so it just looks like that And it’s pretty long. I don’t think it’ll be that cropped. But yeah, oh Yeah, the next thing I got is this Italian yeah Italia t-shirt with like cars on it and I’ve seen this online and I wanted to get it but I didn’t want to pay $25 just for like a white t-shirt with words on it. And so I got this for $5 and I had a search though because I think This sale went on Friday Saturday to Sunday, and we got there Saturday so I think Friday all of the like he knew stuff was probably taken and So it was hard to find this but I really like this and it’s just a super comfy like graphic tee I Forgot about this shirt Those shirts didnt have tags but this one does and this was originally $20 and I got it for five and it’s just tube top that like flares out at the bottom And I think this is super cute with some like light wash jeans or something and it’s just like that It’s super stretchy. So hopefully this fits well, I haven’t tried all these things on yet But yeah, this is five dollars Oh last of shirts I got this Boston USA sweatshirt or crewneck sweatshirt and it’s just red and white With red white stripe and then red again and this is just a super comfy pullover sweater. I think this was 15 dollars Next online these were like $38 anything but in there I think they were 15 and they’re kind of crazy pattern, but I thought they were cute just to like lounge around him and they’re like a reddish print and They’re supposed to be tilden pants, but they fit really differently and they’re a lot longer than normal tilden pants But they are really comfy. So I might wear them just like around the house and stuff Here I got which is new with tags they are $38 they are these skinny combat pants and they have three buttons or yeah few buttons and They flare out a little at the bottom But these are for these are in a size medium I unfortunately don’t fit my waist, but they fit the rest And so I think I’m gonna be selling these because I can’t really wear them and they are low waisted Which is a little weird because usually they sell pants that are high-waisted like their tilden pants but yeah, so I got these with 15 and they’re really nice material and I really wish they fit me but But yeah, hopefully these sell and someone else can enjoy these pants. The last thing I got are these tan Pants kind of like those but these are more skinny fit all the way down to the ankle. They’re all skinny and They’re just this tan color these are also in a size medium and they fit but they are really tight just because brandys medium doesn’t seem to be the same as another stores medium, but if they fit okay and They’re a little flared at the bottom, but not bad I would just fold them and I think this would be cute was like a tight long sleeve or tank even the white turtleneck and some air forces and so yeah, these are Oh the last thing I got from Goodwill. I don’t know maybe goodwill one donation place. It was in the box with The brandy stuff and I thought it was so cute. It’s this blue like Paisley dress and This looks like something I’ll be sold. I like Free People or something but it’s the cutest thing in the arms It goes on your arms and like flares a little looks like this and it actually fits really well I don’t know what size it is. It has no tag at all, but the back has a zipper and Unfortunately, I didn’t even notice. Oh There’s another safety pin Wow, okay. Well, both of the sleeves are ripped But I think it was $5.00 and I might have my mom just sew it up because it could be a really cute dress But yeah, so this sleeve ripped Completely and they just paper-clipped it and put it back in the bag and I didn’t even notice until after I paid which kind of sucks Oh paper clip this and then I just notice right now that They paper clip the other sleeve also. Yeah, they paper clip right here also So I Mean, it’s a nice dress But I feel like if they’re that damaged they should just get rid of them instead of people buying them and not knowing they’re damaged but Yeah my opinion on this since this was my first warehouse sale. It was I Guess it was kind of worth it but next time if I were to go I would go on the day that they first started so I would want to go on Friday and Honestly, I feel like it would be worth it to camp out that way You just get in first get like the new stuff and you just get out. Bye nine, then you’re done, but If you’re gonna get there really late I wouldn’t recommend going honestly because the stuff that’s left is stuff that like no one wants there’s so many of the same just plain t-shirts and stuff that does not sell and So I liked it it was fine. Uh People weren’t rude like the workers were really sweet Like when I got this dress and went to pay for it One of the workers was like that is the cutest thing ever. Like, where’d you find it? Like that’s not Brandy and I was like I know but I thought it was cute And so so the total of everything was 90$ um Which I didn’t get that many things it’s just the fact that I got pants and a sweatshirt which were 15 each and so that added up but they just add this stuff in their head so they could be like a little lower a little over but I think she charged me right and so yeah, hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and you guys get like a glimpse of how the warehouse sales happened and It was I feel like it was worth it I would say go. So you save a bunch of money on t-shirts like plain t-shirts I recommend getting them there because you don’t wanna pay $25 for something you could get for $5 And so yeah Hope you guys enjoyed this video and be sure to like and subscribe and leave a comment down below if you’ve been to warehouse sale and how your experience was with them because That one in LA that I went to might be a little different than the other cities. And so yeah

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