Convert WordPress to a mobile app in 5 Minutes with WordApp
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Convert WordPress to a mobile app in 5 Minutes with WordApp

– So you want to build
yourself a mobile app? Well we’re going to be doing
it in under five minutes. Hi, my name’s Dave from Today we’re gonna be looking at how to build a mobile app from your WordPress website using WordApp. So let’s get started. So as you can see I’ve set up a very quick little website here with some blog posts, all
just dummy data, and a shop, and I’m gonna show you how build an app within a couple of minutes with this. Right, okay, so I’ve
got my timer ready here. We’ve got four minutes and 58
seconds to build a mobile app. So let’s get started. But first of all what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna log into our wp-admin. We’re gonna go to Plugins,
we’re gonna go Add New, I’m gonna type wordapp here, and then for time’s sake,
I’ve already actually pressed Install, but now
I’m just gonna activate the WordApp plugin. You’re gonna be taken to
our three-step install, where you’re gonna have
to give your app a name, I’m just gonna call it MyApp. I’m gonna click Next. It’s gonna ask if you think
your site is reponsive or not. The best way to work it out
is to go to the website, and if you can see it
on your mobile device, and it’s working fine, just press Yes. Enter your email address here. Whether you would like
to go do the mobile app and the mobile website
or just the app only. Receive updates, that’s just in case we get any updates of any critical updates,
feature updates et cetera from WordApp, and then
we’re gonna click Submit. And that’s gonna take us
to the WordApp home page. So here you’ll be able to see the video, which we’re just doing at the moment. You’re gonna get a little
bit more information about WordApp, and we’re gonna go to here in the corner, AppBuilder. So as you can see, from my actual website, which we had earlier, we’ve
made a very simple app here, with a list of all the news. We’re gonna customize that a bit, we’re gonna give it a red header, we’re gonna upload a logo. I’ve got a BBC News logo
here we’re gonna use. And then we’re gonna
leave this as the custom, and then we’re gonna keep the same theme. So we press Save. Okay, that’s starting
to look better already. And we’re gonna go through to
the menus and the bars here, we’re gonna attach a bar to the bottom, and to the side, top just in case, press Save, save. That’s gonna attach us a
menu down the bottom here. And then we’re gonna go add some icons, so we’re gonna go home icon here, a shopping cart, forum, maybe a pencil, contact us has a contact us form, so we’re gonna go contact, we’re gonna go with email maybe, envelope, there we go. We save that now. So there you go, you have
a very nice bottom bar. Also up here you’ll be
able to click the bar and the sidebar will
fly out from the side. You can also change that
icon color up the top there, we’re gonna go back here
and click here and go white, I’m just gonna change
the color of the icons to white so you can see them better. Perfect, so now you can see you have a reasonable app with all the latest news, which is quite a nice looking app. We’re gonna also now, I can
just literally click here and we can open maybe
the shop from default just so I can show you what
a shop app might look like if you’ve got WooCommerce installed or any other shop plugin. As you can see you have
all of your items here. Very, very simple, just literally clicking
a button and it will open that page instead. I’m gonna go back to the default before to continue with this app. So I have a couple of seconds left and then I’m gonna upload
very quickly the app icon, and the splash screen. Okay, click App Icon. Choose the app icon that I uploaded, it’s 512 x 512. The splash screen here, we’re gonna click Save here. And we’re gonna go click here Publish App. We’re gonna fill out
the email address here and press Publish by App. And wait up,
(alarm beeps) and there you go. As you probably heard the
alarm just a second ago. So very, very quickly,
all you have to do is click your Publish your Android App here, and you will receive the app by email. That was how to build
this very, very quick app in less than five minutes. I hope you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to subscribe if you want
more videos about WordPress, mobile marketing, and
marketing in general. And we have also got our
WordApp plugin for free that you can download for free here. I hope you all have a great day and I look forward to helping
you build your mobile app. See you soon, bye.


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