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(Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. Good sh… Rezzy Resells. You see that?
That’s hustle. (music) What’s up guys, I’m about to head
into a Goodwill and get some books. Real quick before we go in, I’m
going to give you guys a brief peek at the tools that I’m using, their
super tangled up hold on a second. First of all, you’re
going to need a scanner. A way to identify the books that are
worth money from the ones that aren’t. The app that I recommend is FBA scan. Now this is going to let you scan the
items and give you the price on Amazon, the current price. This
app has database mode and live so it can work in areas
that do not have cellular signal. The second item that you’re going to
want to get is a wireless Bluetooth, I think that’s redundant. A Bluetooth
scanner, a small one like this. The one that I prefer is the Opticon
2002, also I think the 2006 can be used but they’re a little expensive so
there’s a cheaper alternative. The KoamTac KDC 200, I believe
it’s called maybe KDI. I’ll put it in the description but it’s
very useful, I love this one a lot. The button is really nice and pro tip
put some velcro on the back of it and then also have some velcro
on the back of your phone case and that will allow you to do
one-handed scanning very easily like that you can just
have it on there. Super awesome backup battery, you’re
going to want to have a backup battery in case you run out of juice
you’re going to need it. Going to need that, you don’t
have to use a Mophie one but these ones are really reliable. I find that the generic ones lose their
charge pretty quickly over time. Some headphones, the more
tangled up, the better. Just kidding and if you are
using triggers by triggers these are going to be audio alerts and
visual alerts that tell you what to buy. So this just helps you be
a little bit more quiet and not bother people or
draw attention to yourself. Also just really great to
have headphones in because people will not bother you. They just..
they know you’re listening to music so they’re not going to bother you and
it’s amazing because in this business, you always get bothered
while you’re working. Come with me guys,
let’s get some profit. (music) Time for me to leave, this is
what the haul is looking like. Started doing too much
filming while I was in here. It’s pretty difficult to film while
you’re scanning in a private place like this and a lot of times
customers don’t appreciate it, so you got to keep it
low, low extra low key. What’s up guys, we just finished, I just finished about an hour of
sourcing books in that Goodwill store. We produced this box of books that
cost me $74, it’s about 30-35 books. I’m going to go over it in much
more detail when I get home. What’s up guys, I’m going to run through
these books I’m going to show you exactly what I saw when I was scanning
them. This is the screen for FBA scan. This app is available for Android and
iPhone, I’m using it on an iPhone. I haven’t scanned anything yet so all
the little data points are blank but what I’m going to do real
quick is going to the settings and show you guys the
screen annotation. So you know a little bit what some of
this means. So take a look at that, pause the video whatever
you want to do, I will… I’m going to make a video actually just
going over this in depth probably. I figured you should check
this out before we go. Basically, used prices are
in the middle in the red. The new prices are the green and
in the left column is the FBA fulfilled by Amazon
prices, new and used. You can see N right here with, the
7 represents 7 new copies etc very good would be VG, good would
be good, like new with the LN etc And this green box up here, shows you
your profit where it says $21.31 on that item if you sold it for
the highlighted price of $28.49. So there you go, you got
the sales rank etc. Anyways enough of that because
this is not a detailed video about how to use FBA scan but I will
make one of those for you guys. I’m just going to run through
these items, real quick. Each one of these items only cost me $2 and I got all of these today
in about 1 hour at a Goodwill. First item, it’s going to see so this
book has a merchant fulfilled price of $4.49 and it says over here $17.96 is
a new price. So if you click through, you see this person, gimmetherock
selling it for $17.96. We could sell it for $1
less and get the sell and make $10.95 profit minus our
purchase cost $9.95, $8.95. So that’s a $9 bill. I’m not going to do all the math on
these but just know they each cost $2 and we’re going to take $2 less than
what’s in that profit box or the… you know as compared to the price when
I do a click-through like I just did. Next one, so this book is only
selling for $1 merchant fulfilled. This is actually a bolo.
It’s actually not… I mean it’s not really
a great rank so… Anyways if you see someone over
here selling it for $31.95 new but that’s not the whole
story so you click through. Okay that is the whole
story and that was Amazon. We’re going to sell it for
a few bucks less than that and we will get the sell and sale sell
I don’t know why I keep saying that. And so we’re going to make like… we’re going to generate
like $19-$18 off of this before we take our costs into effect. I really like the title
of this next one. You can see this as a merchant
fulfilled price into the $7-$10 range and the FBA price is $25 or so. Next one, merchant
fulfilled price $6.95, FBA for $14.60 which
would generate $8.27. And you can see someone
selling it for $10.98. I would sell it for $13.60
which would put $7.27, again that’s before subtracting
our $2 cost still a great return. This book sell for $10
FBA, $4.27 in the bank. This one, real quick the rank
right here 21,500 slash 9,121. The second number after the slash is
the average rank for the last 90 days. So you see Amazon’s the only
one selling for $18.51. We could sell this for $17.51
and put $10 in the bank. $18 merchant fulfilled. No
FBA prices, we can sell this for $35 very easily
maybe as high as $99. Raising Godly Tomatoes,
$15.49 merchant fulfilled. FBA $19.50, $12.39 payout but you
see that’s not the whole story, but still I would price
it closer to that $19.50. This one’s not a huge seller
but the rank is great and I wouldn’t put it on the lowest
price, let’s get the whole story. I would probably price it around
$12-$13.53 which would generate $6 minus our $2, $4 in profit.
A nice 200% return. So this is a great book,
944,000 average rank. If you ever want to know like
how good is this book selling. So let’s go through and look at it,
that was… hold on I’ll go back I clicked on the camel down here
in the bottom of the thousand. Now let’s bring through… this
graph right here, let’s zoom in. This is the price history. What
we want to see is the sales rate. You can see it’s getting worse and
worse but it still sells a lot. There’s a lot of action on this,
let’s change it down to 3 months. You can see in 3 months,
there’s still a lot of action. Each one of these peaks
represents a sale, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. I would say at least 12 orders
or 12 sales in the last 3 months so that represents what that rank
of 1.02 million means right now which is nothing because
average rank is everything. Let’s go on to the next one. This one looks great,
let’s see $108 (FBA). Merchant fulfilled, you see
that’s not the whole story, there’s plenty of other offers.
Here’s one that’s like new for $30 so somewhere around there would be the
price that we’d put this $35 probably. Let’s go on to the next one.
Subtractive Schooling boom, I would go for about
$27 (selling price). That one’s going for $49.95. $12.99. This one was actually
a pretty decent find. The rank is higher and it’s not printed
in English but this book does sell and there’s no offers so
stoked to send that book in. Let’s go through the rest
of these pretty quickly. Almost no merchant fulfilled value on
this one, but the FBA value is there. These are workbooks, these are like
new so these aren’t filled out at all and there’s no offers on
them so that’s great. Make sure if you’re selling workbooks
and they are not filled out, that you have a preset description
letting the customer know. You’re definitely going to increase your
sales when the customer knows that. Once again this book here only
$3 merchant fulfilled but FBA, Amazon’s the only offer for $38 so
you can sell it for $35 pretty easy. $2 merchant fulfilled. No FBA offer. This book I bought to sell on eBay.
It’s more of a collector’s item than a book, I think the customers
are going to look on eBay. This is a Batman the
Animated Series golden books where you press on the buttons
on the side to hear the story. Some of these are Evan
Moor publishing books. These books are always worth
money the Evan Moor workbooks, always keep your eye out
for that redheaded logo. So this Database Systems, this is a
penny book with a 300,000 average rank but sells new for $64 FBA and if you
press the FBA column and you look. The lowest price is $14.75 and it
quickly goes up to $24, $28, $39.99 and it’s not textbook season right now, so I would price this higher
at least $39.99 and let it ride. Here’s another pretty much penny book
and you can see there is some offers here but they’re low. We’ll price
this at least at $19.95 or higher $35 and just wait and see what happens because 307,000 is an
excellent average rank. Another penny book. This average
rank is not that great, 1.8 million and the FBA offers are not terrific
but good, acceptable, good, good. I would price this very good copy or
it’s actually might even be like new that I have at $17.50 or $19.99 and
you’d probably get the next sale. Again these books only cost me $2 each so that’s pretty much the cheapest
casino I’ve ever been to. Next book, let’s see what
the profit is on this one. So new for $20 FBA, sell for a few bucks
less, I’m going to put $10 in the bank. Here’s another one, for
you DJ Khaled fans. Another one, can sell that for $28. And last but not least this book which
is new for $14.59 FBA from Amazon, that’s the only copy. We’re going
to sell for a dollar less, that will put $7.20 (profit) in the
bank minus the $2 that we paid for it which is going to be $5.20 minus you know maybe another dollar to
process it and get it shipped in. Let me know in the comments down below
if you guys liked me doing this and I’ll start doing this more often. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
subscribe to my channel, add your comments down below and give
us a thumbs up if you liked the video.


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