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Okay. So, hi there. Yep. You got something that… Oh, Annika! No. That’s not funny. Okay you’re spraying something on your… You got some goop. What is it about your fingernails? They’re like talons. Uh, okay. Now you’re putting more, you’re putting tan stuff, you’re spraying stuff on your.. No, you’re rubbing stuff on your face. Rubbing stuff fast on your face. To do what? Who knows? Okay. Look, more tan things! Now you’re covering up your chin and you’re painting yourself. You look like an Apache, kind of, uh, no. Ahhhh…… [sigh] Okay, So, well, we have little square things of different colors of brown, lots of brown. And tan. There’s another square of tan, and you’re painting it on your eyebrows…eyelids. Your eyelids are covered when you open your… Wait. You already did that. You’re doing more of it? No. It hurts… It’s gold. What? Did you? Not the f-word. You know how I feel about that. What? Okay. So now you’re giving yourself Catwoman eyes. Well, it’s a little early for Halloween! [sigh] Alright. And now it’s a, um, uh, What? You’re putting little metal things on your face because you want to look like Cleopatra. Crying. Now you’re drawing your eyes. It’s very important to draw your eyebrows. Yep. You’ve got eyebrows. I don’t know what that is. Does anybody know? NARS. What’s NARS? Yeah. So we’re brushing things, see? And you gotta squnch up your mouth
when you brush things because you just do. Out-of-focus is good. Yeah, more things to brush on your face. This is a round thing. Before, you had a
square thing. Now you have a round thing. More round things. It’s various shades of tan. You have lots of tan. That… Now a black thing… Oh, lipstick! Okay. You don’t need lipstick. What are you putting on lipstick for? Wait, what’s with the finger, what? Okay, you’re pretty. But you don’t need that thing under your eyes. Bye.


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