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CRM Software Overview – Marketing 360®

(growing upbeat music) – The CRM is a customer
relationship manager. It allows you to take the information from any customer that’s worked with you or has provided their information to you and track everything. – The reason businesses
need to use the CRM of some sort is because they
need to follow up with leads. They need to make sure, is everybody coming in the
door being taken care of? Are they being taken care of right away? Are they people that we
can turn into customers? And beyond that, are they happy customers? And beyond that, are
they return customers? You don’t want just any
CRM working for that. You need something that
integrates with your marketing, that pulls in every
channel, all types of leads. – If you utilize a CRM, you’re just gonna naturally sell better. Staying organized is an important
part in any sales process and the CRM really helps you
stay organized, up to date, so you don’t lose any business through the cracks with
just lack of follow up. – With the CRM you can add contacts, you can customize them to
how you run your business. You can build email lists which enable you to follow
up with people frequently to make sure that you stay top of mind.=Our CRM is meant to help you build better relationships with your customers. We know that the number one thing whenever someone engages with you is their experience as a customer, whether it be on your website
or just with your employees. So what we want to do
is give your employees the best tools and information to build the most solid relationship with your customer base. – I would say you have to use a CRM. I’ve talked to so many business owners that are trying to manage their customers through Excel spreadsheets
and things like that. And everybody I’ve ever
talked to or worked with that could use our CRM just loved it and loved how easy it was to use. – The benefit of using
our CRM versus other CRMs is ours fully integrates in with your Marketing 360 software. With that you work hand in
hand with a CRM advisor. They’ll walk you through the dashboard and explain where everything’s located. You’ll be able to contact them 24/7 if you have any questions. – We’ll help you with that
entire set up process. So, our CRM is completely customizable to fit whatever industry you’re in and I know that when you say that, it can be kinda intimidating because that means that
you have to customize it however you want to but
that’s what we’re here for. That’s literally our job, is
to help assist in that process, so you know we can go
through as many phone calls, screen shares, anything that you’ll need to make sure that you’re
comfortable using the CRM and it is completely
tailored to help you on it and what makes sense to
you and your business. – You spend a lot of time
and money driving customers to your business, getting new leads, reaching out to these people and it would be an absolute shame if you wrote everything
down on a yellow note pad and you lost it, didn’t
reach out, didn’t follow up. Marketing is an investment. It takes time and money. So you need to focus on
the leads and consumers that you have so you can generate
the most income from them and provide them with the
greatest experience possible. – The CRM is incredibly
important for email marketing because what we want to do if
you are an e-commerce client is shoot an email out
immediately for a review and a follow up with your customers. And for a local business, after
you do business with them, maybe sent them a coupon or a loss leader, that way you can get
business the second time and form a relationship
for life is the goal. – You don’t have the time to go through six different
platforms as a small business. You need to have everything at
your finger tips right away.

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