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This is insane, this is literally insane, what do we do? This is stressful man Hey guys, it’s Jess welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are all having a great day so far So today I am doing another thrifting video. Well, it’s kind of a thrifting video I am currently at the Rose Bowl flea market here in Pasadena, California They do it every second Sunday of the month. I have been wanting to go forever The last time I went was like in eighth grade today I decided to come back with a friend and you guys have seen her here on my channel before We’re just gonna like shop and hang out and do stuff. Yeah, we’re excited. Yeah I came here last month, and it’s amazing and I didn’t get through like even half of it So I’m so excited for you to come It’s like almost overwhelming like it’s too much but it’s, that’s what makes it good also. Can we talk about how cute Leah’s outfit is? Thank you, it’s all thrifted! So cute. Queen of thrifting. So today I’m just looking for home decor. We recently moved apartments So I really want to try and find some cute pieces Maybe just like I don’t know, whether it’s a decoration or like things for the wall And then also we are leaving for a trip to Hawaii in two days So if I can find anything cool for that, that’d be good, too And I have my reusable bags. So I am I’m ready to slay and I got some water and I’m ready to kick the day’s butt Let’s look here I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large collection of Levi’s in one place none of them are my size at all, but it’s just crazy because when you go thrifting Usually like there’s zero Levi’s left. They are all gone, but here there’s like there’s a whole rack of them. It’s crazy. Dresses for $5.00 – not bad! Let’s see, I would be super into finding Some cute dresses today For our upcoming trip. Guys, I feel so. I feel so small in here. That’s so cute. I love that. Yes, I totally want to get that. Yeah, that’s perfect for Hawaii It’s like five bucks Okay, I’m in. Team Leah, okay, so not that I need any denim jackets at all But let’s just look at these to admire and appreciate This one’s so cute I feel like this is something I could totally see my friend Alexa wearing. AlexaSunshine83. I feel like I feel like this would be something she might wear. Actually I could see her wearing this That’s cute I didn’t notice that had that on the back that is cute you should get that. It’s $10? Alexa gonna be mad? Sorry… Sorry Alexa You can borrow it! I’m getting this!
Get that. I don’t know if you like this but they’re surfers. That is cute, I feel like I don’t think it would fit me Well, cause the torso seems really long but that is really cute. Wait. I kind of I kind of love this I Don’t know 80s 90s way. I just found this Hawaiian print button up. Let me try and Get some distance. So you guys can check it out. I think I’m gonna get this for my husband I think he’d look so handsome in it for our upcoming trip. All right, we found the t-shirts Leah is checking out the white tees. I’m checking out all the the colorful tees Check out all of these really cool rugs So gorgeous. Just came across this little stall that has like the cutest flippin baskets And like little bags, and purses, almost espadrille type shoes. Do I need this in my life? Maybe it’s just many dollars. So I ended up getting this cute little basket from that Wicker, straw store, other little area and it was $15 I plan on putting one of my pots my plant pops in here. Look at all of these cute plants My inner plant mom is yodeling These are so cute! These are such like gorgeous placements, woah Leah look at this one Oh wow, that’s amazing
That’s so great.
That’s better than having a goldfish.
I know You guys, look at all these gorgeous bowls, these gorgeous wooden bowls, these straw baskets. I love This one. This is a maybe I don’t know how much it is. Nothing is priced so I have to ask and then oh Look at these wooden bowls. I’ve been looking for some good wooden bowls for quite a while, but they’re always very very expensive ooh, this is an Amazing the mixing bowl or a salad bowl This is so gorgeous Unfortunately, the large mixing bowl was $45 because it was from Crate and Barrel and then the smaller bowls were fifteen dollars each which I feel like that’s Pretty similar to the price that if I were to buy it new. What the heck? Super-fun head planters How fun. That one’s really pretty I actually kind of love this As we were finishing up paying at the last place where I got the little purse We’re talking to lady about how it was hot, and we were like just thirsty, but I already had a reusable water bottle in my bag but were just like making conversation and she was like, oh I have a secret you guys, and we were like okay… and she was like follow me and we were like oh Maybe it’s like a good deal and maybe someone’s like selling things for super cheap or something Who knows and then she’s like this guy sells water, but don’t tell anybody because they don’t like it. Really. Oh Okay, I got a one dollar water. Yay. It was a win. It was actually that’s actually a really good tip Yeah, when I come back here and I’m thirsty I’m gonna go to that guy. Just be like hey heard you had water, on the low-key. So far, nothing I’m super crazy about. Yeah, this rack looks a little questionable. Cute There’s like no prices on anything. That denim jacket is so cool That is fun.
This is also so cool I love that Calvin Klein denim jacket, like The Rose Bowl flea market is the place to go if you are looking for denim jackets. Oh, that is so cute I feel like when Kari and Alexa went thrifting here I feel like they found Something really similar to this each. I have been wanting something like this for so long It was so stinkin cute. There’s this one from Levi’s that they sell Urban Outfitters and I think it’s like $130 but this one is like pretty similar. It’s pretty Pretty cute and then I also found This I think I might actually get this, this is so cool. I’m gonna ask how much it is. Leah…
Harley Davidson. Oh my gosh! It’s so big though. It is really big Okay. Wait. Okay. I have no idea. Why are Harley Davidson t-shirts Why does everybody love them so much and thrift for them like crazy? I don’t know why I think I just like the style of it, I dunno, I like how it looks like a band tee but I think it’s easier to find Yeah I dunno, I just like the whole black and then the flames and then muscley It’s just cool
Yeah, it’s just cool You heard it here first guys, if you were wondering why people were always searching for Harley Davidson That is the reason. Because it’s cool.These are kind of cool Do I like these? Do I not like these? They’re cute. You think so? Yeah Look at all of these jackets they have oh my gosh. Apple Valley my husband grew up in Apple Valley and I think he either went to this high school or the opposing high school Alright, so things are starting closed down But we decided to stop in to one last area and I came across this shirt, this tee, that I love I’m too short to see how much it is or to get it down. But I’m gonna ask. I think this whole thing is like I don’t know, vintage band tee’s So many band tee’s here, like crazy Grateful Dead, Tom Petty Sammy Hagar Wait Leah, is that like your Harley shirt? It’s similar not the same. But yeah, that’s crazy. It’s $100. Megadeath ZZ Top David Lee Roth At the last place, we were just like kind of looking and seeing what there was but it was a little too out of our price range to actually buy stuff Okay, Led Zepplin shirt that I pointed out that I really wanted I was like, oh I’ll probably get this because it looks like my size and super cute. I was like, how much is this? he goes- $250 and I was like he’s like Two dollars and fifty cents or… Two hundred fifty or two dollars and fifty? And he’s like two hundred fifty –
oh, gotcha So then we were just looking around everything was like vintage. So unfortunately, we couldn’t afford anything there, but we’re just filming stuff and then he was just like so you guys just filming stuff for content or like Are you gonna actually buy something? He kept like watching us Yeah, I felt like super awkward, I was just like, oh We just like to share stores and places you can shop and he was like well, how are people gonna know This is my store? How can they find it? and I whip my camera out, and i’m like okay tell us about your shop he was like yeah, like sometimes people just come here and like film stuff for content and just fake shopping like Same.
Wait, okay. I just came across this and I’m 177% obsessed. This is so cute. Oh my gosh. My husband would love this Dragon Ball Z I wonder how much this is I’m gonna ask, fingers crossed. I would love to wear this as an, oh my gosh so windy Like an oversized t-shirt dress or even if I like tucked a little bit of the end and then wore it with biker shorts Leah have that super cute idea I’m dead. This is so cute. This is so cool Yeah What else is here? Oh hey have a bunch more if you want to look. Oh Leah. Look how cool this is. I feel like you’d look so cute in this We love Mickey How much would these be Okay, all right look we’ll keep looking. This is your store? You have cool stuff super cool Adorable That’s perfect she’ll love it Yeah, I feel like we did I’m trying to be picky now cause there’s so many good things. Leah do you like this? Yes I got you girl. I’ll hold on to it. What about this one? Sure I’ll take that one All day I’ve been feeling like oh we didn’t like find that much but now it’s just like wow we found everything This is so cute I I love this I feel like I’ve said that about everything but like genuinely super cute. You should get that I like how it’s in the middle.
Yeah. At this place, we have found so much stuff It’s insane like they have cutest, coolest vintage Disney and character and brands We’re using process of elimination because there’s so much good stuff. We can’t get it all. We made a limit for ourselves today I found this So it is 3:45, it’s technically been closed for 45 minutes and Leah and I at that place we ended up finding so many cute things we each wanted to get 6 things and nothing was like labeled so we went to like be like oh how much is stuff and like the summation would they say like 180 dollars for all of it and we were just like shook, we’re like yeah we don’t have that much So then we were trying to like, you know bargain but collective we were like, okay Well if we buy everything together Maybe we can get a really good price and get everything for like $100 because we didn’t know it was $180 He’s like 10 or maybe 15 and then they added everything up. They were like, oh 180 I was like Where’d you get $180 from? So now we’re like trying to figure out what we want to get but we also Just don’t have enough cash if we wanted to buy most things anyway, so we’re running over to the ATM and everybody’s leaving It’s a Little intense here. We’re trying to get these really cute shirts We’re trying to figure out which ones we’re not gonna get if they are gonna try and make us pay $180 for now We ain’t for that today well, the ATMs are off already because it’s past the time I just keep.. this is stupid. This is crazy. Why don’t they have more ATMs? Oh my gosh This is insane. This is literally insane. What do we do? You guys this is stressful man. I did not anticipate, I wouldn’t have bothered So we concluded our The saga of us. Oh, my batteries almost dying, perfect We concluded the saga of us trying to buy these dang Disney shirts. We ended up like not having any more money But then I kinda saved the day Leah did save the day.
I found an extra fifteen dollars in my wallet
Like, while we were paying Yeah, and he’s just like where was that from? Yeah, I think he like thought that I was lying or something. Yeah, my camera died So we’re finishing on my phone but basically like he, they just would not budge and they were being like not rude But they were just being very like they were kind of being rude. They were being very blunt and very, just like no. Yeah No, we were like Can you please do 20 like I have I only have 20? Yeah we were trying to get like 10 things, like that’s a lot of things And he’s just like no no.
You don’t know what a bundle deal is, man? And he was just like yeah, he was like not not nice but yeah, we ended up having to just get rid of a bunch of stuff and We ended up I ended up with two items How many did you end up with? I have four. So we ended up having to get rid of like most of our stuff Which was a bummer but like I don’t know. We’re just trying to make you a last sale of the day But I don’t know We’ll be back.We’ll be back. They they new Oh the morale, what is the moral of the story? Bring extra cash Bring-bring Way more money than you think you’ll need. I like made myself a budget of $100 but like I spent it all And I owe Leah money.
Stay tuned for the haul, it’s gonna be amazing. One on Leah’s channel, one on mine Okay, I’ll see you guys at home


  • Jessica Neistadt

    ☆ Hi friends!! ☆ I'm currently in Kauai, Hawaii having the best time ever with husband, just having a wonderful, romantic vacation 🙂 In today's video I go on a thrifting adventure with my friend Leah at the Rose Bowl Flea Market!! I take you guys along as we hunt for home decor, cute things to wear in Hawaii, all the cool things you can find at a flea market + more! The Rose Bowl Flea Market was incredibly expansive and they had sellers selling everything and everything in between- next time I for sure want to go super early and spend all day there. 100% recommend a visit!!
    ☆ ps. let me know if you guys would want to see a more in depth part 2 to this video, where we're hopefully not in as much of a rush and I have more cash on hand hahahaha
    ☆ pps. a collective thrift haul is coming soon! With pieces from this thrifting adventure and my thrift trip from my last come thrift with me vlog. It's all filmed- it's just gotta be edited 🙂 that's all i love you guys so much and it's such a blessing to have you guys as my subscribers + viewers

  • Lyndsay Olson Fibromyalgia Warrior

    Your so lucky I wish I was in Hawaii too they have the best markets there! I miss Hawaii. I love the Hawaii dress and Disney jean jacket! I want all the Disney shirts!

  • Joyful Sunshine

    Im unsure who started the Harley Davison trend (amongst fashion divas) and denim obsession but I have to say Alexa clearly authentically loves it. She also loves Disney and I'm sort of shocked it's big for you too… like do you really like Disney stuff?! Or do you just like it because you love Alexa so much, if that's the case I cannot blame you I adore her too!? I'm just trying to decide where this all comes from because yes Harley is kinda in. Vintage denim is totally, in but Disney stuff to me definitely is a personal preference and just so suprising to see as a "trend" amongst fashion youtubers! Solve this for me who did it first you or Alexa?

  • Vanessa S.

    It’s 2am here in Trinidad & Tobago🇹🇹 I‘d legit sacrifice a lil bit of sleep to watch your vids, it feels like I’m thrifting along with you!😋

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  • mayella olvera

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  • Floralwallpaper

    I live like 5 mins away from the rose bowl flea market but I never went because I know the sellers there tend to over price everything

  • Frederica Ehimen

    The video with you & Leah was great!! That guy was a jerk, don't worry you shouldn't have bought anything seeing as though he was so uncompromising. I am sorry, you guys had to go through all of that & still couldn't get all of your stuff. ❤❤ You will be blessed to find even better finds, one day soon!

  • Urgurl Ems

    Band tees are valuable if vintage (1970-1999), hence the high price tag. if you want a band tee that is still vintage for a lower price, you’ll probably be able to find one from year 2003-2009 for around $20, but probably won’t be the cool classic graphics you are drawn to.

  • G Veronica

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  • Blonde Oddball

    I wonder about the Harley tees myself, but most of all, in every thrifting video I watch, women go absolutely crazy over denim jackets. Why is that? I'm genuinely curious what the appeal is and I have no female friends to ask. Is it just because they're denim or is it something else I'm missing?

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    I was waiting for the decor, but it was all clothes. Those head planters were cool. Would have liked to see them more closely.

  • Hana Rachel

    Those antique/ thrift markets end up swallowing between $200-$300 so be very cautious on what you buy. Because you get
    in a mini vacation daze when you're there and not always get useful things. So either you cut loose and bring $300 or set a budget ahead of time. It's a big chunk of money to spend at once.

  • Denise Oates

    That what friend are for…..Thanks to Leah for finding such a fantastic dress and for only $5 Reason why you don't find a lot of Levi's in the thrift shops, is because resale people snatch them up. T-shirt in Goodwill are usually around $2 at the most. It seem weird that they are selling at a flea market and not bargaining at all. I wonder how they got their inventory. You guys got your exercise in for the day, I am sure. Tee Hee Thanks for sharing and blessing to you in the days to come.

  • Flea Market Décor Magazine

    Hello, Flea Market Décor Magazine here! We’re putting together a weekly roundup of some of the best flea market find videos on the web. We think your work is really great, and we’d love to include a short clip from your video to share with our social media following. Of course you will be credited and a link to your YouTube channel will be included in the description, giving you more exposure. Please email us at [email protected] if you do not want to be included. Thanks!

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    Omg it kills me to watch these and see stuff i want but you don’t get and I’m like no pls I want that ok bye hahahaha

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    It sucks that the store at the end told them 1 thing on price and then just kind of disregarded it and wanted the to pay so much more. They were some really good finds.

  • Janice Hurd

    The reason why people are excited about Harley-Davidson items in the thrift store is because they are very expensive. I have several items a bandanas and socks are $18 and up
    Other items like t shirts and Button Ups can run $35 to $75 jeans can run a hundred or more dollars so that's why

  • Helena Exeni

    Literally had a similar situation happen to me years ago at a small Asian takeout place at a mall.
    I go "How much for the special?" "$3.99."
    "How much is an eggroll?"
    "What would the total be if I added an eggroll?"
    "3.99 special and one $1 eggroll…is $10?"

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