BRUTALLY HONEST Dropshipping Store Review (Shopify Aliexpress Store Review)
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BRUTALLY HONEST Dropshipping Store Review (Shopify Aliexpress Store Review)

Hey guys. In this video I’m going to be giving a brutally
honest review of an AliExpress dropshipping stores from one of our Wholesale Ted subscribers. Lucas left a message on my previous store
video review asking me to review his story. He asked me to be as honest as possible. So here’s Lucas’ store, Kitchen Platform. I had a lot of request after that video for
me to review people’s stores, but Lucas stood out to me as I saw that he had successfully
made at least one sale through his store. But, as you see it, he wasn’t getting consistent
sales. Now, I think it’s awesome, Lucas, that you’ve
made a sale. That shows that your store has potential. So let’s talk about how we can make it even
better. In this store review, I’m going to be looking
at three major points of your store and I’m going to be quite blunt, Lucas, so I hope
you don’t get offended. One, whether you have chosen good products
for your store. Two, your strategy when advertising products
on Facebook. Three, your store branding and design. And while watching if you guys have any tips
for Lucas yourselves, then be sure to link them in the comments section below. All right, so let’s get started. Aspect one, the products that you have chosen
to sell. Choosing the right products when dropshipping
is crucial. Why? Well, because it doesn’t matter how great
your store design looks or how much of an expert you are at Facebook ads, if you pick
the wrong products, your store is doomed to fail from the start. No one will buy them if there’s no demand
or desire for them. Now, obviously though, Lucas has had some
success here because he has made at least one sale in his store. So, I’m going to switch over to my computer
now and show you guys the types of products that he is selling. As you guys can see, this here is his store,
Kitchen Platform. The store sells kitchen gadgets that really
like kitchen hacks. They’re designed to make cooking easier and
faster. Let’s switch over to his actually product
page and see all the items that he’s selling. Immediately, Lucas, I want to congratulate
you on adding 24 products to your store. You’ve taken my advice and you’ve added at
least 20. That’s fantastic because it makes your store
look like a real store. A lot of people just add a handful of products,
and it makes your store look very unprofessional and unfinished. So, good job you. Scrolling down this page you can see all the
products that he’s selling. They’re just like little hack gadgets to make
cooking easier. This avocado slicer makes it easier to open
and scoop out avocados. This dumpling maker makes it easier to fold
dumplings together into their iconic shape. Basically, all these little gadgets here are
designed to fix problems that people have while cooking. The truth though, Lucas, is that trap can
sometimes a bit of a trap when it comes to selecting products. That is for three reasons. Reason one, it’s often cheap junk that solves
fake problems. So Lucas, I’ve got to be brutally honest with
you. This anti-spill soup funnel that you’re selling,
yeah, it’s a cheap piece of junk that solves a fake problem that almost no one has. See, there are two main types of products
in this world that sell well. The first is a product that fixes a problem
that someone has, i.e., it gets rid of a pain point. The second type of product is a luxury good. Instead of fixing a problem that someone has,
it just add a little bonus to their life. For example, take this cute little cat coffee
spoon here. This is probably not going to solve any problems,
but then most people don’t have a problem in your life that this little spoon solves,
but people buy it because it makes your life a little bit better. It makes your life a little bit fun. They don’t need it, but it’s nice to have. Now, luxury goods like the spoon sell well,
but the truth is, is that products that solve products usually sell even better. That’s because pain arguably the biggest motivator
for people. That’s why the kitchen gadget niche can look
so appealing because all these little gadgets are designed to solve problems, right? Unfortunately, you’ve got to be very careful
because the creators of these gadgets often invent fake problems, so that they can sell
them to merchants like you and me. The anti-spill soup funnel, this is exactly
one of those fake problems. Have I ever tipped soup from a pot and had
it spill? Definitely. Did it happen enough that I thought I needed
the go buy a piece of plastic to fix the problem? No. Instead, I just got better at pouring the
soup into my bowl. Most people have bought at least one useless
item like this in their life and they quickly realized that all it does is fill their kitchen
with junk, and so they vow to never buy any again. In fact, I’m going to switch back to my computer
and show you all something. So I’m here at Amazon and I want to give you
guys an actually good hack to see if supposed gadgets like the soup funnel that claim to
solve a problem actually solve a real problem or if they’re just fake news and nobody actually
wants them. If you’re not sure, come to Amazon and do
a search for the type of item that you’re selling. In this case I’m doing a search for the anti-spill
pot funnel. If we scroll down here we can see that these
soup funnels listed they don’t even have any reviews, which means that no one is bothering
to buy them even on Amazon. Though, if we do scroll down, you’ll see that
there is a type of pot funnel that is selling really well. It’s these clip-on funnels that also act as
strainers. Not only is there lots of reviews and buyer
activity for them, but we can see that the reviews are really positive. And so we know that this gadget is actually
solving a problem that people are having. And yes, these clip-on strainers are available
on AliExpress. So no, Lucas, I don’t think it would be a
good idea to be actively marketing and selling the anti-spill soup funnel, but there is an
item that you’re selling in your store that does solve a genuine problem. It is this vegetable slicer aid. So you can see here that Lucas has listed
this product for sale in his store. Now, this slicer aid is actually a perfect
example of a product that would do quite badly as a photo-based Facebook ad, but does great
as a Facebook fittier ad. When you see photos of this, it just looks
weird and uninspiring, but when you see it as an explainer video, it suddenly clicks
and makes sense. People are like, wow, wow. Cutting onions and tomatoes are really annoying
and this inconspicuous, weird looking gadget solves this really frustrating process counterintuitively. Yes, yes, take my money. So that’s the first reason that this niche
can be a bit of a trap. The second reason is, reason two, there is
no one to tag your Facebook ads to. A lot of the products in this niche are, by
nature, quite generic. They may solve a genuine problem, but it’s
different to use the Facebook targeting system to actually locate the people that are suffering
from the problem, like this one. Take this other product that you’re selling,
Lucas, this novelty microwave cleaner. Now, let’s think about this for a moment. If you’re going to create a Facebook ad to
promote this little gadget thing, how would you do that? Just imagine that you’ve gone to Facebook
to create the ad for the product and you’ve come to switch targeting, what two over lapping
interests would you select? Seriously, where is the fan club for angry
cheap looking dolls? I’ll take this point back if someone can find
for me, but I suspect that I’m not going to lose that bet. I don’t even want to think about how you would
sell this thing on Facebook. In fact, you know it’s a bad product when
a YouTuber with nearly five million subscribers attempted to sell this thing and failed. Yes, YouTuber Cloe Couture attempted to sell
this on her Facebook fan page. Let’s try it. Now, not only did she fail to sell this, but
as you can see in the video comments section, this product also suffers from the first problem
of being a useless piece of junk. A bowl of lemon works better. You can do the same thing with a sponge. And you know, I have to agree, I think it’s
very clear that I’m not impressed with this thing. When I saw it I thought why would anyone want
to buy that? But the truth though, Lucas, is that you do
have an item in your store that does have a very large fan base. And, that is this avocado three in one slicer. If this was the product that had made a sale
for you, and I wouldn’t be surprised because this thing actually sells really well. Not only does this gadget take advantage of
the massive ongoing avocado craze that seems to have no end, but it’s genuinely really
helpful. Switching back to Amazon, we can do a search
for products that are like this. As you can see, there is a really popular
tool just like it, the OXO slicer. And, like pretty much all items in the kitchen
gadget niche, you need to be prepared to be running Facebook ad for it. That’s because when you see photos for this
weird little gadget here, you’re like, oh, that looks a bit strange. It’s difficult to figure out what on earth
it’s supposed to do. But that weird design works to your advantage
in a video explainer ad. Once shown in video form, it quickly becomes
apparent that it’s better to use this than a knife and spoon. And so now suddenly this weird looking gadget
is solving problems that you’re having with your favorite fruit, avocados. Awesome. And, as people are saying in the video comments
section, shut up and take my money. Finally, there is a third reason, Lucas, why
I would avoid actively promoting and selling some of the items in your store. Reason three, they are easily available in
local stores. Now, there is a good chance that you may be
able to find a three in one avocado tool like this at your local home and living store,
but it’s not something that people commonly see or know about. Fortunately, Lucas, the truth is, is that
there are some products in your store that I would basically classify as common goods. Let me switch back to my computer and I’ll
show you one of them. So this is an example of one, the pineapple
corer. Unfortunately, Lucas, the truth is, is that
this is really, really common. In fact, it’s so common that it’s often found
in the supermarket next to the pineapples. Remember, the key is to be looking for unique,
quirky items that people can’t just find easily and cheaply at their local mall. You want to find items that people are unlikely
to have seen before. All right, so I hope that those tips have
helped you Lucas when selecting the right products. Let’s move on to the next part of the store
review. Aspect two, your Facebook ad strategies. I tried to find your Facebook fan page for
your store, but I couldn’t, so I can analyze it deeply. But, I did notice a couple of things in your
store that were concerning. The first thing that concerned me, Lucas,
was how low you had priced your items for. You see, normally every item that you price
an item for three times the price that you paid for it including the shipping, and ideally
try and price it for closer to four times. Why? Well, it’s so that you can have a reasonable
profit margin of between 30 to 50% after you’ve paid for your expenses. So let’s say that you’re selling this cat
spoon and it costs you $2.00 to buy the item, and $1.00 to ship it. That mean that it costs you $3.00 to buy it. I would recommend that you price it for about
$9.00. The reason for that is because of the fact
that usually when it comes to winning AliExpress items half of the revenue goes towards the
Facebook ads. Let’s take our cat spoon here. Now, we’re selling this for $9.00 and half
of our revenue is going towards the Facebook ad. That leaves us with $4.50. It costs us $3.00 to buy this, which leaves
us with $1.50 for our profit. If we price this spoon too low, then we wouldn’t
have been making a profit for it after we paid for the item and for our Facebook ads. Let me switch back to my computer and we’re
going to take a look at your pricing strategy for this vegetable slicer aid. Here is the listing for the vegetable slicer
aid in your store. You’re selling it for $6.00. If we switch over to AliExpress we can see
that it’s selling for $.91. If we scroll down, we can see that e-package
shipping is $1.84 to the USA. That means that this item is selling for $2.75. Let’s think about it, if half of the revenue
is going towards the ad, that means you’re just left with $2.95, and if we minus the
cost of buying the tool itself, that means that we’re just left with $.25 in profit. At this point Lucas, you’re pretty much selling
this item at cost, and you don’t need to be. I recommend going through all the items in
your store and making sure that the price is high enough to be making a profit. Something else that I want to emphasize again
because it’s very important, is that if you want to be in the kitchen gadget niche, you
need to be prepared to run Facebook video ads. Again, if you see a picture of this little
vegetable slicer, it looks kind of weird and useless, like why would I want to buy that? But, when you see it in action form, you realize
that it’s actually genuinely helpful and solves a real problem that lots of people have. But, switching back to your product page,
I can’t see an explainer video on here. All I see are pictures. I’m assuming that if you were advertising
this product on Facebook and you’ve had a video, you’d upload it to the product page
as well. But, if I switch over to the avocado three
and one tool, I can see that you’ve used a video on that page. That makes me think that you’re probably using
this as part of your ad on Facebook, which is great. What I would suggest you do, Lucas, is that
you go to Facebook and you research the different video ad that people have posted on there. Take a look at the most successful ones. Find the ones that are performing the best
and use them as inspiration to make your own video. All right. I’ve just got one final aspect to talk about
when it comes to your store. Aspect three, your store design and branding. All right. I’m just going to be giving you some quick
tips here, so let me switch back to your store. Okay, so starting out here on the home page,
I can see that you’ve gone with a nice, simply, plain design and that’s awesome. I’m really glad that you didn’t spend ages
and ages, and lots of money trying to create something really fancy because as you have
seen that is not required to make sales. Something though about the store is that it
doesn’t really feel like it has a brand or purpose at all. I think the tagline that you’ve used here
is really indicative of that. The store is selling kitchen hacks that are
designed to solve annoying problems when cooking and to make the whole process faster and easier,
yet, your tagline doesn’t talk about that at all. Instead, it talks about how you’re here to
help people design a kitchen in their own way. That has nothing to do with what you’re selling. Start thinking about how you can change the
language on the site to, not only reflect what you’re selling, but to make it look like
that you’re passionate about selling it as well. If we come over here to products, I’m just
going to open up a product page again, so that we can take a look at your product descriptions. Now, a lot of people get lazy at this point,
but you’ve gone ahead and created simple, unique product descriptions and not just pulled
the product out from AliExpress. Thank you. That’s really, really good. And, you’ve taken my advice of noting how
this avocado tool solves problems. No more dangerous stabbing or losing fruit. Most people just list features, like saying
that it has a plastic blade, but they don’t make that connection that you have of what
that plastic blades means, i.e., that it’s safer, and easier, and less dangerous than
a usual knife and spoon, so that’s really awesome. Good job. I can also say that you’ve added entrust badges
here, which is really good. The place to bid, awkwardly though, I recommend
aligning them to the left. The text is aligned to the left and buy button
is as well, so it would look a lot more professional if they were all lined up correctly. You also make sure the spacing is the same. Right now, there is a tiny bit of spacing
between the badges and the buy button, but lots of spacing between the badges and the
text, so just make it even. I also recommend that you get rid of any low
quality images in your product listing that look pixelated, like this one here does. Make sure to find the eight sheet image file
of any pictures that you want to use. You can often find it just by doing a Google
image search for the title of the AliExpress item that you’re looking to resell. For example, let’s say I wanted to find the
big original image file of this picture of an item I found on AliExpress. I’ve copied the name for the AliExpress listing,
then I go to Google images, and I pasted in and do a search for it. As you can see, we found the original photo
image for it here. Finally, I recommend that you go ahead and
add a favicon to your store. A great image for that would be your logo
image. Take this and turn it into a favicon. All right. So those were just some quick tips that you
can action today, Lucas, to make your store branding and message even stronger. I hope that you appreciated this honest store
review, Lucas, and that you didn’t get offended. There’s still several other things that you
can do to improve your store. If you guys watching have any advice for Lucas,
be sure to leave it in the comments section below. But, as always, thanks for watching, everyone. If you would like to get even more videos
about making money selling online, then be sure to subscribe to Wholesale Ted and click
that little notification down next to it so that you don’t miss out on any of our videos. And as you know, that we here at Wholesale
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every month. To get that for yourself, simply click on
the link in the video description below.


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