Comment bien vendre ses cadeaux sur Ebay !
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Comment bien vendre ses cadeaux sur Ebay !

Merry Christmas girls and … boys … Welcome to this new special weeks video. because it is Christmas today. I hope the holidays went well, with family or friends, that you have eaten good. You have the right, like the Body Time (Youtube channel) says “That is the only cheat meal that is worth in the whole year.” Actually I don’t know if if they really say this But it could be something that they say… So before starting this video I wanted to say to you guys to look the full video because at the end, I have a “little” surprise! And for those who are asking, I’m not in my usual decor I’m in my parent’s house, in my sister’s room to be more precise because I’m here for the Christmas break. As a said in my Vlogmas for those who are watching the Vlogmas. By the way you’re maybe also with your family or in your parent’s house. You’re maybe watching this video with your family. So, euh no, It isn’t truly dad, mom… the tittle of the video… It isn’t really that.. It’s a joke. Yes Mrs I am the youtuber that she likes to watch your daughter or son and that he or she follows the advices. That’s it, yes grandma, that is a youtuber… That’s it. Yes, I look sweet. It’s OK? They stopped watching? *sigh* OK So yeah as I said in the tittle of this video we are learning to sell the presents that we got at Christmas on eBay or somewhere else because… I don’t say that all the presents that are given to us at Christmas are shit But statistically, at least one of your presents is shit and you want to sell it. The advantages of selling your gifts is that you make money. And I think that you should make it easier for the system by giving straight money. Everybody gives money at Christmas. So, some find this “impersonal” Euh pff waw… I don’t see the problem. Otherwise if you find it really impersonal you can buy a gift card. I know that Starbuck, Monoprox, Maje make good ones. Other than, I thought about another system that would make Christmas gift a lot easier and avoid all that stuff of selling after So, It is a little complicate so I’m gonna do a diagram. Basically everyone buys a gift with a certain value. We are Ok, sometimes the same, and otherwise not the same But basically, we spend each a certain value that we can change in money. Let’s suppose that we give eachother money now as I said before. It will be even better, because we would say “How many did you gave me?” Ah 20 euros, me to. So we would swap nothing.” Or “How many did you gave me? Ah 20 euros, but I thought 15 euros so give me 5 euros and we won’t be longer in sb’s doubt.” And I imagined a kind of app for phones You got the app for making the counts, for exemple with friends when you are going on vacation or else or when each person would enter the amounts, It would be the same Basically at the moment of the dinner of Christmas, or at the moment of opening the christmas presents, No matter if it is the 24 in the evening, the 25th, or whatever Everyone would pay the amount that he wants to give at each person and the app would calculate and say how much you should give to who. For example, I know that in my family, people spend more money in gifts than me. So I imagine that with the calculations that I’ve done I could have spend nothing at Christmas, and besides, I maybe would have go home with 15 euros. And that is a considerable sum. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t exist and this year your parent’s are going to buy you the wrong iphone, Stan Smith of the wrong color or a notebook that you already have Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here, to show you how to sell your presents on eBay and to get the money back, because we are taking the money of our subscribers. So the first trick is to maximize the chances of sell your gift Don’t think only about eBay, there are other ways to sell online I think also about Leboncoin and also la petite nouvelles, the groups on facebook. But attention for wanted Keep an eye on the fact that your family members don’t belong to the group Otherwise you will completely be grilled. Next, for your advert There are some rules to respect. To show you how to do I thought that I would take an exemple That’s why I chose to take my exemplary of the book “Enjoy Marie” That I sign to you guys and that I will buy on eBay. So, now I’m putting it on eBay, I first need a good tittle. Here I’m writting “Rare book Enjoy Marie sign by Masculin singulier” What is also important is to have good pictures You have to show all the angles and details 3 good pictures is perfect Here I will take the front, the back and the inside to show the sign nicely On leboincoin and wanted, you can chose the price Next, with the buyer, you negotiate eventually On eBay, you have the choice: with buying immediately or fixed price or to make a bid. I am in favour of making a bid. But, it is personal. That’s all, I hope that it helped you! The little surprise that I kept for the end is.. I really sell my sign exemplar by me of the book “Enjoy Marie” But to the “Haters” I won’t keep the money of the selling of this book because I don’t deserve it. All the money that I will receive What I will get back from the bid 10, 20, 30, 40 euros, I don’t know will fully go to an association . And because I was thinking “Which association chose?” Because there are a lot of associations If thought “because it is a book, chose an association with a link with literature. So, all funds of the sell of the sign exemplar of the book “Enjoy Marie” will go to the fight against illiteracy. I hope you liked this video. Don’t forget to like if you liked it and comment below. All the links about what I talked before are in the description box. I wish you all a happy holiday season. A Merry Christmas. I hope that everything went well. Don’t forget to tell me want you got for Christmas. We see each other.. euh Probably next year. If you want to see the Vlogmas, they are here. If you want to see another video, it’s here. While waiting, I’m making you big kisses. I love you all very much. Kiss kiss! 🙂 Sous-titres anglais: @Alex_de_meester (insta)


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