CS-Cart Shopping Cart. Features: Storefronts
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CS-Cart Shopping Cart. Features: Storefronts

Hello and welcome to a new CS-Cart
video tutorial. CS-Cart allows you to set up a store with one or
more storefronts, each on its own unique domain. A storefront is a customer area with the
set of products and is basically a full-fledge store.
Storefronts come in handy if you want to have separate stores with specific content and be able to
manage them by the same admin panel. For example, if
you deal with the different types of customers, such as retail and wholesale customers
from different locations, or different types of products, having
separate storefronts is the best option. So, to add a
storefront log into your admin panel and go to Administration, Stores. Don’t get confused about the menu type since a storefront basically is a
full-fledged store we called this many entries stores. So, on this page you can see your stores.
By default CS-Cart carries one store. My existing
store is called Lucky Merchants. As an example let’s create a new storefront for French customers and customize it up to that. To start with pick the plus icon. After that, fill in the fields. Note that here
you can also clone your existing storefront’s data. Pay attention to the storefront URL, in my
case the new storefront will be accessible by
the subfolder but it also can be placed on an entirely different domain. For more information on how to configure storefronts on your server properly please refer to the
following page of our knowledge base. Moving on switch to the Regions Tab and add France to the Countries list. When you’ve finished press Create and close.
After that you have to edit the already existing storefront.
First of all, pay attention to this corner, make sure you are now making
changes on all stores, so-called root admin, and not a
particular storefront. So, in our case to differentiate between
our new branched storefront and the existing one
we need to add some English speaking countries in
the countries list of the regions tab.
Pay attention to the global entry point which will let your customers choose to
which storefront they want to proceed.
So, let’s see our new storefront. Here it is. Store France can be tweaked
separately including the design.
Let’s customize this storefront a bit. Not only are the storefronts managed by
the same admin panel they can even share each
other’s data. For example, you can share products.
The same product can have a different price, description,
and other details on different storefronts. You can also share product features, banners,
and more. All in all a storefront is a very flexible and powerful tool, especially marketing wise.
Having several storefronts helps you turned your visitors to
customers. Well, that’s it for today.
We will be happy to answer your questions in the comment section below, on Facebook,
and Twitter. Thanks for watching.

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  • King Chapp

    Hello cs cart. does each store front need to have there own URL created by the owners. Or the URL will have to be created by the admin

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