Create Electronic Store Desing Tutorial Part-2
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Create Electronic Store Desing Tutorial Part-2

In this video we are creating slider to our website. we will take three division tag with the class name slider, slides and slide. add three product images to slide. constant division tag is use to display information of your product. in section two make css classes. rename slide2 into slide1 and slide3 into slide1 now take script tag to execute slide effect to your division tag and make your website looks professional. set interval function is use to execute continues task. we will take count===4 because we are moving slides 4 times. because we insert three images to slide and when function will move to forth slide it will remove margin to zero. 4000 means 4s seconds delay. you can download source code in last part of this video. if you have any question please ask me. we will continue this website in next part of this video. continue…..


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