CSUDH #SocialMedia Strategies: Meet Instructor Catherine Clinch
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CSUDH #SocialMedia Strategies: Meet Instructor Catherine Clinch

Everybody thinks they know how social media
works because they can buy a t-shirt, get a date — maybe not a good one — but they
can get a date, and they can show you what they had for breakfast this morning.
The question is: do you know how to use social media to build a business, to establish your brand,
or to find customers, or to retain customers? That’s what we talk about in JMX 901-905:
Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing. We live in an age where technology is ubiquitous…
it’s everywhere. Everybody has a cell phone. People who don’t have electricity have cell
phones and solar chargers. So the question is: How do you reach them?
How do you craft the message? This class concentrates on content: creating
content that people will emotionally engage with. You can have 15,000 followers, and only
two likes… that’s not engagement. It’s not about “spray-and-pray” and hope you reach
everybody. It’s about finding the targeted audience you need to reach, and crafting your
message in a way that will help them fall in love with who you are and what you do. This class is devoted entirely to understanding
the psychology of what makes some content go viral, while other content lingers. It will
show you the tools that are easy to use and easy to find, and mostly free! And it’ll show
you how to use them to create content that’s going to make you look like a professional
graphic designer, without having to go through all that Photoshop-y stuff . So come join us at JMX 901 through 905. You’re
going to come out of it with a certificate that will matter to employers, and you’re
going to understand how to have the power of social media in the grasp of your hands!

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