Conversion Rate Optimization – 8 Tips for Success
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Conversion Rate Optimization – 8 Tips for Success

– Do you want you website to convert more traffic into leads,
sales, and customers? Well, in this video, we’re
gonna unpack eight tips to help you increase your
website’s conversion rate. Hi, I’m JB with Marketing 360. And we help small businesses
grow with our marketing and design, talent technology, through our number one marketing
platform Marketing 360. We call marketing and
design, MAD, and we love MAD, and hopefully, these videos, will help you fall in love with MAD too. So, make sure to follow
us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your
business, and fuel your brand. So, why is conversion rate
optimization so important? Well, anybody can build a website, right? But not everybody has
a website that actually produces the highest amount of sales, regeneration of customers as possible. Your website’s your best salesperson. It works 24/7, it never calls in sick, it works through all the holidays, it has your perfect sales
pitch every single time. So, the key is to make
sure that your website is converting all of it’s
traffic at the highest rate, and there’s eight tips to help you do that and I’m gonna break those down right now. Tip number one, does you website pass the
two and a half second rule? Studies how that when
somebody clicks to a website, they give you about two and a half seconds before hitting the back button if they don’t find what
they’re looking for. So, the key is that within
two and a half seconds, you have to make it
very clear who you are, how to contact you, what you do, and how to move to the next
step, it has to pass that test. So, try this out, take a
quick look at your website, have your desk mates take a
quick look at your website, maybe the members of your family, and see if they can come up
with that answer, that quick. If they can, then you’ve
just checked off that box. Tip number two, would you pick you? Try this, go to Google,
search for you competitors, click on their website real quick, click through five, six,
seven, maybe ten or more of your competitors
websites and look at them. And then look at your own
and be honest with yourself, do you look the best? Would you pick you? Because your customers are
doing that same process when they’re researching who
they need to do business with and they’re gonna really dwindle it down to the top two or three and that’s gonna come down to design. So, if you’re not in that mix, you’re missing out on conversions and that’s an area that
you can tighten up. Number three, less is more. Keep your design smooth and simple. Don’t give somebody a
title wave of content as soon as they go on your page, this is gonna cause them
to hit the back button. What you wanna do is
summarize into your wow lines, just one quick sentence, your wow line, which is what makes you different, basically what you do and why somebody should
really go with you. Tighten it up, don’t get too wordy. The more wordy you are, the
more people leave your site and kill your conversion rate. Tip number four, have
smooth, easy navigation and a clear thought out conversion funnel. When somebody comes onto your website and lands on your page, they really need to be able to understand how to get where they wanna go. If that’s difficult,
you’re gonna lose them. So, they need to know where to go, and then think out that
conversion funnel process. They’re gonna come in on my home page, then they’re gonna go to this page, then they’re gonna go to that page. Think that experience out, so that you are strong
all the way through. Its a clear path to conversion. If you have a clear path to conversion, you’re gonna have a
higher conversion rate. Tip number five, websites
with high conversion rates, also have high trust. People aren’t gonna convert,
if they don’t trust you, so make sure you have trust badges, you highlight some of your awards maybe some achievements that you’ve had, maybe how many years
you’ve been in business, what’s your experience is like. And also, show some of your reviews. By showing them the reviews on your site, it’s preventing them from feeling like they need to go off of your
site to find reviews elsewhere. So, by showing those things
throughout your site, it’s giving them the
confidence that they need, the trust that they need to convert. Tip number 6, test and check
your site on mobile, right? So many business owners
get caught up at work looking at their site on the
desktop and it looks amazing, but their failing to really
check it on the mobile phone. Check it on the mobile phone,
check it on multiple devices, make sure it loads well, looks good. Make sure that your call to
actions are above the fold, meaning that when somebody
loads your home page, they don’t need to scroll
down to see that information it should be there right away. Cause if it’s not, you’re failing on the two
and a half second rule, and you’re losing out on conversions. Tip number seven,
multichannel retargeting. 97% of your traffic’s not
typically gonna convert the first time it comes to your site, this doesn’t mean that it’s bad traffic, it just means they’re in research mode, they’re not ready to convert right now. So, by retargeting those people
across multiple channels, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, they’re seeing you and
you’re staying top of mind. This is ranking space in their mind, so when they are ready to convert, they come back to your
website and they do convert and that’s gonna increase
your overall conversion rate as time goes by. Tip number eight, strong ad copy, both paid and organic is key
to a high conversion rate. If you have people coming to your site that really shouldn’t
be coming to your site, that’s gonna make your
conversion rate look bad, right? So, you want traffic coming to your site that’s very targeted, that
wants what you provide. And so, by having clear ad copy as to what the user’s gonna get, whether it’s through a paid ad or an organic listing on a search engines like Google or even
like a post on Facebook, you’re gonna wanna make sure
that that’s very targeted, so that when they click
that and go to your site, it’s the same information
that they just were seeing, that there’s a connection there, and you’re not gonna lose them. If you’re putting up
information, social media posts, things that are not
relevant to your business, and that traffic’s coming to your site, it’s not gonna convert, it’s gonna hurt your conversion rate. So, hopefully, this video helps you understand the eight tips to increase your overall conversion rate, maybe you can take a couple
of those back to the bank and cash that in on your website, improve your overall conversion rate. Make sure to like the
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