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– [Winnie] Oh, I love that picture. – [LaToya] That is so fire!
– [Winnie] Thank you! – [LaToya] But why would
you save her picture? – [Adam] Why not– What’s wrong with that? She look good! – [LaToya] I know, but like– – [Adam] Like come on, you see them lips? – [LaToya] What do you– Woooooow! (upbeat music) – What is going on, Aunties and Uncles? I’m here with Winnie. – Auntie Wi-Wi in the house! – Auntie Wi-Wi in the cut. So, today’s gonna be a social experiment. I got an idea, I think
Winnie’s gonna be in it, right? – I’m down, what are we doing? – Alright, so you’re packing
you’re leaving soon … Well, before I get into the details, the whole experiment is we’re
gonna see how LaToya reacts when I overly compliment Winnie. Are you down for that? – I’m so down. – What do you think is gonna happen? – I really don’t have to do anything. I have no like … I’m
not gonna get beat up. If anything, you are gonna get beat up. So, I’m completely down. – And you’re leaving so
it’s like if she gets upset, well “I’m going to Italy anyway. I’m getting my shopping on.” – Well I mean I’m coming back. I come back in what, three days? – Okay …
– So, she can hold a grudge. – Okay, so yeah I’m going to overly, slightly compliment you. And let’s see how LaToya reacts. Maybe she’ll strip the
whole godmother thing. – Oh, hell no.
– Hell no. Comment below let us know how you think– – I’ll steal some (mumbles)
– LaToya is going to react. I’m gonna set this camera downstairs while you get dressed–
I mean while you pack for your trip to Italy. See you guys downstairs. Alright y’all, so for
those who have been asking why am I wearing sunglasses in the house? I woke up with pink eye. It got infected in my right
eye and then it healed. And for some reason, now
I have it on my left eye. So I’m just a hot mess right now. So, don’t mind me for wearing
sunglasses in the house. I got pink eye, you know. That’s just life with kids. LaToya is about to get back soon. She went to grab some food for Winnie, because she’s leaving
in a couple of hours– well, in an hour. So, we actually gotta record this fast and head to the airport. Yeah, comment below, let me
know what you guys think, or how LaToya’s gonna react to this video. I obviously think she’s
gonna probably be upset. But it’s kind of weird, I don’t know. She might not even care and
just like keep it moving. So yeah, I’m gonna set
this camera up right now and wish me luck. My eyes won’t get poked out
with these sunglasses on. Anyways, catch you guys in a second. – [LaToya] I’m dying. Winnie the foods here. – [Winnie] Huh? – [LaToya] The food. – [Winnie] Whoo, thank God! – [LaToya] I know, right? I’m starving, like I’m
dying, oh my God … – [Winnie] Thank you for bringing the bags down the other day. (plates clanging) – Those your passes, for the event? – [Winnie] Yeah. They got my face on them.
– [LaToya] You want food? – I’m good. – [LaToya] What do you mean you’re good? You down here? – Got it packed and ready to go? – Mmhmm. – [Winnie] Gonna get the rest of my stuff. – [LaToya] You’re leaving just now? – [Winnie] Yeah. – Let me see those passes? Are you walking? – Walking where?
– [LaToya] You want your food? – On a carpet or something? – In thing?
– [LaToya] You want your food? – My food? Yes please. – Damn, look likes it’s
a government badge. – No, I’m working for an event in Italy. And then I’m coming right back here. – [LaToya] Here, here,
right? In the house? – Yeah. – That Gala was nice, huh? – [Winnie] The Met? – [Adam] The Met, yeah.
– Yeah, it was nice. – And your dress was– – You looked like an angel.
– Thank you! – Your dress was like
real good, real nice. – Thank you! – Real, real sexy.
– Thank you. – Wait don’t you– Do you want a fork? – Yes please, thank you. Thank you, I helped
design the dress (grunts) – I love your headpiece. – The headpiece? – Mmhmm. – My … My … My– Who– Oh my stylist. – This headpiece, right now? – No (laughs) – No, you idiot. – I like the headpiece.
– The Met Gala. – It looks nice, this one.
– Thank you! – That’s for the scarf. (LaToya/Winnie laughing) – You like hers? – Good enough! That looks–She’s got a bandana going on. Tyrone could have been wearing that. (Winnie laughing) – That’s my headpiece. – Somebody named Tyrone. – Why are you packing right now? – ‘Cause my girl, I gotta
go in like 10 minutes. – You have to– I thought you were hungry. – I’m starving, but as
soon as I finish eating I need to like get out the door. Are you gonna take me to the airport? – Yeah, yeah, let me see
some of the dresses you got? – In here? – Why do you need to see her dresses? – Well yeah? (laughs)
– She’s packing her stuff. – Well, I wanna make sure that you know? It looks good for the red
carpet, if you wanna– – I don’t have any of the stuff I’m gonna be wearing but the shoes? – You are so crazy. – These are the bloody shoes.
– Whoo! – Those are cute, let me try those on. – Red bottoms. – Okay.
– They’re bloody shoes. – Do you wanna wear them, Adam? – Not really, no.
– Let me see … They are sick. – They’re nice, eh? – Mmhmm, those are nice. – Bloody shoes. – Oh my God, now I have
to get my energy up. – Now you have to what? – Get my energy up– – Did you worked out today? – No, I have to go workout. – You gonna workout today?
– Mmhmm. – I wish I was here to
workout with you … I’m just – I’m in pain, I’m so sore. – We worked out yesterday
though, not today. – When you get back, we’ll go workout. – Are you gonna train me?
– Mmhmm. Finally … Finally… Hold on, let me go find
the stuff from upstairs. – Why you ask her to see
her dresses and stuff? – I don’t know, just wanna make sure that she looks proper for the event. – What are you talking about? – Why? – Why does it matter to you? – ‘Cause I just wanna make sure, you know? She kills it! – Okay … – Groupie, how am I a groupie? – You’re acting like (mimicking Adam) – You mad? You want me to– – This bag and then this is for us to pop when I get back this (mumbles). – When you get back?
– Heyyy! – Yeah. – Lawd, why can’t we pop it now?! – We can, I’m down, okay. I’m super down. I’m gonna go get this here. – That walk, can you do that walk again? – What walk? The runway walk? – Adam, you’re so (mumbles). (Winnie laughing) – Well, I’m not around
models all the time. (LaToya/Winnie laughing) – I’m not around models all the time, so I don’t get to see her modeling. – You always see Winnie walk. – The runway walk? – Really, are those ever televised? – My walks? – Mmhmm.
– Yeah, sometimes … What? – Nothing, you are acting really weird. – How? – You wanna see her walk,
you wanna see her dresses, it’s like– Are you her stylist? Do you wanna be her manager or something? – Or my baby daddy? (laughs)
– What? – I mean he is if your name is Tyrone. (Winnie laughing) – What, I’m her baby daddy? – Yeah. – Damn. – Oh my God!
– Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry. Let me do it … – Thank you. – I got you (grunts) Thank you guys–
– I got some of this salad– You’re welcome.
– For dinner, quick dinner. I shouldn’t even be
eating, I’m gonna put on some loads of weight
from this saucy chicken. – It’s so good though.
– I should eat this salad. – You need some protein. – That’s true … That’s good.
– Are you gonna get food? – No, I’m good. I saved this picture of you the other day, oh my goodness! – Of me or LaToya? – You! You look really good in it. – Which picture?
– Which picture? (LaToya/Winnie laughing) – What picture? – Do you have something for Winnie? – Nah. – You have something for two sisters? – Sister wives. (LaToya/Winnie laughing) – He’s staring at the picture– – Last night, I went to go take a shower and you guys showered and
you guys were already in bed. – I was like–
– Yeah. – “Ya’ll trying to invite me or something? Y’all came from downstairs to upstairs.” And I’m like (laughs) and as
soon as I went to the shower– – That was Adam. (Winnie laughing) – Adam? Yeah this picture right here, I saved it. – Oh, I love that picture. – That is so fire!
– Thank you! – But why would you save her picture? – Why not– What’s wrong with that? She look good! – I know, but like- – Like come on you see them lips? – What do you– Woooooow! (laughs) – What? Anna says “Spicy, hot tamale.” (LaToya giggling) – Is that on Facebook?
– Wow! (Winnie laughing) – Thank you! – Of course! – You’re overdoing it now Adam. – With? – Well, with these weird
compliments, is this a joke? – How it is– What? It’s just a compliment, it’s nothing. You’re my baby. – What? You’re weird, you are so thirsty. – How am I thirsty? – You’re thirsty. – It is a compliment. – It’s just a compliment. – So, if I were to compliment
somebody like that, your brother, ’cause I look
at Winnie like a sister. You wouldn’t feel offended? Disrespected? – I mean, if you wanna call
up my brother, go ahead. – Then, maybe you should
grow your hair out more to look more like your brother,
because he’s cuter anyway. – Okay.
– Okay. – Those days are gone, I
used to have long hair. – Yep, the reason why you need them back. You can serve yourself. – All good. I’ll just eat whenever Winnie leaves. Her leftovers, I’ll just eat it. – You probably would the way
you’re acting so damn thirsty. (mumbles) such a thirst bucket. That is how you feel? – Why you look at me like that? With so much disgust? – ‘Cause you’re disgusting, you’re a pig. – I’m a pig but I didn’t do nothing. – Yeah, but your complimenting her, like you’re overdoing it. Talking about sexy, okay, I know! – Okay she’s right there. – I don’t care! – Winnie you tell her to– – You don’t think he’s acting weird? – [Winnie] I don’t know. – How would you feel in this situation if your husband was
complimenting me like this? Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable? – We had no issue when she
called me baby daddy, so what’s– – I know, but that’s just a joke. Like we’re sisters and
you’re over here acting like a thirsty ass dude. You’re thirsty as …
– Whoop! – [Winnie] You think he’s
being for real though? – Huh? – [Winnie] You think he’s
being for real though? – But why is he acting like that? It’s weird to me. – [Winnie] It’s okay we’re all– We’re sister wives here, it’s okay. It’s okay my sister wife. (laughs) – Don’t entertain all
that, that’s not right. – My sister wife. (laughs) – You’re waste. – Did you just hit him? – Adam’s wish, mmhmm. – Did she just hit you? – Nah, she missed.
– Oh … (giggles) – I’ll throw a fork at you.
– Oh, come on. – [Winnie] That could have
stabbed him in his eye, LaToya. – LaToya, at least she cares for me. – You’re thirsty. – I do want some water, yeah.
– Want water? – Winnie, could you grab
me some water please? That’s so sweet, thanks. – [Winnie] Do you want ice?
– Give me back my fork. – Oh, you want your fork back? Why don’t you–
– I’ll take Winnie’s. (Winnie singing) – I don’t need ice, thank you. – [Winnie] No ice? – That’s so nice. – Why you acting like that? – That’s nice that she’s
getting me a water. – Can I have it? – No– What are you doing? – Can I have the water? (vengeful music) (Adam/Winnie laughing) – Quench your thirst, bitch! “Winnie, would you get me a towel please?” (mimicking Adam) – Freaking thirsty … (Adam/Winnie/LaToya laughing) – Yo, just chill, it’s
a freaking prank, man. – Oh my God! I knew that
he was were acting weird! – Oh my God! (Winnie/LaToya laughing) I actually felt so uncomfortable
saying all those things. And that’s why I kept delaying it ’cause I couldn’t go back and forth. I just kept– – And it wasn’t even real, if you did see what you did– (laughs) – Oh my God! – He was like suddenly
complimenting you and I’m like– – I was– (Winnie laughing) – I was– – Oh my gosh, she just got
you back for the orange juice. You just got him back
for the orange juice. – I’ve been setting him. – Oh my goodness … – You look like you pissed yourself. – Oh my God, it looks like
you pee’d yourself for real. Oh my God–
– That was probably the most– – When you called her sexy–
– Okay, let me get the camera. – I can’t believe this. – I felt so uncomfortable
saying those things. And I’m like … I just felt like– – You saying I’m ugly Adam? – [Adam] Why, what are
you talking about when? – (laughs) You saying
I’m ugly or something? What, what’s good? – This is my sister, okay? Don’t you ever! – That’s hilarious. That was actually the scariest thing. And you guys see him? I chose to sit beside her–
In my head I was like, “Hopefully, she goes
for him and not for me.” – No, I would never go
for you, like you … (upbeat music)

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