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♪ Alexasunshine83 it’s always sunny
here! Boop! ♪♪ Hey sunshiners! Alexasunshine83 right here. Hello, hello! Super sunny Sunday.
What is up?! Today’s video I am back
at the Yorba Linda Savers. I’ve done this type
of thrifting video before. I think I did it for like
summer trends, spring trends, and also like
the New Year 2019 trend. Which is trying to find
the new season clothing trends. Just because I wanna
show you guys that you don’t need
to go to the mall to get like the newest,
trendiest pieces. You can totally find
them at the thrift store. Sometimes you can’t
but you can get pretty darn close. So I just googled what are some
fall 2019 fashion trends. I found a bunch of different stuff. Some of them I think
it’s gonna be really difficult, so I don’t know if I’ll find.
But might as well at least try. First thing is feathers? Which I don’t think I’ve actually
ever seen at the thrift store, like clothing with feathers. So we’ll see how that one goes. Cinched suiting, with this one
I do have my own belt. So I think the biggest thing
I’m gonna be looking for is just maybe like a suit jacket, and then just use my own belt
to kind of like cinch it in at the waist. The next one is satin, which if you go into
the pajama section at the thrift store you will most likely
find a pajama shirt that’s kind of like a satin material. I feel like that one’s probably
gonna to be the easiest. Then asymmetrical
tops and dresses. This one I was like.
“Oh, is it like off the shoulder stuff?” But it’s literally like maybe only
one side goes down and the rest of the shirt go up? Which I feel like that was really big
in the early 2000s, and even probably like a couple
years ago, was really big. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen
that at the thrift store, although I haven’t really
had my eye out on it? So we will see about that one. It is no surprise that tops kind of like
this one that are square, kind of being inspired by
the Renaissance era, is super big. I know for myself kind of having my eye out
every single time I thrift shop. On it was like:
“Climb down the balcony like your name is Juliet Q- Capu-capulet”? I haven’t read Romeo and Juliet
since I was a freshman in high school. Obviously for most people,
fall time is cold? Extra long coats is one of them
that I actually saw quite a lot, which I know for myself
I usually try to- unless it’s like a denim jacket, I try to almost get like one that kind of
sits right at my waist. That way if I’m wearing
like high-waisted jeans it kind of gives me
a little bit more shape. So it will be really interesting to see
how I can kinda style that. Weirdly, florals is one
of the trends but the difference is
it’s in dark floral patterns and they call it like
‘the prairie dress’? It’s not particularly my style because I don’t have too much
of a bohemian style. So, I will try my best with that. The last thrifting trends video I did,
green was really big but it was a little bit
more like a neon green? Whereas in the fall it’s
gonna be more pistachio, almost like a darker green? It said head-to-toe pistachio. I don’t know how much green I can actually layer on
with that specific shade. But we will see. Everyone loves sweaters
so why not just go extreme? They have nothing but knits. Literally it’s like: “Whether it’s a sweater
on top of a sweater, or a knit bra under a cardigan. The rule of thumb here is simple. The more knitwear the better.” So I have my trends.
I’m just gonna see how many trends I can actually thrift
at the thrift store and try to create
different outfits. And take you guys
along with me! So I was a little like, “Oh, I don’t know if doing like a fall
trends video is too soon.” But, Savers is literally
already starting Halloween stuff. And today is August 22nd, so- So I feel like the timing is okay! I think I’m actually going to go into
the Halloween section and see if they have any
of the Victorian-like shirts because I feel like that
would be kind of perfect. And they have like different
just like normal items mixed in with
the Halloween items. Ooh purses-
okay, I can’t get distracted. It’s actually nice. It does not go with
what I’m going for but nice. (upbeat jazz music) So I’d really hope that
they would have like the more Victorian looking
stuff but they don’t. So I’ll probably try to find it
in the other sections. It’s bread! Bread! This is so cute. I gotta stay on track. I just forgot that I
forgot my belt in the car so I just grabbed one
for trying on. And we somehow ended up
in the sweaters first? Hm, maybe… So what I’m wanting to do
is do a cardigan over like either
a short sleeved sweater or a long sleeved sweater
that’s really thin? That’s like, my goal. Hm, maybe? Look at how cute that is! But, no- I refuse to buy pink
cause every single time I end up never wearing it. Is this pistachio? I’m just gonna grab it
just in case. It said more darker
but just in case. (upbeat jazz music continues) It was interesting to see like,
not a lot of the trends that were really big last fall,
going to be big this fall. Which they may be big
in like winter but… Kind of the chenille- okay, I know
someone’s gonna correct me so I’m just
gonna put it on the screen. Sweaters weren’t on
the trends at all. And also I feel like
a couple of years ago these like fuzzy sweaters
were super big and now they aren’t as much. Probably because they realized how uncomfortable they are and how like
static shock-y they get- at least for me,
I don’t know why. I always get static shock
and like shock myself, so… Okay I know these
aren’t feathers it definitely gives me
that like, kind of look. I’m just gonna grab it
just in case I don’t find anything
with feathers. This would be my
like next bet. Ooh! Okay, this one actually
has that like square front. It’s definitely not kind of like
that Renaissance look, but it does have the square neck, which is kind of part of that. (upbeat jazz music continues) Okay I think I got
the sweater look good. I think I want to go into
the pajama section to look for a silk top
or a silk dress. Just because I’m hoping
that one will be the easiest? So this one I was like, “What the heck
is attached to it?” It is a robe as well, which is silk
or like that silk material. So, I think that actually
would look really cool. ♪ Doo-dee-doo ♪♪ This… white one, maybe? And I feel like that one I may
just tuck into my shirt and make it more of a shirt
versus a dress? The silk, check mark! I used to be so scared to go
into the pajama/lingerie sections. I mean, not for pajamas but
for looking for like silk dresses, or like silk tops cause I was like, “I don’t belong here”?
I don’t know. But I’m feeling so much more
confident nowadays to just like go in there cause you can just
find such cute stuff. And a lot of people
don’t even think about going in there to
get actual like clothes. The next thing I’m gonna look
for is a floral dress that’s more of darker tones
for the fall trend. I don’t- I mean…
I guess this one? Would kind of be falling along
the line of that trend? I do want to find something
that I would actually wear. Which a lot of times I wouldn’t
wear floral dresses, so.. Pistachio? And I’m also looking for it
to be specifically a maxi dress cause that’s mostly what
was shown in the articles. It’s like a romper? Technically I did find that whole like
asymmetrical top thing but they’re both
like formal dresses. This one where like that
actually has a sleeve and then the left side doesn’t. And then this one as well. It’s kinda like half, so. I mean it gives me hope that
maybe they actually have some more stuff that’s
not formal dresses. So I did end up kind of
finding a dress that’s kind of like a
darker toned floral dress? We’ll see how that one goes.
I grabbed two. One of them’s a little bit short,
the other one’s actually like maxi. I think the next trend
I’m gonna try to finish, cause I kind of found
some other stuff, is the pistachio color. I kinda wanna find some pants
that are kind of that tone, or like a skirt or- I don’t know. I just want to be
full on green pistachio. Is this pistachio? I can’t tell. Pistachio? I mean from the photos
there were like different variations
of pistachio shades, so I think that’s what my outfit
is gonna end up being? I ended up already
grabbing two suit jackets. One that’s super long, kind of going with
that whole like long coat look, and then the other one to like
cinch at the waist. So, we are doing good! And I’m kind of grabbing
other pieces to actually style
with the other ones, cause I feel like it kind of defeats
like the whole purpose if I just end up wearing like
the jeans I’m wearing right now, like I really want to
actually create an outfit. I weirdly found something
with feathers- I mean they’re
faux feathers obviously, but didn’t think
that was gonna happen. So I definitely grabbed
so much stuff and I’m hoping to make some
with some cute outfits! And I think I found all the trends, even the feather one weirdly. Oh- the asymmetrical one
I did not find actually. I was almost there! This is the… first look. It’s just a silk kind of
button up pajama shirt. (loud shouting)
I actually really like it- I did put a belt with it because it
was way too like loose, and kind of like not
really flattering, so… I think it’s actually nice.
I just have my like sneakers (more loud shouting)
because obviously- Because trying to find
shoes that actually fit is a challenge in itself,
but this is the first silk look. I have a couple different more, just because I actually was
really excited about this one. I really like the robe. I think it really brings
the whole look together. The only thing is like the lace
it definitely shows my bra, so if I were to like get this
and rock it I would definitely wear it
without a bra. But altogether like I’m actually
pleasantly surprised. I think it’s definitely
a cute silk look. It just depends on how
like, fancy you are? I wouldn’t obviously wear this
on a normal day-to-day basis. Honestly if all, I would have to get
a lot of courage to wear it, just because it’s so outside
my comfort zone. So this is a two piece pajama set and I think I could wear a shirt
under this actual tank top. Uhm- but honestly together
it is so cute. The only thing is the shorts
are insanely short, like I would not be able
to go outside like that. Just because I would just feel
too much breeze on my butt. If the shorts were
just a little bit longer I think I would like
them a lot more cause they’d be more
like wearable out, but they are
specifically pajamas? So I ended up
putting this dress with a belt just because by itself-
I don’t know, it just kind of looked
too straight up and down. And also I feel like it makes it
a little bit more casual with the belt. Honestly like I’m so tempted to
actually buy this dress. I don’t think it’s neccessarily fall
because of the colors, but it is black then with the floral, which is kind of what
the whole trend was about. And it fits perfectly!
I- yeah, I really like it. So you can’t see all of it
because my lense is like a crop lense. But I got the kind of paper bag pants
with this turtleneck. The turtleneck took so long
to put over my head. Apparently- I mean I think
I have a small head but… I am sweating so much! I didn’t realize it has like this? Oh! This is the pistachio trend. And I got this to go with it
but it won’t unzip, so I can’t even like
try it on for you. But I think I did pretty good!
I actually really like this look. I would never think to kind of like pair different shades
of green like this, but my eyes are green and they’re
like popping out right now. I do actually surprisingly
really like this jacket. I like kind of this purple
and I really like the colored pants. These pants though
are so tight. That’s the only thing
and I didn’t have a shirt to actually put under the coat. But I think it’s a look!
I really like, I’m feeling better about
trying like longer coats. Can we also just talk about
how I am trying on all these like sweaters
and turtlenecks?! It’s like 85 degrees outside. I am sweating
so bad right now. Sorry for the sweat. I was like trying to
put my camera on the cart to
take a video of my outfit, then a guy in the dressing room
next to me like walked out, and I just had like my camera and then I just slowly
went into the dressing room. I wonder what he’s thinking
I’m doing in here. I definitely think I would
probably get a different belt. This one’s just way too small. And also the bottoms.
I’m really upset I really wanted to find just like leggings
to put with it. Just because I felt like the top is
the main part of the outfit but there weren’t any in my size. So I just have these
like black shorts and not really feeling it? I think I actually really like
the belt around the jacket. It just gives more shape to the look. So this one I just took this
almost like sweater vest and then just put
a cardigan over it. I feel like it gives a very like
attainable look for this trend because like, yeah- I would’ve loved to do like
sweater on sweater on sweater. Uhm- but number one
it’s really hot, and also like nobody’s
really gonna do that. Whereas I feel like this
outfit does kinda go. I would prefer a cardigan
that was black. Just because I think it would
look a little bit better with this tan color for
this like sleeveless shirt. But I think it works! So I’m actually quite surprised.
I really like this. Again not really sure
about this bright pink, but I love the kind of silhouette. It has the square and then
these kind of puff out a little bit. I think it’s because it is a large
so it’s a little bit loose. But, I think we did pretty good! I didn’t know if I was gonna
be able to find the trend because I feel like yeah- there’s like, once in a while
I’ve been seeing this look. I’m really happy I found it
in this video. Because it’s more of like
the Renaissance style, I also picked up this one, which kind of has
the Renaissance like feel to it. I don’t really like it
so I’m not gonna try it on. I feel like this really
captures that trend. And then for the last trend
it was the feathers. And honestly, I just wanted
a black long-sleeve. That’s all I want. Just a plain black
long-sleeve and I could not find one. And honestly…
it’s not really my style. It’s not a trend I particularly like. So, I feel like there’s no point
in me trying to figure out a cute way to style it when
I don’t think it’s that cute. But if you do that’s totally okay! Technically this is the trend
so I did still find it. Sorry the air’s on.
It is so hot! I’m sweating so much after trying on all those sweaters
and everything. I think I was in there
for about 3 hours? Kind of my whole reason for
doing this is to also kind of try out different trends that
I wouldn’t normally even try, and kind of see which
ones I actually liked. I think I do like the
very long like coat. I wouldn’t normally go for it but I’m actually kind of feeling it. And obviously the silk look,
which I already like, so I kinda knew I was
gonna like that trend. The long dress I was quite
surprised that I liked. I didn’t think it was going
to look normal on me, but I actually am
feeling more open to kind of floral
maxi dresses. And then obviously the trend
with this square thing. Obviously I liked. Let me know in the comments
right down below which trend you’re
most excited for? I think I’m just like
excited for sweaters. Especially since the weather is being
forecast as being like amazing, which it always is in the fall- but like, just to be like, “Hey, yeah- You can keep
buying more sweaters!” If you guys do like thrifting videos,
thrift hauls, thrifting with me’s, make sure you hit subscribe
right down below and hit that little bell to be notified
every time I make a new video. And don’t forget to follow me on
Instagram and Twitter, @Alexasunshine83, to keep up-to-date with me
during the week. I will see you guys on
Wednesday with a brand new video! Enjoy life. Be happy.
And I love you lots! Bye! (clicking buttons)
Air, air. Please! Air! (upbeat jazz music)


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