Buying “Unsearched” eBay Wheat Penny Rolls Online #3 – Is It Worth It?

hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and we’ve got kind of an eBay hunt today I decided to give into the shot since
these have been a pretty successful series on purchasing some wheat penny
rolls online you can see clearly here this was the 1909 through 1929 PDS which
is the Philadelphia Denver and San Francisco Mint teens and 20s dated Lincoln
wheat cent penny rolls I’ve already checked the ends we’ve got a 1920 and a
1919 and a 1920 so that’s what we got so far pretty common Enders and then we’ve
got some ends we can’t see of course you can see here I paid $15.99 a little more
they like the pet spend on a wheat penny roll but because it’s guaranteed oh nine
through twenty-nine probably means there’s gonna be a lot of common 20s and teens
in there but I thought I’d pay a little bit extra see what I’d get I did a
little bit of homework on this seller his feedback is 99.7% positive and he
sold more than a hundred and seventy seven of these rolls some of the
feedback has been pretty good stating that there has been found some 1909 VDB’s and some 1909 s also some good early teens with mint marks that being said
we’re not expecting a lot we’re hoping to at least get some dates that I need
for my album maybe some what mitt marks we’re hoping so all right I find
something we’re showing that I’ll go ahead and bring the camera out and loop
you it along the way all right the first roll is hunted and as expected it’s
mostly 1919 and 1920 with some beat up 1918 s of note only we’ve got a 1920s
and a 1925 s we did get a couple of Denver mints in here as well some 26 is
28 and 29 s but nothing spectacular oldest is 1918 and they’re all pretty
much worn pretty bad as you can see but that was the first roll so to be fair
that’s why I bought three let’s move on to the second one all right the second
roll is a little better we found a 29 s 28 d several more 25 s
is a couple of 20s is well one more 20s a 19 19 s we even got a 17 and 3/16 s in
there so we’re getting a little bit older a little bit higher quality now
let’s move to the final roll that you can’t see the
Ender’s on alright guys we finished hunting those three rolls the last one
was better we got a 1910 in 1914 both Philadelphia and this 1910 has been
damaged pretty good right there on this right side so you know you get what you
get I’ll be able to update and add a few
coins to the album which is what I wanted to do because I’m creating an
only coin roll hunting wheat penny album I know I purchased these but I hunted
the rolls and there was no guarantees it wasn’t like I needed a 1909 S VDB and I
bought one I bought some rolls just a sample the seller see what he’s like
honestly you get what you pay for I knew I’d see a lot of the common ones I’m a
little bit happy that I got a couple of estimate marks because he made no
promises would have liked to see a lot more under 1918 we only got about eight
coins nine coins under 1918 and they’re mostly common ones even this 1910 is 147
million minted in this 1914 is 75 million so I guess the 26 d is pretty
good because you got 28 million of those minted so that’s kind of nice let me go
and get these in my album and I’ll give you a final wrap-up of how many coins I
was able to add all right so in my 1909 to 1929 coin roll hunting penny album
these are all the coins I’ve collected but I was able to add four coins I
didn’t have an update five that I thought what I found in the rolls was a
little better than what I had so we’re pretty happy with that
obviously a lot of the keys we still need as you can see surprised I haven’t
found in 1915 yet no 15 15 D or 15 s more surprising no 15 Philadelphia or d’s
haven’t found a 16 s yet so the key dates obviously are still missing
but this is just from coin running and technically that was a coin roll hunt I
won’t make a habit of buying rolls with contained date sets in there because I
do want to do this through box searches however however
it is good to supplement it once every three or four months with a few rolls I
actually have another set of rolls coming in and I’ll continue this video
when that arrives and we’ll post it as one video all right until I get the next
set of rolls we’ll see you soon all right everyone we’ve got our other
order of wheat pennies in the unsearched rolls I’ll let you know the seller has
100% positive feedback I know it’s less than a thousand sales
but still and this was for the 1909 through 1939 Lincoln wheat penny chase Shorty
rolls and you know what pretty cool packaging that he sent it in
looks like he sent me some bonus coins in here as well a thank you
we’ve got a 27 D or I don’t take a look at that see if it upgrades my album a 20
Philadelphia okay a 20 d very good all right what’s good for me and then a 29 s
with toning and not in that bad of shape not in the greatest shape but not that
bad either so we will take it that is for bonus pennies and he had a thing
going on I paid 11.25 a roll because I wanted to
see what these would do so anyway one of the things he has in his description is
if you buy five you get a free one as well so I went ahead and bought five and
got a free one so we paid a little bit more honestly for the short rolls it’s
only 25 in the shorties but pretty cool looking smaller rolls and then he gave
me a bonus one I guess this is the bonus one and this one is a chase bank as well
I’m sure they’ve been searched this is all for show
save the old shorty rolls re-roll your pennies make it look good throw it
in the box but listen he’s got a hundred percent positive feedback I don’t buy a
lot of rolls ever and I just wanted to give him a shot some of the feedback and
I know they can always write that but some of the feedbacks that I saw when I
looked at see the feedback page was the best short
rolls bestseller great I am Knight of nice coins happy with the rolls bah blah
so wanted to get them open one at a time and see if we get some more updates to
any extent he threw in some bonus ones anyway let’s get these guys out of here
and take a look and see if there’s any showing Enders listen I went ahead and
pulled all of them out they all have that sealed bottom cuz that’s the bottom
of the roll but the good news is we got an Indian head here
I wasn’t expecting an Indian Head what year is the Indian Head 1905 I will take
it and then we got a beautiful I think it’s a 39 s it looks like a 23 D so
we’re gonna go and get these opened and after every roll oh and we had the bonus
roll sorry I forgot all about the extra roll can’t see the ends so what I’ll do
is open them one at a time and I’ll give you a wrap up of each roll kind of give
an idea what the mix looks like alright guys first roll in my opinion
was a dandy these are all the 30s that we got you got some plain dates
here but we did get some mid marks – you got a 38d a 32d and then this is a plain
date 34 the top is the plain dates and below the top is gonna be the mint marks
we got these in the 20s but the only cool plain date was a 1923 which I’ll
take and then check out these uh mint marks 2016 this one’s kind of toasty
with the coloring here but 28d 29 s and 29 s and then check out the teens we got
a couple of plains 1917 or 1912 sorry 1912 it’s beat up of course but
it’s a 1912 illegible date and a 1918 but down here we got a 1913 D a 1917 D
in 1919 D and a 1919 D so first roll most of it was 20s and teens I mean
there’s a decent amount of thirties oh yeah I never got to tell you that first roll
two Indian Head pennies a 1900 1904 so not a bad amount of coins in that first
roll and we know we have another Indian Head Penny enter so let’s move on to
roll number two so that must have been the bonus roll because it was basically
40s 50s and 30s we got some cool toned coins I don’t know if they’re
artificially toned but they’re pretty nice overall different look to them I’m
assuming this is the bonus roll it doesn’t specify exactly what you’d get
and then there’s a really good example of a 58 top of that we got a steely and
then 40s and 50s so this must be the bonus roll I thought maybe because it
was different color maybe it meant something but could be wrong we’ll see
though if I get another roll of all 40s and 50s you might have got shipped to
one of the wrong rolls anyway let’s get back to the hunt and see what’s in roll
number three rolls are staying good got another 1911 a couple of 23’s
we got a 23 s a 20s I got a 1930s and then this looks like a
pretty much a fake clipped planchet it looks right across from it the strike is
still just as strong there’s a little bit of damage as it clipped I could be
wrong but it looks like it was purposely clipped to make it look like it’s better
either way it was in the roll probably not his fault but I wouldn’t be selling
that as a certified clip planchet for sure but you never know maybe I’m wrong
maybe it’s that’s what it looks like after all these years being kept in a
sleeve and never been seen but I doubt it I doubt it let’s move on to roll
number four there’s a good roll I’ve got a couple of 15 DS in there few more
mimics and it looks like at least in these rolls we have more mint marks well
that’s a lot of 36 through 39 s but we’ve got a lot of mint marks in here so
two more rolls to go one’s an Indian Head 1905 another good roll guys got
that 1905 Indian Head we got a 1910 we got a 1916 s we got a
1917 d and a few other fine so definitely going to have some how coins
for the album it’s going to the last roll and I failed to mention the
beginning of this video I forgot I got these rolls on sale with
my with when eBay was having that seller sale so I got these rolls at $9.25 each
not 11.25 so technically I got $9.25 a roll times five rolls because it’s like
47 dollars and then I got a sixth roll for free plus the bonus coins you got so
not too bad anyway let’s check out this last rule alright
guys we finished hunting that six rolls of pennies shorty rolls and I’ll be
honest I’m happy overall we got a 1910 and 1911 a couple of 12s we got a 14 a
16 and a bunch of 19’s all with no mints we got a 13 d 3 15 DS 316 DS 1 might be
an S I can’t remember now but we also got 17s yeah one of these is an S the
16 17 18 19 all these mint marks down here is awesome and cool toning we got
what appears to be a faint clip planted so I’m not too keen on that but we did
get a couple of 21s and a handful of 23 s we got a couple of 20s –is a 23 d the
25 s some 26 DS 27 s is 28 s is and 29 s’s and DS in the 30s we got a lot of 39
38 37 36 but we did get some 35 and 34 Phillies as well as a 30 s a handful of
32 DS a bunch of 36 DS and an s 2037 d and a bunch of 39 d and S’s and then
to top it off we ended up with a bonus of 3 indian heads 1904 and oh five
bottom line is for $45 yeah a little hefty if you think about six rolls that
that’s 150 pennies so 150 pennies if I was doing 10 cents each that’d be 15
bucks but some of these are worth a lot more than 10 cents based on the year and
mint mark so we spent about 30 cents a penny
sometimes we didn’t get our money’s worth but other times we did and at the
end of the day that’s part of the fun plus we got some bonuses as well now let
me go ahead and see if I get any of these coins in my wheat ebook and I’ll
be back alright guys here’s the book we were able to add four coins we didn’t
have an update for that we’re not as the greatest shape so we’re still missing a
lot of the coins we got our first 15 coin 15d so doing a lot better
obviously I stopped at 1929 because I haven’t quite got my 30 through 58 book
or I want it yet we’ll be check-in those coins I actually just have to do the 40s
and 50s but I’m being meticulous but we’ll get that caught up here shortly
anyway this is just my three coin roll hunting penny books so these coins were
only found through coin roll hunting and I am calling this a coin roll hunt
because I didn’t buy anything specific like I said earlier in the video
hopefully you enjoyed the the two purchases and showing you the finds I
know I didn’t show every single find but I didn’t want to bore you with a bunch
of details at the end of the day if you enjoyed the hunt with me I’d appreciate
a thumbs up and as always happy hunting and thanks for watching

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