Day in the Life of an Amazon FBA Reseller – How to Make a Living Selling Online
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Day in the Life of an Amazon FBA Reseller – How to Make a Living Selling Online

What’s up guys, I know it’s a little
late but I want to show you guys a sale that I was just looking at that we made
that can make you guys some money. So here it is, Industrial Automation
Circuit Design and Components, we sold it for $169.95. Looking at the SKU in the beginning you
see, KPA that means that I sourced this book using, looking in
the daily drops for the books. You can also see in the price, we
listed this May 21st of last year (2015) and that we paid $57 and
we sold it for $170. Sell for $170, payout $141
minus $57, profit $84. 147%. The rank on this book is kind of high
and I wouldn’t really recommend it but if you’re more risk
tolerant than I am, you can grab that good for $44 and
since now there’s only two offers, since mine is sold, Amazon and this
other one sell it for like $140, $120. Some of the unprocessed books that we
have. I mean these are all keepers, we just haven’t got to
listing all these yet. Posted a Facebook ad in some yard sale
groups in my area that I buy books and I got a contact
from a liquidator… from an estate liquidator and probate
guy and I had a lot of books, some are old first edition. I made a partnership with him
to sell the books for him and split the profit 50/50 so…
[Luna] Hi [Reezy] going forward this
is going to be a good deal. The Q5 is straight packed
son, straight packed. Whole truckload of books for
free because I’ve partnered with an estate liquidator.
Pro tip – partnerships. Yeah we do CDs too, I’ll take a
big-ass bag of CDs, hell yeah. [Luna] I’m Batman. [Reezy] All I do is get money, money.
That’s how I do, for real though. Ain’t got time for nothing else. Apparently, they’re going to actually
have to give this away for free. They try to let him go, he ain’t going. So I started today out with no
books and now I got mo’ books. Now I’m going to thrift in mo’ books. So here’s a killer score. This is going
to be $3, it’s sealed. The ranking books is 2.5 million but if you
check the camel, it does sell and used goes for $8. The merchant fulfilled new is
like $200 and there’s no FBA so you never know man. I’m
going to put it for $200. Buy for $2.50, going for $20. This one’s a little heavy, it’s going
to cost $2, that’s going to go for a little over $10, $11 maybe $12. This actually has a higher rank, self
fulfilled value $8 but there’s no FBA offer so this one’s going
to go, interesting topic. So if I remember correct this one’s
worth a little over $10 as well, it’s going to cost a $1. This is only going to cost 50 cents and
it’s going to go in my car because I’m going to bump that,
you know the jams. Oh man, I’m so stoked to find these.
These are going to be $3.50 each and they sell for $30 on Amazon,
the rank is 87,000 in health. So if you don’t know about adult
diapers in those types of products and the value, I highly
suggest you educate yourself. Pretty, pretty princess Cinderella
Edition Disney, never seen this. My daughter loves this game, she
probably won’t even let me sell this but if you did, it’s going
to go for $25. Cost $2.50 goes for $25-$30. I’m totally not
going to be able to sell this. Pro tip – most people don’t know this
but you can sell remotes on Amazon FBA, eBay, whatever and you can get
them for like $1 at thrift stores. All these remotes are like $1-$2,
a lot of these go for like $25 and upwards FBA – knowledge. I would totally buy this cup for my
collection for $1 but I can’t bring myself to do it because Lars
is such a dickhead, sorry. I’m hitting that thrift store,
spent $25 with that $200 book and the $120 diapers, easily at
$320 like $360 altogether. Do yourself a favour and follow
Chris Green on snapchat, his username is Locomodem.
Get with the program. Hey do yourself a favour and go follow
my boy, Dusei, quit playing yourselves and follow the kid. Luna can I tell you something?
[Luna] Yeah [Reezy] I think we’re going
to go to Toys R Us to source. (Luna’s excited) The hustle don’t stop, after I saw
Chris Green’s bolo post, I had to run out to Toys R Us and check it out,
you know how we do. See how it goes. They don’t want me to scan
battleship but I’m going to. Just started looking around on the
Legos picked these up on clearance for $10 and they go for $40 and I got
like 12 of them or something. 50% on already, marked 50%, so these
things are we’re getting them for $27-$30 in a range. They
sell for $75 to $140. Whip is loaded up again,
apparently I’m $50. [Luna] We’re at Marshall’s and we’re
still at Marshall’s. We cannot notice… we just went there for $50 but
we didn’t get anything so yeah. [Reezy] Sorry the warehouse is super
messy. We got a computer over there. We got the long sorting table
with the shipment ready to go out and the other computer. Having two computers is
super important, that way when one goes wrong, your workers can
still work and they don’t have to worry about the computer. Thanks for watching guys, thumbs up if
you liked it, comment down below and please add subscribe my channel if you
want to see some new amazing videos. Peace.


  • Smith Lopez

    This was re enjoyable and I learned something. Really love the way you included your daughter in the video. Please keep them coming. And may the source be with you.

  • fezgirly girl

    thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I just started fba books a couple of weeks ago and love to learn about new stuff to source..your daughter is adorable!!

  • Joe Diltz

    You are the man…thank you for being so kind to share your tips and tricks. Now I need to get out and turn some tricks. Since it is so late, I need to find some spro…

  • Jim Pickins

    keeping track of every item that sells from that liquidator is going to be a nightmare. ive thought of partnering with libraries to do that. no matter what i come up with, it always seems like more hassle than its worth. if you come up with a way to manage that, i'm interested to hear it. a lot of people just have no idea how online selling works. they always expect more money than is realistic, and seem to think everything is going to sell 'now'.

  • Allen JR

    How many employees do you have and does everything get listed on Amazon or do you dabble in eBay as well? Thank you

  • Donna Morrow

    I found your video while researching Zen Arbitrage. Tell your daughter that Donna on Youtube said, "Hi Big Girl!" 🙂

  • ponipate Drodrolagi

    I like your videos and I have been watching a few of them. How do I join you doing the same thing and where can I sell these books for profit too.

  • Mark H

    Hi Reezy, Thank You so much for all your help getting started in my resell carreer! Would you please post a link on YouTube to the new affordable bluetooth scanner you mentioned? I looked on Instagram and didn't see it. Thanks!

  • Mandi De La

    Lessons In This Video #1. Buy Books #2. Adult Diapers Cash Monayy #3. Bump Dat Hercules #4. Remotes Cash Monay #5. Luna is my spirit animal #6. once again disney sells #7. legos sell #8. Reezy is $50 bucks

  • Matt Wasson

    Hey Rezzy! Just found you the other day through Gary V. Do you have a video on what you did to first get started in the biz/on Amazon? It's a little overwhelming for a newb, but I'm ready to hustle. A video detailing what to do to get started would be a blessing. After watching your videos, I trust your advice. Thank you!

  • ChiTown Bulls

    Hey, awesome account. When I am trying to get into toys for RA, I need to apply of course. It needs a picture of a recipt and a cpc. how do i acquire a cpc or what even is it? thanks. also, how do you sell all of those restricted brands?

  • D-Villain

    HEY reezy, How do you get the crayon marks off of book covers? Any tips on how to clean up without damaging cover?

  • Bryce M

    reezy resells rank is affected by merchant aswell. so if a book doesnt get many fba sellers wouldnt it make the rank go up? more sales come from fba correct?

  • Sean Petterson

    Let me ask what is your feedback score. Because I would think your feedback would be higher then others to garrentee first sale

  • CyberScrap youpul

    Hope my tools listed in my channel will helpful a lot for amazon, ebay , walmart Sellers and drop shippers. Key is listing thousands of item, but how.. with scraping. Data scraping will and syncing info along with up to data data, you can maintain a big virtual store. my customize software tools will help to run smoothly… drop me a message when free

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