Content Marketing for eCommerce Businesses
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Content Marketing for eCommerce Businesses

Hi, my name is Robert Kilonzo and I’m with
OSI Affiliate Software. In this short video I’m going to show you how you can achieve
your business goals by using content marketing. And the only way to do it right is by fast
starting with a strong foundation. That will always lead you in the right way, even if
you get off track. If you build upon this foundation that I’m going to show you, it’s
going to yield you better results for your content marketing efforts and for your business.
First off: what is content marketing? Content marketing is a marketing strategy where you
create and produce information with the goals of getting more traffic, getting more sales,
by building trust among your ideal customers. I’m sure you’re asking yourself: why do
I have to build trust? The main reason you are going to build trust among your ideal
customers is because you want to form relationships with them and create a community of people
who feel loyal to you and your brand. Now that we know what content marketing is,
it’s time to find out how you can actually build the strong foundation I was talking
about. I came up with a quick, easy, mnemonic formula that you can use to remember the foundation.
And the three pillars, or the three letters I want you to remember are G.A.P. Again, the
mnemonic is G.A.P. or you can just say GAP. And the G stands for goals, the A stands for
audience, and the P stands for planning. So when you’re creating your content marketing
foundation, those are the three pillars you want to lay down for the foundation.
Goals, G for goals, what are your goals? What are you trying to achieve with your content
marketing? Are you trying to get more traffic to your blog? To your website? Are you trying
to collect emails from your website visitors and customers? By defining what your goals
are and why you’re creating the content, you can actually set your objectives and then
focus your efforts to create content that achieves those goals and objectives.
A, audience, target audience. So, who do you want to read your content? You need to know
who your customer is and then create the content they want and need. How can you learn who
your customer is? One way is by creating a customer persona. However, this method always
gives you more of a blurry idea of who your customer really is. But to really find out
who your customer is, you need to talk to them, you need to engage them, use dialogue,
create surveys, pick up the phone and talk to them. The more you talk to your customers,
the better you learn who they are and how you can meet their needs.
P, planning. In order to have a successful content marketing plan, and content marketing
strategy, you have to have a plan. You need to create a plan. And the plan would help
you focus your energy and ensure you’re making the important decisions about how you
structure and manage your content marketing efforts. It’s really going to be guiding
your whole content creation and I’ve come up with a simple planning document for you
that you can download and use and you can get it from the links below or in the description.
But in this content marketing plan that you come up with, you want to set up your, the
types of content you are going to be coming up with, the traffic channels you’re going
to be using to promote that content, promote your website. You also need to set up to add
a results column so they can see okay, how many, what is the reach I had? What is the
conversion and engagement I get from that content? So, really this is actually a big
factor of how successful your content marketing is, is by creating a plan.
Now that you know the three pillars that you need for your content marketing, G.A.P., again
the mnemonic is G.A.P., goals, audience, planning, it’s time for you to act. It’s time for
you to come up with your plan, search your objectives, search your goals, find out who
your customers are, and then you can get more customers for your business.
For more detailed explanations on content marketing and other online marketing strategies,
that you can use to grow your business, check out our website,

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