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– Oh my god. – What? – Hey guys, what is going on? It is Tuesday and we are back in L.A. – Back in L.A. – It’s fun. I love being back, it’s just, it’s a lot of catch up when you leave. – Yeah. – It’s like, you didn’t do this. Hey, you had a good
time while you were gone but you know what, you gotta do this. – I’m tired. – You don’t look tired, you look amazing. – I didn’t post on Monday
for “Marriage Monday” like I normally do because
of my Grandma’s funeral. So, I’m posting today. I didn’t think it was appropriate and it felt wrong to post a video on my Grandma’s funeral day. So, anyways we recreated Annie’s and
Hayden’s instagram photos and I’m just like, it’s a hot mess. So, watch it if you haven’t – It’s, honestly, it’s extremely cringey. – Yeah, it is but guess what? What if it’s what they end up looking like when they’re older? We’re like the much older version of them. We’re like the parent version of “Hannie”. – [Matt] Sorry it’s so cringey Blackjack, I’m so sorry. – So today, we are getting ready. I am shooting another video
that’ll come out in January at the YouTube space. It’s similar to the Christmas video that you guys haven’t seen. So that comes out on Friday, this Friday. It has to do with slime. – [Matt] Surprise! – And possibly, working
out. And that’s about it. That’s all I can tell you. – [Matt] And there might be somebody in the vlog tomorrow. I don’t
know if we can put him in yet but, famous person that
you guys might know. – Blackjack! – [Matt] Blackjack! – I also have a surprise for Rebecca but I haven’t told her yet and I don’t know how she’s going to take this because it could be, not fun. I just got home, Rebecca’s home too. She’s over there working. She’s a little computer typing machine. But we’re going to have a prepared meal. This is not an ad, this is
not like a sponsored video or whatsoever, but I just
thought it’d be kinda fun to show us, making like a prepared meal. Everything is in here. Like you have tortillas, it looks like. Cheese, a little salsa kit, avacodo. It comes with a little
instruction packet too. I guess we’re gonna make the
enchilada sauce right now. And this is the enchilada
sauce I just made. I mean, to be honest
this looks pretty good. – New year starts in January, so I’m just trying to get ready
for the holidays, you know. You know there’s food
if Blackjack’s around. – [Matt] I’m not gonna lie, this looks pretty good. It’s
time to put it in the oven. Oh, that does not look bad. It’s hot. I made this and Rebecca’s
making something. – [Matt] Prepping for the shoot tomorrow. – Yeah, I need to make a lot of slime. The thing is – oh! The thing
is I don’t want it to be that stretch- like I want it to stretch but I don’t want it sticky at all. So. Because we have to – – [Matt] Better bring
that activator on set. – I know. – [Matt] We’re up on the roof now. Dinner is served. Woo! Looks so good. You happy? – I’m so happy. – [Matt] Well we’ll find out when you eat. – So, I’m not really
excited about this but we are going to open the last envelope from the eBay box that I got. You guys know that I opened
a haunted mystery eBay box and it was all the stuff
that was like paranormal, weird spirit stuff. I
got super freaked out. So, I convinced Matt – well, I basically was not going to do this if we didn’t drive away from our place. I didn’t wanna do it
anywhere near our place and I found out that Matt
had just put the box outside, near our place. Like,
he never threw it away. Okay, so we are going to
be going to a dumpster and I can’t open it but Matt
is going to open the last one. The last package was supposed to be this, this like, creepy spirit
that gave you nightmares, the lady was, the lady even said “I’m glad I’m getting rid of this. I’ve been having nightmares”
It’s freaking me out. So, we are just driving to a dumpster and Matt is gonna do it. Matt told me he got rid of
it, he did not get rid of it. You got it out of our place but you didn’t like get rid
of it, get rid of it. – Okay so, like full
disclosure what I did was, I took it downstairs, I didn’t wanna just like
dump it in our garbage and I was gettin’ you know like, it just wasn’t the right time and I didn’t wanna like travel somewhere super, super late at night. So I went down and hid it
so nobody could find it and kinda just like
covered it up so nobody, like nothing would get out too, so. This is the only thing that
kinda really freaked me out. I don’t know if you guys
believe in some of this stuff, this is the only thing that
really I didn’t like whatsoever. – I don’t wanna- – If you guys didn’t watch the video, what she did was she opened up this box and every single thing had a letter. We didn’t know, like,
what was gonna be inside. – It was a haunted box, right? – Yeah, it’s like a haunted mystery box. – And the haunted mystery box from eBay and I thought it would be fun like, it would be some fun things like maybe- – Maybe like kinda creepy but
like nothing of what I thought so when we opened it, each
of these things, this lady collects stuff and it’s
all, what’s the word? Um, they’re all- – Possessed? – Paranormal, no. – Yeah, paranormal. – And she collects paranormal things. So, she goes to these
houses that are haunted or things have happened and
she collects these things. And there was one that I couldn’t open and I literally was crying and I can’t believe its here right now and that Matt wants to do this. – This is like a weird thing. My ears feel like they’re plugged up. I don’t know if you ever felt that before. – No. – This is the one that
Rebecca couldn’t open. What were gonna do is
we’re gonna open this up, take a look at it and then
we’re gonna get rid of it. “I’ve had an increase in nightmares since it came into my possession and seen a young man, around 13 years old, wearing a suit.” – Stop. – And a with no eyes standing at the edge of
my bed more than once. You can’t let these things
have power over you. Oh my god. – What? Stop. What’s that? It’s a priest. – It’s actually like a
little Jewish priest. It’s not too bad. – I don’t trust it. I don’t want it. I just, I don’t think
we should’ve opened it. Stop, Matt. Don’t put it in our place. – Okay. – Don’t put it in our car. – We’re gonna go dispose
of this right now. Okay? – You’re going to. – I’ll go. You stay here. All of this stuff- If you guys didn’t watch the video, this thing creeped me out.
This is a little clown thing. And it just randomly like, – We haven’t even wound
it up just so you know. – Just get it- I- We
need to get rid of it. – I ‘ll get rid of everything. – [Rebecca] What? What is it? – [Rebecca] Are you joking? – No, here hold on. Turn
on the light a second. – [Rebecca] Turn on- Oh my
god, I’m- What the heck? Who is it? What is it? – [Matt] I don’t know. – [Rebecca] Stop, Matt. – [Matt] I’m not joking. – [Rebecca] Matt, then let’s go. – I don’t know why, like this happened but as soon as I put
the box in the garbage all of a sudden there was
like a ton of rustling and it was loud. I
really think it was like, 5 mice or like rats but I don’t know. But it was just, super freaky. – [Rebecca] Okay, so
we got two little dogs and then Madeline recording. Hi guys! Madeline what’s it like
recording in our closet? – Its very similar to when
I was recording in my closet a couple days ago. – [Rebecca] Yes. Have you
ever recorded a song about slime before? – No, or about working out so. – [Rebecca] Or about working out? Don’t worry it’s in the comedy section. – It’s all good, it’s all good. – [Rebecca] People will know. – I’m excited. – [Rebecca] And this
guy, I think has taken a million selfies of himself. – Yes, well I have to with these dogs so. – [Rebecca] I mean, you
guys, look how cute they are. You guys better follow them. – [Man In Cap] On Instagram! – [Rebecca] Follow them on Instagram. – [Madeline] No, Buddy, no. – [Rebecca] This is
Buddy, and this is Booger. And they’re “boogerandbuddy” on Instagram and I’m about to post a picture
of the four of our dogs. – [Matt] Not a bad start. – [Madeline] Does it add anything
to it or does it make it- – [Matt] Ideally I think we’ll just lower it down a little bit. – [Madeline] Okay. – [Matt] It does sound really good. – Everything’s tight, can’t fit in my jeans,
rocking spandex all night, too many desserts, yeah
I know that’s true. It’s a new year, I know what I needa do. – [Girl] Oh yes! – [Rebecca] You can have
those muscles with slime. – It’s so satisfying, and I’ll make you wanna try it. – So we just finished the rap
of the priest shooting song, I don’t know. You guys did great, come on! Give it up for yourselves. Wooo! – [Madeline] Yay, I’m excited. – I’m excited that she’s on it because there’s one good voice on the song. And then there’s me. – [Matt] So you’re saying- – And also, you have slime on your face. – Yeah. – [Matt] She still has slime on the face! – It’s been a long, long day. – [Matt] Let me see. What? You said you were
playing with like yellow slime but that’s like green. – Well, okay, so I was doing
green like, at one point. But still- – [Madeline] Oh, you got it! – [Matt] Ay! Ay! Now its on your shirt. – I was just giving myself a facial. – [Man In Cap] I thought
it was just a new mole. – [Rebecca] Oh yeah, it was. – [Matt] So, we’re gonna go
record and film tomorrow. – Mm-hm. – Then the other song,
December 1st, it’s coming out. – Yeah. – [Matt] Okay. – That one she’s not on. We’re
saving her for the new year, 2018! – [Matt] But Maddie’s got her own plans. Things are happening! – Yeah! – [Matt] Stay tuned. We’ll
put all the information down here below. Go check ’em out. – [Rebecca] And follow their Instagrams. – [Matt] Oh my god. Whoa!
That’s awesome. Guys, guys. – Yeah, I’m recording my first album. Coming out next year. Just wait. – [Matt] First single drops
December 1st though. Watch out!


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