Did New York Make A Mistake By Pushing Amazon’s HQ2 Out? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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Did New York Make A Mistake By Pushing Amazon’s HQ2 Out? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  • Cymoon RBACpro

    MSNBC is partly responsible, they support these democratic people and they Continue with this fails narrative, continue killing the golden geese

  • yo mama

    Should we check and see how many times AOC bought something on Amazon? Or would that expose how her and all her supporters are hypocrites?

  • SuperbChannel

    AOC is not reverse Trump. This bar tender from NY who is empty between the ears should never be compared to a street-smart business magnate with clear records of personal and political achievements.

  • Robert Rios

    No we didn't… Stop it… It was going to help gentrification to progress! If race and lower class isnt attached to this! We don't want it! 25,000 and how many were for entry level with no degree or 2 year degree….. All that matters! New Yorkers are fighting against gentifcation every day


    How cortez ever got into congress is totally beyond me. She doesn't represent anyone, and is only interested in her own socialist agenda. She clearly thinks she is a political star and thinks she can walk all over the interests of the people she was elected to represent, now it is up to the people who voted for her, and were stabbed in the back, to ensure she never gets another seat in congress or in any other political forum… Good luck with that

  • steven mcclelland

    sorry….talk all you want..jobs HELP people and local governments/small businesses/on and on…$150,00 jobs are really hard to find currently..they used to have facts that jobs help small business locally…coffee shops close etc…the money TURNS so local taxes, and other synergies grow too…oh well—-sorry NYC ….you lost, one way or another…glad you are happy….

  • A F

    AOC is a simple child. If i want to know how to pour a perfect drink she'd be the person I go to. As a Congresswoman I think she's a massive joke.Her degrees were a minor in economics and "dance" Shes countlessly made herself look stupid yet people are still supporting her

  • Connie Charley


  • King Katura

    You keep saying diversity, but yet amazon's new headquarters neither added diversity in terms of the jobs that requires degree's that are primarily only in their headquarters, neither did it offer diversity in terms of business as they are not a tech company, they may be branching into tech but they like most other business's in nyc are a shipping company and storefront company. So no jobs for the people who are poor so no diversity. Now on another hand neither should you ever pay a company more or even half of a company's employee fee's. Now trump already gave them huge tax cuts, but that said the people who were against it, was because primarily that amazon was offered said deal and then had already started negotiations in backroom deals on top of it, which meant they wanted to be there to begin with, but wanted to make money from it instead of expanding the old fashioned way. They will most likely sell a new head quarters to someone else not surprised if its in another spot in nyc sometime down the road, as they seemed interested in being in nyc for a ,many number of reasons. Now on the people ae so stupid they don't know how taxes work, actually i'd argue they do which is why they knew that if you couple trumps cuts with a added 10% more cut, later down the road the regular people or shall we say the diversity's will be paying higher taxes in order to make up a percentage of the lost 10%, Thats how they work and how they always will. The fact amazon will not release anything to anyone kind of shows how messed up the whole deal was, despite that i'm not against the idea but i don't live in nyc either so it wouldn't necessarily effect me, however with the whole tax thing it may of could of effected even outside nyc. As cutting huge taxes on multi billion dollar company's always effect everyone in terms of taxes.

  • gisella Gambino

    The most profitable company in the world foiled by a freshman congresswomen. They already had one foot out the door and the other one on a banana peel. Amazon is anti union and destroys small businesses all over the world. Anti trust laws were created for a reason.

  • J Bautista

    Lol, Trump 2020, guaranteed! Democrats are baby killers, want 77% tax rates, enable illegal immigration, and are job killers.


  • Dave Leighton

    Comrade Cortez practises cortezanomics, born out of bar room experiences and understood by liberals, students taught by sandal wearing left wing professors and democrats. To everyone else it sounds plain dumb. Comrade Cortez is a baby killer and a business killer.

  • Silver Chopsticks

    What AOC was really gloating over was that she felt singly responsible for upending a deal by the richest man in the world. She got a tingle in her dingle over it.

  • Brika

    This level of self-righteous stupidity fuelled by a ghastly and unscrupulous pursuit of political power is not only diabolical but also dangerous.

  • Gluluman

    WAKE up people, Amazon Never wanted to be in NYC. They wanted Washington DC, where the lobbyist/legislators would do their bidding, enabling Amazon to reach an even higher financial supremacy. NYC was simply a front. Yes NY is the the world financial capital but NO legislation is done in NYC. Selecting Washington DC from inception would have been too obvious to the masses…. Bezos knew New Yorkers would rebel, that’s what New Yorkers do. Giving Bezos the opportunity to have a excuse and pull out. He planted it all along….

  • Wylie Hill

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! How do ya like that progressive/socialist new york?! 26,000 THOUSAND JOBS gone, gone, GONE!!!! AOC is AWESOME!!!

  • Camper Van Elvis I toof on you

    These Amazon jobs in Long island city weren't going to New Yorkers.
    H1B Visa Indians most likely.
    Jeff Bezos doesn't need a tax break from New York state.
    Google came to NYC and wasn't asking for welfare.

  • Steven S

    This overpaid *barfly* so called congresswoman don't have a clue about anything except destroying our country and culture for a dictatorship by the democrat party.

  • Rob Williams

    You don't understand it because you're a democrat..lol…this is VERY simple business….leftists like AOC and this host…will ruin America

  • radulescu201

    am I the only one who think, that the whole deal was to discredit AOC?… I mean AMAZON could‘ve moved in just like google did but instead they choose to do it like a bully?!?..

  • CyberPunkHowl

    She’s a moron, said “it’s amazing that we still have more power than the richest man in the world” her ego proves her stupidity because he has all the power to come or go as he pleases not her. If he actually wanted to he still could go to NYC but he’s smarter than that and knows to stay away from socialists.

  • CyberPunkHowl

    Amazon can go anywhere because workers will move to where ever the jobs are. Democrats know that as evident by their open borders policy so why are they pretending that only NYC can provide tech workers?!?

  • stephen7740

    If Amazon had moved there, the people would have had to move out of their neighborhoods within two Years. They would never have been able to afford the rents, places like Amazon , Google, or other tech firms bring. Seattle residents cant afford the rent there. In the West LA area, rents went from $700 to over $3000 in two years. Some times it's more than jobs, it's about communities

  • S. Harri

    Amazon was not hiring 25,000 New Yorkers ASAP. This would occur over 10 years. Amazon is here to make lots of money NOW with no losses. Get it!

  • Re Peat

    People whith their own money are free and dont depend on the good- will of the DemonKKKrats. Thats why they voted against jobs. The DemonKKKrats dont want the people to be free. BACK TO THE PLANTATION YOU PLEBS. 😂😂😂

  • Alex

    It's amazing how none of you commentors in here actually have your honesty hats on. You speak of the poor first of all as if they are ignorant. In all actuality, most of them are probably for wiser than most of you. They have actually lived through many businesses coming in promising all this and that, and watched as they were forced out of their homes and neighborhoods. Most of you, judging by your heartless and obviously ignorant comments have no real idea about what these people have witnessed in their lives. You are ok with the rich taking more and more while at the same time crying out about "socialistic" programs designed to help the needy. Jeff Bezos and his company are not needy, and yet they are a huge recipient of basically public assistance in the true use of the term. So way to go New York for making a wise decision to allow Jeff and his monster of a company to go elsewhere with their misleading promises.

  • Jason Marler

    Goatee boy is a moron.Amazon would have brought Billions! to New York.Only 700 jobs the first year?It's a starting place to climb to 25,000.

  • N Neichan

    Sooooo…Amazon can move to the opioid belt of the country and reinvigorate the economy and the lives of people there. AOC is appallingly uneducated about economics, esp for someone who has an degree in economics.

  • John Brown

    What ever it's gone just think who is going to suffer now not her you the residents there she don't care about you you are the the ones who have lost big time.

  • Jeffrey Binder

    Imagine that, politicians doing whatever they want to do with no regard or any idea what the voters want.
    Oh I forgot they do whats best for you, not what you expect them to do.

  • rockerockerocke

    Great work AOC, keep that evil corporation out of your beautiful city. No matter how much money they offer always stay true to yourself. AOC for president

  • Kelly Spence

    Look at all the conservatives attempting to care about a liberal state like New York and the "would-have-been" jobs to minorities in Queens. How conveniently cute…..

  • Professor Comics

    I gotta be honest, I think this was a mistake on AOC's part to say the things she said and do the things she did. New York's economy will survive, but I do not dispute that this would have been a huge financial gain for the state.

  • Chris Muller

    AOC. Finally a politician sticking to long-term principles of less inequality instead of short-term gain and more-inequality. My hat's off to her.

  • John Case

    Got fired from a Corn Dog Shack because she sucked at it.
    Friend got her a job bartending.
    She responded to a political casting call. (Like creating the Monkey's or the Spice Girls)
    Her campaign was funded by globalists and she only got 16,000 votes. Now she driving away business and writing ridiculous bills.

  • Logan Leslie

    How come every coversation ends, or, includes, President Trump? He must be doing something right. Well, mostly, everything.

  • Marcin

    MSNBC is a corporate propaganda machine that pretends to be a progressive news station. A wolf in sheep's skin. They do not represent the anti-war and pro-worker view points of the progressive movement. Way to bring millionaires on that stand to lose millions on this deal, and therefore have their own agenda.

  • AliveWithPassion

    @Amazon should’ve just went to Newark NJ, one of the cities in the final running for Amazon HQ2. It’s cheaper and literally a stones throw from Manhattan without the nightmares of Queens.
    Bad choice @JeffBezos.

  • Bernard 123456

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can be really proud of herself for denying a Blue ribbon Company like Amazon, who is willing to come to New York City and bringing 25.000 High Paying Jobs and 27 Billion dollars in Tax revenues. However, you also should immediately realize that Amazon would only hire the very best money can buy the best and brightest in the IT Branch. So most likely that not all 25.000 paying Job would come from the New York area. And in addition very likely other firms would follow suit. And those 25.000 High-income earners and others will spend their HARD earned salary in the New York Community and not somewhere else. Amazon in return was only asking a small tax discount for coming to the great city of New York. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not understand normal economic's – a subject in which she majored from Boston University – she should go back to her Job of waiting tables and tending bar at Flats Fix. Maybe that is a far better and suitable working place than where she is now, ruining the Futures of thousands of thousands of New Yorkers living in poverty. It is well-known that the top 1 percent high-income earners in America dictate the terms and if you are Not willing to accept these terms you are going to miss Golden opportunities like this coming your way. To be able to hire more teachers, improve the Subway system, etc, etc. Thank you so much, AOC. Way to go chasing away Corporate America by telling them, that New York City is No longer open for Business.

  • Martain Roth

    NYC already has some oh the highest close of housing in the nation, why would anyone want to bring new businesses that continue to drive up the prices. If your making $50K a year in NYC you still poor.

  • Karl McNutty

    Well shucks it sure is a shame New York isn’t sucking off Corporations. Honestly, why can’t we just give all our money to Corporations who don’t need it? It is not like we are anything other than Corporate slaves already. The nerve of some people, not giving a powerful Corporation the support it needs! Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet, but he is not a Trillionaire yet!? We should all be humbly bowing in the hope he grants us prosperity. The idea that government should not be bowing to Corporate interests! What next? Democracy? Corporations are loving, vengeful Gods! Give them their sacrifice at the altar so they may bless us. But Corporations are also people too after all!

  • Jeff kim

    Is the first guy saying the companies should be just being a stupid dumb that gives away money for the community whereas in fact they are coming with such a benefit? And the idiotic Aoc is saying it is such a great thing because community together made a dumb decision?

  • MrJoking4fun

    Somewhat of a testament to what happens when you vote someone into office based mostly, if not completely, on race. Merits matter more than gender or race. I think more competent politicians would have made this a completely different story. And many lives would have benefitted.

  • Ginsengpills

    is AOC gonna get an apology now that amazon, facebook, uber, etc have
    all decided to go to queens, new york which is AOC district, without the
    incentives. She was right and mass media was wrong, she saved New York
    3 Billion Dollars.

  • Athear Nasery

    Come to Texas Amazon! We would love more jobs. Thank God we don’t have AOC here, your safe from that communist!!!

  • Carrie Thompson

    It was definitely AOC that lost Amazon for NY. It was her complete ignorance that lost it for them. When they said tax incentives, I guess thought they would have to write out a check, ignorance. There is 49 other states that would love to have you Amazon.

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