Come Thrift With Me for FALL | Pre-Fall Thrift Store Try On Haul
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Come Thrift With Me for FALL | Pre-Fall Thrift Store Try On Haul

(Upbeat music)
♪ Alexasunshine83 it’s always
sunny here! Boop! ♪♪ Hey sunshiners!
Alexasunshine83 right here. Hello, hello! Super sunny day. What is up?! Although like I said
it’s a super sunny day, we’re gonna pretend it’s not. I am ready to go all ham
in some y’know, fall outfits. Starbucks released their
pumpkin spice latte. Meaning- it is now
officially fall! Yes, it may be 100 degrees
for the next seven days but I don’t care. I am in Orange County. I’m at Goodwill. This Goodwill I went to
when I did the styling Goodwill CEO
video, y’know? This was the first Goodwill
I’d gone to in Orange County. And it was my favorite! I’ve been kind of waiting. And that was like
a couple months ago and they had
so many sweaters. So I figured this would be the perfect opportunity
to come back. Just a really big Goodwill. So, let’s skedaddle all in- [Gagging] Skedaddle all in. Okay, so I’ve been in here
for like 10 minutes. I kinda like went around,
made sure that like this thrift with me
will be successful. Because I haven’t been
in this Goodwill for quite a while. And I remember it
being really great. And it IS really great! They have like all these plants. Yeah- I got two fake plants. Even though that’s not like, obviously the point of this video? This was only $5! Like, how could I say no? And it’s in perfect condition! Sorry- I’m just like so pumped
for this video now. They have so many
purses over there that are super cute. So I’ve been kind of
eyeing these skirts since I like, came in. So I kinda wanna see
if any fit me? I really wanna get
some tans, some browns. Like, more of those
types of tones for fall. If you guys don’t
follow me on Pinterest, which you totally should, I will link it right down below. I finally made it public. You guys can see what I’m kind of being inspired by for fall/autumn. This is so cute. I don’t know if it’s
gonna fit me though. It looks a little small? [Upbeat jazz music] And since it’s still quite hot
in Southern California, I feel like getting a skirt will be… The easiest way to wear
a sweater when it’s hot? Or I just won’t leave my house. Y’know, either one. Oh, it’s by Banana Republic. I mean it would be $10-
I don’t know. I already kind of
have a brown jacket, so? Okay I got so excited because this shirt
is like that square- Y’know, if you haven’t seen
last Sunday’s video- Definitely watch it. This type of style I tried to thrift. This is so cute
but it’s in an extra large. We’re gonna put it out
into the thrifting universe that I find this in a medium. It’s originally from Target Wild Fable- Which, I’ve never
seen this at Target. Like, what? (Upbeat jazz music continues) Brandy Melville shirt
for less than $3 What?! Wait, I just need to try this on ’cause there’s little lambs on it! One of the biggest reasons why
I’m starting thrifting now for sweaters and like fall,
is because once it like actually becomes
kind of cold like- All the sweaters will be gone. All the cute stuff will be gone. So, you have to get in
there like first? ‘Cause I remember last year even with like,
Christmas sweaters like- I didn’t start looking for them
until December and they were all gone. (Hanger breaks) The sweater’s- (Hanger snaps in half)
Oh, god. Awh. The sweater’s so heavy
it just like, snapped… The hanger. It’s just way too bright. Okay so, I made it through
the sweater section. It was alright. I think I’ll- Why am I not focusing? I think I’m gonna go into
the jacket section and then I may go to
the guy sweater section? Yeah. I just don’t know how I would… Make it look casual? These are almost like the
pistachio-ish color- Oh my god.
I’m, I’m wearing green! I’m getting inspired by pistachio. They’re kind of like the pants I tried on in last Sunday’s video. But the other ones were
a little bit more structured? And like, a paper bag? So we have now somehow
made it into the shoes. There is a Target right
next to this Goodwill. And I think a lot of the stuff that doesn’t sell there,
they just bring here. And I already saw some shoes
that I had seen at Target. I think I’m just gonna take a look and hope they have my size? So technically these are my size. They are a size 10, which is amazing. They’re originally from Forever21. The only thing is… The zipper doesn’t have
the little front thing? To help it zip up? And I tried to zip it up
and it was really difficult! But I think I could like DIY it? I’m sure they have
something at JoAnne’s? Yeah they’re cute but I do… Already have boots
very similar to these? So… I don’t know. Also they’re like $15
and like- Meh. So cute but it’s in a large. It has the original tag on there, too?! Yes, I am in the tank tops. But- Ya could put a sweater over it. So it’s basically still fall. So the company that
makes this, which is Clio. C-L-I-O Um, is actually- this shirt
is from there. So, how cool. We’re all aware that
I may have y’know, a little bit too many jeans. So, I think I will skip out on
the denim section for now. So there’s somebody else
filming a thrift with me. Um- and I wanna be like, “Oh, hey!” But my like introverted self
is way too anxious, so… I’m gonna just
not film around them because I’m… nervous. Alright, so I made it in. I have six right here ’cause
you can only take in six. So I have the rest out there. Hopefully nobody takes my stuff. Sidenote… This dressing room is like… Amazing! Always pay attention
to dressing rooms and bathrooms of places. I mean, it’s still like not the prettiest. But, pretty gosh darn better
than what I’m used to. So I’m gonna try this on first. Oh, there’s a hole in it. This is actually really cute. Um, I don’t think I’m gonna get it ’cause I don’t love the style, like there’s no buttons- But I think the color’s really nice. And I think it’s pretty good
with this green shirt. So this one is originally
from Brandy Melville. And Nordstrom. It doesn’t say- Oh, it would be $18 And I think they’re
selling it for $6.99 Obviously different pants. The only thing- I mean, it’s not like I have
big boobs or anything. But they are kind of like
stretching them a little bit? I think it’s pretty cute. I literally pulled
something one time… in the dressing room
trying to take a shirt off. I pictured this very differently. Time for a skirt. Yeah, don’t really wanna
take my pants off, so… I feel like it’ll still
be quite accurate. Y’know…? Um, no… Yeah, wearing the jeans under probably wasn’t the best idea. It’s not going all the way up but this is so cute. It even has pockets! [Struggling to zip up]
Eh- no. Nope. Next bunch. So I just kinda have
like a cardigan. It’s nothing really that
extravagant about this. Oh, it’s kind of itchy- [Disapprovingly]
Oh no, no, no. Y’know, I had really
high hopes for this shirt. But like, I don’t really love it. It’s okay. I mean,
it’s not that square. I’m not like a super
lavender person, so… No. I got a proper sweater right here. I don’t know about this. Like the whole zipper thing I thought was gonna
look really cool. But I just feel like,
I don’t look cool? I don’t know. I think I’m gonna
get it though. Okay, I can get down
with this one. It’s like a wine. It’s not very comfy. Oh gosh,
it’s kind of itchy but… It’s kind of like cropped and- I really like it with
my gold details. I don’t know. Okay, so this dress
is originally from Zara. And I don’t think
it’s gonna work but… I just had to try it. It kinda looks like a- Like a tablecloth? It’s like a romper? I’m so confused. Yeah, it’s like a- It’s like a romper. It’s so weird. I mean, I really
like the sleeves? Like, I would wanna DIY it
but it’s like $10 So, I don’t even… Know if it’s worth it? Y’know I just wanted to- I just wanted to enjoy this. Um, it’s so itchy. I, I don’t think I can put it on. Y’know I’m surprised.
I actually really like this. It’s like a brown
and black stripe? These are jeans
from Brandy Melville. And it fits me here. Okay, yeah. This is way too small for me. (Snaps fingers)
Cool. Do you ever get anxiety
when you like, can’t get out of a shirt
that you’re trying on? Like, I feel like
I’m like suffocating. And I can’t get it, it off? Ow, ow. Oh my gosh. (Breathing heavy) Got a skirt. It looks kinda short so,
I don’t know. I mean, I’d have to wear
like shorts under it because it’s kind of short. But… I think it’s really cute!
Wow. So we made it back home. I ate some pasta. And now I’m ready to talk
about some thrift clothes! So I ended up spending $37.43 It’s actually pretty crazy
when you think about everything that I got at
the Goodwill Outlet for that much money? And then what I got here? Even though I still have like a pretty good amount of stuff. I feel like this was a little
bit more of like pre-fall? There weren’t that many sweaters. And the sweaters I did find, I already kind of have
some like them. And I was like, “Well, why would I buy it
when I already have one that’s exactly the same?” So I definitely passed
on a lot of them. And I think it’s just
good to kind of show the journey of like, what my goal is
when I go thrifting, and like how it
then kind of changes depending on what
the thrift store has. I do want to start out with the home decor item I got. So excited about this little baby! It was only $4.99 I actually got another
one for like $2 I will pick that out in just a sec. The reason I have a bunch of
of fake plants is because personally, I kill everything
and I also don’t like bugs. And real plants remind me of the horrible cycle of life where everything ends up dying. So fake plants make me feel like I’m gonna live forever. Now this is originally from Target. This Goodwill is right
next to a Target. And I know a lot of them just because a lot of
you guys have told me, that sometimes
Goodwill will have some sort of
like partnership? Where if Target doesn’t
sell certain items, they’ll like give it to Goodwill? I’m not really sure
on the logistics but I think that’s
what this one was? And a bunch of other stuff
at this specific Goodwill. It even has the normal
like tag that’s at Target. And then I also got… (High-pitched voice)
This little guy if I can find him. It’s a little star with a little plant! It got some fake rocks in there. It’s just the cutest
little thing ever. And it was $1.49! Like, I- I had to have this. And let me tell ya, fake plants are not cheap. So, to find these two, especially at the thrift store, is super awesome. So, clothing-wise I ended up
getting this skirt. Which, I did try it on
with my jeans. Which probably wasn’t
the best idea. But like, y’know when
you’re just like not in the mood
to take your pants off? Mostly because
I was so sweaty. And I knew if
I took off my pants, putting them
back on was just gonna be like such a pain. And even though
they’re kind of loose, I just… was not feeling it. But they seemed
like they fit really well? So we’re just gonna
hope that they actually do. They were $6.49 And they’re originally
from Bongo. And they say that
they’re a size 13. But I would say, personally, I’m like a size 6
and they fit pretty perfect. I like that they actually
have belt loops. A lot of my skirts
don’t have belt loops. And like that makes
it really difficult. Especially because I wear
a lot of like baggier shirts and I wanna tuck it in, and then take a belt,
and- Do that whole thing. So I’m really excited about this. It is a little bit short. So I definitely need to wear
some like bike shorts. But… This with like a sweater and then maybe some tights? I think is a really great like, transition from summer to fall because it’s taking,
to an extent, this kind of like
summer-y/spring item and then making it into fall. Then I did get a sweater. And I technically could wear this sweater with that skirt. I can kinda like mix and match. And I’m still kind of
on the fence of how I feel
about this sweater? I think I just need to make it a little bit more casual, also. It has more silver details, where a lot of my accessories and like my glasses are gold. So I think that was kinda
throwing me off a bit? But, it was $7.99 And it just… Looks like this! It’s a nice fitted sweater. It is in a small and it’s by a company called INC. And I thought it was
just really interesting. It’s got a little zipper. Definitely don’t wanna
zip it all the way up. That was not a cute look. I just think it
could be really cute. And I think it’s
a little bit different than the traditional sweater. And also a little bit different than just wearing
a black long-sleeve. Since it has
a little zipper detail. I got another long-sleeve. This one is originally
from Brandy Melville. It was $2.49! Oh my gosh,
I am glad I got it! It is a black and brown
striped sweater crop top? Crop top sweater? I think having it be the tan
and black stripes, it kinda is a little bit more fall. That’s kind of my
thinking behind it? And it fit really great. I did end up getting
this purple button-up. The size is 4P because it is by a company called
Studio East Petite. Which I’m not technically like- The length of my body
is definitely not petite. That’s why it’s a little bit
more cropped on me. It’s a deeper porpole- I can’t- It’s. A. Dee-per. Pur-ple. I definitely think it
needs a good washing because it is kind of more
of a scratchier material? I’m hoping this one
kind of softens up in the washing machine. And I’m getting used to these
button-up collar shirts, so. And then I got this shirt
which is originally- Oh, it’s by GUESS.
Wow! And it is in a small
and it was $6.99 And this one it just has that typical like square neck. And it has like a tie detail, which I think is really cute. Kind of like that corset look is really popular right now. And the really cool
thing about thrifting is, anything that has been
like a really big trend, after about a month or two you start seeing those
trends in the thrift store because people
have bought them because they’re a trend. And then they realize that they don’t actually like it,
and so they donate it. So, it’s been really exciting because I’ve been waiting to get like second-hand versions
of certain trends. It makes like that wait of, “No, I can find it second-hand!” Just all worth it. And I think being in style or trendy is kind of like meh? Whatever floats your boat. I feel good about this being my first like,
somewhat fall video. It’s kind of a
pre-fall thrifting video? I definitely want to take
another crack at thrifting sweaters
because I know I can find some more! I think also this Goodwill didn’t really have
air conditioning. So, that was also
kind of difficult! If you guys do like thrifting videos,
thift hauls, thrifting with me’s, make sure you hit subscribe
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thrifting videos involved with the
holidays coming up. So excited about it! And if you guys want to keep up-to-date with me
during the week, make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter
@Alexasunshine83 And I will see you guys
on Wednesday with a brand new video. Enjoy life. Be happy. And I love ya lots. Bye! (Upbeat jazz music)


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