Classoos  – Digital Textbook Experience at LEH UK
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Classoos – Digital Textbook Experience at LEH UK

I was covering a year ten geography class last week and they were using the textbook on Classoos and I was amazed it was a fantastic resource it worked so well We made the decision several years ago at Lady Eleanor Holles to move towards one to one devices It was really important for us to find a platform that was accessible on a variety of different devices We are a one-to-one school so each of our students does have an iPad The ability to build on an existing textbook so you have your textbook it’s great but I think it’s important students and teachers are able to personalise that textbook So being able to add layers links perhaps that they think are relevant videos they can annotate the textbooks they can highlight it You can use different colours and highlights on top of the page and there you’ve got your resource ready to go and the girls haven’t written down extensive notes but they’ve got a physical resource there that’s color-coded that they can use straight away Tap it and it bookmarks straight away and I quite like that you can label them because it means if you’re doing two bits of homework from two different teachers in one textbook you know which one you’re clicking rather than opening up the wrong exercise It’s fantastic that digital learning resources can also be distributed via Classoos So any existing learning resource that a teacher has they can upload it to Classoos and then distribute it in exactly the same way they would do if it was a digital textbook We wanted to reduce the amount of printing that we do and we also wanted to have a really easy straightforward way to distribute resources to our classes I think the really fundamental benefit of digital textbooks is lightening the load quite literally All of us as teachers know only too well how very much these children carry around on their backs and frankly it worries me that they’re doing themselves injuries Because I do Further Maths throughout the whole two years I’ll have to have eight textbooks and especially I’ll be using two or three at a time which means seeing as I have Classoos I can just get them all up when I need them and I don’t have to take three textbooks home for homework I can just have it all in one place I think more than anything young people nowadays just take to it so easily and are more engaged The implementation has been seamless we’ve got a single sign-on with Firefly our learning platform and it works with the classes that we have in SIMS Classoos was a very simple product to integrate into LEH With the ability of linking up with our Firefly with our single sign-on and also the integration that they did with Groupcall allowed our SIMS groups to be passed directly into Classoos We want to make sure that the girls who are educated here are educated in a modern technological way I am not a technology person but I know that there’s virtually no job today let alone in the future which will be successfully managed without very clear skill in their use

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