Co-Shop with United Cloud Shared Shopping: the future of ecommerce
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Co-Shop with United Cloud Shared Shopping: the future of ecommerce

How about spending a day at the mall… in your pj’s? You already know how fun it is for your customers
to go shopping with their friends, but how much fun would it be for your customers to
go shopping with their friends, in their pj’s? Maybe they already do, but I’m talking about
shopping together with their friends, online. No need for a babysitter, no need to use a
car and gas, no need for any makeup! Now your customers can shop with their friends at your
store with nothing holding them back. Now your customers can enjoy all the same shopping
fun and real-time communication right from their homes. This is the reality that United
Cloud has created. A brand new way for your customers to shop online with their friends
and family. Your store will provide your customers with
a shared shopping cart and individual shopipng carts to accommodate all of their shopping
needs. Any member of the group can add items to the shared cart. Customers can then split
the cost of the shared cart however they see fit. And if they see an item they want for
themselves, they can toss it into their individual shoping cart. Screen Sharing enables the group to look at
the same items at the same time. While one member drives the group, everyone else can
see the driver’s screen. Members can take turns driving the group at any time. Real-time chat allows your customers to have
fun with their shopping partners, whether they be friends, family, or other shoppers
that are in the same store. Each store can also have assistants available to answer customers’
questions, suggest items, and serve customers’ shopping needs. United Cloud also provides
custom shared shopping solutions for your ecommerce store. Whether you use an off-the-shelf
or fully customized platform, we can tailor our patent-pending technology so it is right
for you. United Cloud Shared Shopping changes the way
customers shop online. Now your customers’ friends and family will be able to shop online
together, anytime they want, no matter where they live.
Your customers are going to love it!

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