Buying Stock to Sell on eBay
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Buying Stock to Sell on eBay

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening!
This is Andy from Do you know what time it is? Yes, indeed, it is time to pimp your business
and bring on the clicks, and I am deadly serious about that. Without further adieu, let’s get
cracking. Today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about using eBay to find your stock
to sell back on eBay. Now, this is a fantastic technique. It’s particularly useful if you’re
a bit short on time. If you’ve got to get the kids to school, pick up, juggle a job
at the same time, or if you’ve got a particularly time-intensive job and you don’t have a lot
of time for yourself to get around the car boot sales, the garage sales, the thrift stores
and all those places where you can pick up really great stock. If you haven’t got time
to do all that, this is a fantastic technique where you can still buy and sell online and
make some very nice extra income for yourself, or a complete income for yourself, using eBay,
because the main reason being, you don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to go out on
those trips. You don’t have to spend some of your time looking for the stock, because
you can use eBay, you can get straight onto stuff, and it’s a lot less time-consuming. What do I mean when I say, “use eBay”? Well,
in the same way that you go around garage sales and thrift stores, there’s always people
selling their stuff on eBay, it stands to reason. They’re not all traders. There are
still plenty of people that are just trying to clear out some space in their house, or
they bought clothes that don’t fit and they’re trying to sell them. There are all kinds of
reasons why people sell on eBay, and we can make use of that using a few different tools,
we can hone in on some items that are maybe badly listed, listed at not the best time
of day, under-priced, bad pictures, bad photos, bad listings, bad auction text. All those
sorts of things can make a big difference on what the end selling price is, so it’s
relatively simple to pick these items up for a good price, turn them around, and sell them
back on eBay. Obviously, it stands to reason that, to make
this work, you’re going to need two separate eBay accounts. There’s no problem. You can
open a couple of eBay accounts. You just open an eBay account in the normal way, and so
you can have a buying account and a selling account. The beauty of eBay is, it’s very
transparent. You can see what people are buying and you can see what people are selling and
how much they’re selling for, so it’s fantastic to spy on your competition. It’s fantastic
to find out what’s a hot-selling trend using eBay, but at the same time, other people can
do that to you, so you don’t really want to be picking really good deals up on eBay and
then try to sell them only for your buyers to be able to see exactly how much you paid
for it in the first place. So, two different accounts, and it makes it a lot easier to
do your buying on one and your selling on the other. If you’ve already got an account
with some feedback, use that as your selling account, because the buying account doesn’t
matter whether it’s a brand new account or not, really. That’s the first thing to think
about. Secondly, there are a few tools we can use. This is the website we’re going to use, which
has a lot of very, very helpful free tools that we can use to find some fantastic bargains
on eBay to then go back and sell on our own selling account. Some of you may have heard
me mention this site before. You may already know about it, but I can guarantee you’re
probably not getting the best out of it because it’s a fantastic resource if you want to sell
and buy on eBay. On this video, we’ve been talking about not
having much time, and this is perfect because these tools will cut down on a lot of time.
They’ll bring the bargains straight in front of you, and I will show you as an example. I’m in the UK, so we’ve got the Union Jack
here, but if you hover over it, you can select your own country. We’ve got everybody here
– USA, Australia, even Canada’s here. How are you doing, guys? [French] You’re welcome.
Belgium, Switzerland, Irelands, The Netherlands – [Dutch]. Australia – g’day, mates and lasses
– Spain – I don’t know any Spanish at all – Germany – Wie geht’s? And all that sort
of German stuff; I don’t remember any German. Italy – Come stai? Va bene. France, obviously,
very much like the Canadians, although they’d probably be very insulted by my saying that.
Moving swiftly on, select your country up at the top there. Getting back onto the subject as soon as humanly
possible. These tools will not only save you time, but
we’ll be able to use these tools to actually generate some very, very nice profits. What
am I talking about here? There are a few things – eBay local search, for example. This is
fantastic, because you put in your postcode, and you’ll find all the items ending soon
in your area. Why is that important? There are so many things that people list on eBay
that may be slightly difficult to wrap, maybe awkward, awkward size, a bit too heavy, it’d
become costly to post, so a lot of people don’t want the hassle, so they just put “collection
only” and they won’t post it. That’s to our benefit, because there are a lot of items
out there which are going to put people off because they’re too far away. They’re going
to look at it and say, “Well, it’s a nice item. It’s going for a good price, but I’m
nowhere near it. It’d cost me a fortune to go and get it in fuel and your own personal
time and all that stuff.” People don’t bother, so it narrows down the audience. There’s a
lot less people interested in it, which means it’s a lot easier to find the bargains. For example, I need some furniture for my
garden. I was looking for a little table, and locally to me, I found someone selling
a teak table, just a small thing. It was 99p start price, collection only, and no one bid
on it. It was literally two and a half minutes down the road from me. I bid on it, and I
won, and I was almost embarrassed to give the guy the $1. I gave him $1, so I gave him
an extra penny because I’m that generous. He was happy. He wanted it out of his way
– it was taking up room in his garage, and I did him a service by turning up and taking
it away for him. He was happy, I was very happy with it. It’s a nice piece of furniture
for my garden for $1. There really are a lot of possibilities with
this method. It’s a fantastic method, and you’ll be surprised at how many things in
your local area are really not being made use of, because people just don’t want to
be bothered to post it or with delivery and whatnot. If you go back up to eBay tools and hover
over on that, we’ll see this is another great one. It’s a new option here – Late Night Auctions.
This is people that are listing things; maybe they’re burning the midnight oil. They might
be a shift worker or something like this, but whatever time you’re listing the item,
that’s the time it will sell, so if you happen to be listing at some strange time like 3,
4, or 5 in the morning, then that’s the time that it will finish. Obviously, it gets a
lot of its visibility on eBay when it’s coming to a close, when it’s finishing. If it’s finishing
at 5AM, then there’s going to be no one around to see it. Again, much more increased opportunities
to find things. Let’s just have a quick look. You click on
that, and it’ll take you through. As you can see, I’ve already clicked on this, because
I’ve already recorded this video once and I realized I had it on pause, so I’ve actually
clicked through and done this. Honestly, this isn’t set up. I literally just click on it
and found this. As you can see, there are no bids, it’s finishing in fourteen hours,
it’s 99p, it’s a Ted Baker jumper, so it’s a very good brand, designer brand, no bids
whatsoever. It’s finishing at 4AM. This is a really good opportunity to pick something
up. $4 postage, so it’ll cost you, at best, about $5, but I would pay $5 for a Ted Baker
item. I’ve sold quite a few Ted Baker shirts, and they go well. $5 for a jumper isn’t bad
money. It looks in reasonable condition. There’s slight baubling there on the shoulder, but
if you’ve got one of those machines that can just shave off the baubling, that’ll bring
it back to life, and otherwise, it looks like a nice jumper, quite wearable. It looks nice.
I’d wear a jumper like that. It’s going to be great quality, and it’s going to cost you
$5. You’re probably going to be on your own there. I don’t think you’ll get many other
bids, so this is a really good example. Just one click, and you’re into something
which is designer, size large so it’s a good size, good, popular size. It’s a bit bauble-y,
but basically, it’s a good jumper. All it needs is a quick wash, hang it up when it
dries so the creases fall out, and you have a nice item to sell. I can guarantee to you
that you’ll sell that. I would list that at – what, $24, $29 – I’d probably put it up
for $29 and drop it back to $24 if I didn’t get it for a quick sale, but I would fancy
that at $29.95. I’d expect that to sell pretty quickly at that price. Obviously, that’s a
handsome profit margin. All fees, all costs to you out of the way, $18 – just under a
$20 profit, which is a very, very nice profit. You won’t get that in new item retail hardly
ever. For a $5 investment, you’d be lucky to get a $5 profit in new item retail, that’s
for sure. That just shows you how easy it can be, and that’s the first one I found.
You may find that there are even better ones there, and you might want to leave that alone
because it’s slightly bauble-y, but if you list it that it’s slightly bauble-y, if you
can’t get the baubles off, then people understand what it is, and it’s a nice looking jumper.
I would definitely go for that, no problems at all, so it shows you how easy it is to
do. The last tool I want to show you on here is
the eBay Sniper. Once you’ve found a load of things that are selling at 4Am, you’re
obviously not going to want to hang around until 4AM to buy it, so you can use the eBay
Sniper, which means you put in your item number, put it in there – okay, it wants me to log
in. Put your item number in there, tell it how much you want to bid, your maximum bid,
and you can bring it right the way down to a couple of seconds left, so you can really
beat other people, which is a fantastic use for this. That’s why it’s called a sniper
– you can just go from a distance and bang in a bid in the last few seconds and win.
Quite often, you’ll beat people that are bidding themselves, because they won’t leave it. They’ve
got to reload the page and things like that. Most people, if they’re doing it themselves,
might wait until the last ten seconds at the latest, if they’re brave. You can get underneath
them and grab a good win. You click on “add snipe”, and it’s done. You’ve
got a picture there to confirm that’s the item, you tell them your maximum bid. You
could say you’ll pay a couple of pounds more, just to be sure, just in case someone has
a crack in it, you could put maybe $2 on there, so you’re paying up to $6 or $7, maybe you’re
prepared to spend on, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to get any bids on that. Even just
the 99p. The next day, you wake up and you found that you’ve won the item. Then, all
you have to do is pay for it, and it’ll get delivered to your door, and you’ve had to
go nowhere to get that item. That’s how quick and easy it is to do. You
can do that all over the world very, very successfully. If you spend an hour an evening
doing that, I can guarantee to you, you’ll make very nice money. If you’ve got a busy
job or you’re strapped for time, then just make time. Forego that mind-numbing soap that
you watch, or that reality show, or something like that. Say, “I’m going to choose to forego
that one hour of my evening that I’d be watching TV”. If you’re normally sitting down for two
or three hours, watch for two hours, and then go upstairs and do this for an hour. You can
always find time – after the kids go to bed, after you get home from work, whatever it
is – just find an hour and do it regularly, every night or every other night, and you’ll
build your business. You’ll make money. You can always find time for something like this. I guarantee to you, once you’ve got your shop
filled with ten or twenty items like this, you’ll regularly make profits. If you’re making
$20 an item, whatever that is, $35 an item, it doesn’t take long to get a nice little
additional income, and you can build that up as much as you’d like. You can keep going
and going and going, and you can replace your job, if that’s what you want to do. If you
don’t have time for the thrift shop and the garage sales and the flea markets and swap
meets and all that sort of thing. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. You
can even do it in from in front of the TV, if you must watch the TV. You can have this
on your laptop or your iPad, and you can be browsing these sorts of things while you’re
watching the TV, if you must. Let me know what you think of this method
in the comments. Like I said, let’s put our heads together! If you’ve got any ideas on
how this could actually be expanded, how it could be done even better, then let me know
in the comments. Make yourself heard. If you have any additional questions, put them down
in the comments, and I will answer them underneath. What do you think? Do you like this? If you
like this technique, hit the thumbs-up button under the video, or share it on YouTube – hit
the “share” button and stick it on your YouTube profile, or tweet it. I appreciate your involvement,
and I appreciate your time to watch the video. As usual, my name is Andy Lawrence. Thank
you very much for watching, and I’ll catch you on the very next video.


  • Ian Gourlay

    I am going to give this a try , but have you done anything on what is a good niche to look for stock. Although I would be happy doing one off designer cloths , and always wanted to be David Bailey I do not have any models on tap , to create a stunning photo


    No models required Ian, although if there were any that would be fine! I would draw your attention to my previous eBay Sellers Tips & Tricks video called "Making the Most of Your eBay Photos" this will give you some help with getting a good photo from just a cell phone camera.

    I also have another video coming up which will really make your eBay photos stand out from a crowd. As far as choosing other niches goes, that's a whole other pack of cards that I may touch on another time. Good luck.


    Thanks Anna, tax is handled differently in each country so I suggest taking some advice locally but this type of earnings is taxable income so at least keep track of what you make and it will need to be declared at some point in the future, but don't worry too much, you only have big tax bills when you make big money so it's a nice headache to have. 🙂


    Great question Melvin, too long to answer in the comments so I'll do a video reply, essentially it depends on what you're selling and what you want your goals are. You should be doing both in most cases to obtain different results.

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    Hi Andy ,great video,and up until now i was unaware of Goofbid. Ive been buying from charity shops for a while now,but unfortunately this month sales are painfully slow……..


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    Hello! The video is great. I want to start making money while I'm still young. I'm in high school but I am homeschool. I'm at a computer everyday. Do you have any tips? Should I make a investment into this? I never had a job.

  • Smartbuyulove

    Your Video is a great info, I'm new to this game, and I'm in Australia, so I tried the Goofbid local search after seeing your video, somehow I can not get any prices to display in my search, can you help please? it is frustrating to click on each listing that I'm interested in to check on the price … 🙁 Thank you

  • Smartbuyulove

    Hey thanks so much for the quick response. I have also sent them a query, but there is no response … 🙁

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  • Joe Is Reselling For Pennies

    I appreciate that not everyone has a Saturday or Sunday morning to go to the boot sale and they don't run year around. But 1 hour spent sourcing items like this is quite hard work IMO. Gumtree FaceBook Ebay, often feels like a lot of searching and time spent to find very few deals to resell. Maybe I'm just not very good at it, thanks for the vid.

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