cleaning out my entire closet!! (kinda with the konmari method but not rly)
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cleaning out my entire closet!! (kinda with the konmari method but not rly)

hello my friends it’s nina and i am cleaning out my entire closet today i’ve been meaning to do a little spring cleaning for the longest time it’s june now, i’ve been wanting to spring clean since march now’s the time! for this video i wanna get rid of at least half of my wardrobe just because this is an accumulation of everything i’ve had since high school i need to move on with my life i need to let knew clothes in i just went online shopping and i got a lot of clothes and i need room for that that’s what we’re going to be doing today my method is loosely based on the konmari method but not really because i don’t have time to think about joy for every single piece of clothing that i have i just wanna get rid of things i don’t wear anymore but without further ado let’s just get started so i’m going to donate and sell clothes i’m gonna sell the clothes that i think you guys would like and then just donate everything else i don’t know where i’m going to sell the clothing i’ve heard about poshmark so i think i’m just gonna use poshmark but right next to me i have a large suitcase and two trash bags i might need more trashbags later on but i’m gonna put the clothes that i’m gonna donate in the trash bags so i can give it to goodwill or any thrift store with ease and then i’m gonna put the clothes that i’m probably gonna sell into a suitcase just so i can move it around easily i like that it has wheels the pieces of clothing that i’m trying to get rid of are clothes that i only wore in high school or clothes that don’t go with an outfit or clothes that i just haven’t worn in so long my biggest dilemma with clothes is that a lot of them are cute but i can’t put them with an outfit i’m trying to get rid of that that’s like half of my closet i don’t know where to start marie kondo says you should take out all your clothing and then sort through them i might do that but i don’t really know what to do so i think first off i’m gonna go to the sides that i don’t touch ever this is probably the area where i touch the most i just realized what i said i really wanna try to get rid of stuff that i just won’t wear anymore because my style has changed you change a lot even if you wore it a lot back then that doesn’t mean you still wear it now like i thrifted this shirt but i haven’t worn it in a very long time it’s just not really my style anymore so i think i’m gonna sell it because i know that maybe one of you guys will like it i’m gonna put this in my selling pile and if i ever want it again i’ll just take it out of suitcase so we got one down this shirt i haven’t worn this shirt in a long time either and i’m trying to picture what it could go with i think my style changed enough that i don’t need this anymore i haven’t worn it in probably two years you know what nina if you haven’t worn it in that long, it’s time to go but i think one of you guys will like it as well so i’m going to put it here as well i think taking out your clothes might have helped a little bit because it literally forces you to look through your clothes instead of just kind of passively going through them i think i’m going to do that for my dresser though by the way we are going to go into my dresser i haven’t worn this jacket in a very long time i don’t think i’ve worn it once when i lived in this house so i think i’m going to sell this as well it’s just now i wear sweaters or i wear hoodies that i bought recently this is from my freshman year of high school i think i think i’m gonna donate this one just because it’s really been through a lot so i’m gonna put that into my trash bag now this, this- why do i keep doing that this is a black hoodie with this plaid thing on top i literally put it over it’s two different pieces but i put it over just to save room i haven’t worn this so i think this is going to go too i’ll put this one in the donating pile but i think i will keep this because i know i might need a plain black hoodie and already we have so many hangers we have four how do we only have four this is taking longer than i thought ok oh my gosh we have taken out this much clothes now i have a lot more space for clothes that actually match my style and now i’m going to hang all of these up here look at how many hangers we have now i’m proud of myself these are all the hangers that used to hold clothing now we have reduced it to this much now we are going to sort through the clothes that i have before we get into my dresser because if i go into my dresser this is going to be one huge pile and i’m never going to get through it so i’m gonna fold these clothes right now this is my donation pile so far let’s get started 🙂 i finally finished rolling up all the clothes now that we’re done with the closet we’re going to move on to my dresser and get rid of eVERYTHING i’m so tired here we are at my dresser this dresser’s from ikea i used to have two but now i have one because i didn’t have room for two i’ve been meaning to take care of my dresser for the longest time as you can see i do that method where you fold the clothes and stack them together i think that’s part of the konmari method as well the stacking method allows you to see each shirt but over time i just accumulated so many shirts that i actually began to stack them on top of each other like this and i just can’t see any shirt anymore at this point so i’m going to get rid of as much as i can there are just so many shirts that i don’t wear anymore so i’m literally just gonna get rid of it like, i don’t know what this is so i’m going to make a pile of shirts right here i have this skirt that i just had lying around that i should put inside my dresser but for now i’m just gonna lay my shirts here my style has become pretty simple and basic that i just like having shirts of 20 different colors i like black white grey some colors and i also like a bunch of shirts as pajamas i wore this shirt a lot in high school but i think it’s time for me to get rid of it i don’t know whether to sell this or donate it i think i’m gonna sell it because i feel like you guys might like it as well so i’m gonna throw it over there i have two of the same shirt for some reason but i don’t wear either shirt but it’s also nice to have a striped shirt in your wardrobe i’m gonna donate this and then i’ll keep this i wear this graphic tee a lot so i’m just gonna put it over here good now we have cleared this entire section we’re going to go further these are shirts that i rarely wear because they’re literally stuffed in the back this is why i need to get rid of clothes because i never access these i have this striped shirt that i’m not gonna wear put it in the donate pile i have a long sleeve that should probably go into my closet now now that i have a lot of space for anything i’m gonna put this back in my closet i don’t even know what this shirt is personally i don’t wear this anymore i think i will sell this ok now we are finally going to stack my clothes back in let’s do this so it stacks nicely i’m gonna put my t-shirts in the front just because it’s summer, these are the shirts i’m gonna need the most i’m gonna try to put the most used shirts near my hands and then the least used shirts to the side oh boy now i have way too much space so this is the final result i’m pretty proud of myself, i got rid of a lot and i have room for more and it just feels lighter on my soul so now that we are done with the t-shirts it’s time to move on to the pants my pants drawer is so full it can’t close properly unless i push my clothes down so it is time to get rid of some pants first off i’m gonna take everything out i’m gonna divide them into piles my denim pile right here i’m gonna try to stack my pants this time too because my pants have been stacking on top of each other horizontally that prevented me from seeing my pants in an efficient way so i’m going to try to stack these up now that we’ve emptied out this drawer it’s time to put everything back in i don’t really know how i’m going to do this i’ve been cleaning for so long that doesn’t work how did she fold pants i need to see marie kondo’s way of folding pants i’m gonna fold it the marie kondo way because i want these pants to stack up she says first things first to fold it vertically in half and then fold it into thirds, we’re going to do this pls omg it’s a miracle thank goodness, i’m gonna fold it like this for all my pants wow marie kondo really saves your life huh fold the pants in half and fold it into thirds oh this is so satisfying, ok how do i go about doing this, like this maybe then fold it in half yes now thirds pls eh kinda it’s a really thick material so i’m just gonna place it in the back right here and i’m just going to fold all my clothes these are my painting pants as you can see it’s got some paint stains first going to fold it in half this is so much fun omg then we’re going to fold it into thirds then it should be able to stand up on its own yes, oh oh that is so beautiful and they all stack nicely now it’s time to pile them in now sweatpants, i wear sweatpants all the time i’m gonna put the sweatpants where i can access them the best and then i’m gonna put my denim here and fancy pants over here and then maybe pajamas over there pajamas and leggings and all that this should work out, i hope i like that this is forcing me to interact with my clothes once again i’m gonna put in my leggings that is so fun there’s really something satisfying about your clothes sitting this is the best thing i’ve ever seen i’m so entertained right now now i folded all my leggings i’m gonna put my leggings in right here that’s perfect i might be able to fit everything oh this is great now i’m folding my jeans did you see that this is a very spiritual experience i feel healed a lot of my clothes are in the laundry so i gotta remember about those and i think that is it for the pants drawer it is looking amazing everything is nicely stacked i have room for another layer of clothing i am satisfied i have another bag of clothes to donate i feel like i got a lot done ok so these are the clothes that i’m going to sell i think on poshmark takes up a whole suitcase and then i have three bags to donate here and then one bag to donate here so a total of four bags to donate i got rid of a lot of clothes the final thing i’m going to do is sort my clothes into sections i want all my summer clothes out here and then everything else in the back i’m gonna put my winter clothes, business clothes, everything else in the back that is what i’m going to do real quick just to complete everything that was a lot of work but i’m done! these are all my go to clothing i have a bunch of zipper jackets a bunch of cardigans i have my summery shirts and then i have a lot of hangers for the future if i ever buy clothes but that is it for this video it is currently 5:30 pm so it’s not as late as i thought i am very proud of myself these are all the clothes that i wear all the time i got rid of all the clothes that i don’t wear and i just feel a little bit lighter so i hope this inspired you to spring clean your own room or maybe now that it’s summer, summer clean your room i hope you enjoyed watching me suffer i mean clean up and i will see you in my next video let’s bring it in for a hug! i’m a little sweaty but that’s ok goodbye my friends 🙂


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