Does Hair Coloring Wax Work? | Testing Viral Hair Products | Mens Hair 2017
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Does Hair Coloring Wax Work? | Testing Viral Hair Products | Mens Hair 2017

Hey, what’s up guys? My name is Joe and Black Friday deals are Officially on if you want to know what kind of deals are going on if you miss my Wednesday upload I explained it all right there. In fact you can watch it right here But just know that this is our biggest sale of the year and until you pick one of the right deals you’ll be getting this blumaan comb for free and obviously Discounts on products everything that you could need to know is on the website if you want to take advantage of a good deal, that’s the place to be Black Friday sales ends November 29 and now for today’s video I’ve been seeing this type of hair coloring wax pop up all over social media Lately the idea is that this stuff is able to style your hair up like like a normal hair wax should but it also Provides colour, temporary colour that goes away after you take a shower. In theory it sounds pretty cool. I can see this being used at like birthday parties or Halloween Or someone who’s just generally extra And so I thought that I put this to the test for you guys and see what kind of results we really get I’m curious To know how good of a styling product this is and how good at adding color to your hair this is You know and the balance between the two I picked up the colors blue and also ash. Ash is really just like a silver colour. First of all this is clearly a Chinese (*Japanese) product It’s got Chinese (*Japanese) writing and labels all over the place And then you got this this english paragraph here with some very Questionable english, not to hurt the hair easy to wash no stiff natural setting this product is a one time hair has a distinctive Three-dimensional hair layer no idea what that means a lot of words kind of crammed together comes in this box Inside you can see the jar the company is called ‘Mofajang’ And you are getting 4.23 Ounces of product so that is a lot of product that you’re getting in one of these jars right here This is the blue one when you open up the cap you have a nice silver protective sleeve I think that’s a just a cool thing to add to make sure you know there’s no one been putting their fingers in there or anything like that and It says to use after the net hair Net don’t know and then gently pull the finger form from the hair root from the bottom up to smear evenly. You get it? No. Okay me neither. Well. We’ll make it up as we go. With that said I think we should go ahead and try it out I’m gonna go get my hair damp come back blow-dry it and we will try both of these colors Separately all right. I’m back with damp hair. We’ve got this multi-angle shock thing going on For the blow dry I’m just gonna be putting in a little bit of original Just to give my hair that hold after I blow dry and then we’ll go ahead Test out the color wax All right hair is fully dry there’s getting a pretty long actually it’s gonna. Be hard to keep it volume eyes I think well I’ll go ahead and try the silver one first because it’s a little bit less dramatic than blue This it just looks it just looks Poisonous so no idea how much to take I think I’m just gonna go ahead and Be pretty generous with it. Let’s uh. Let’s go ahead start with this amount right here all right, so I’m just gonna Oh that is super. It’s almost watery how creamy it is Just let’s just go for it, you know what it applies very easily Right now with the amount that I used it’s kind of like I’ve given myself some silver highlights I think the effect isn’t that bad it’s very uhh Minimal at the moment, I feel like if you want a serious silver color you’re gonna have to use a lot of this stuff So with that said let’s go ahead and put some more in I’m gonna take a big old scoop Okay as for the actual hold not a lot of hold with this product I would probably use this on top of an on top of a normal style product But let’s just let’s try this out. We’re gonna put a lot and see what happens It’s very wet as well I wonder if this stuff is gonna dry down We’ll have to we’ll have to see if it dries down right now. It just feels like I’m putting paint in my hair I Know what the effect is definitely coming through though I mean you can see it’s kind of hard to spread evenly it kind of likes to stick together, but it gives that slight Highlight look so I don’t know Obviously I wouldn’t recommend this for a friend for people who want to color their hair on a day-to-day basis this is definitely more kind of a party or special event type of Hair styling product and look at my hands like this is this is dry as well my hands were just dry They’re just like dried silver go ahead and get a close-up to see what we’re dealing with here So you can see even though not everything is a silver gray color it is airlie Evenly distributed in terms of you know how silver it is all over the place But it does kind of clump together and strand When you first apply it it is it’s drying down very quick so my hair is not nearly as wet But that’s just something to consider once I got it in there now let it dry down I mean you can see how this could work for some kind of fun party Type of event some kind of Halloween thing going on this bit is still a little bit wet here, but that’s because it’s very saturated All in all though it hits a little bit above my expectation I would say other than it not being a really strong holding hair wax you may want to use some of your other Normal styling products and then add this on top if you want you know a hold that will last for a while But I was worried that that wetness would stick around Everything is 100% dry my hair is completely dry if I run my fingers through it I’m not getting anything all my fingers, and the color is still staying in my hair So you know that and that’s kind of impressive well, we’ve done the silver one now Let’s go ahead and try the blue gonna. Go wash all this out, and I’ll be back alright We’re back with damp hair washing it out It actually was very simple it pretty much all came out with water But I used shampoo just so I could have a clean start, but yeah washing it out No problem at all once again going to go in with just a little bit of original We want to get some initial hold blowdry that and we’ll try out the blue Fully dried hair we are gonna try out the last one. This is the blue and very very blue indeed I think I’m just gonna go ahead and take a big old scoop. That is the one thing that I’ve learned. This stuff needs, it needs a lot of it to get that color also Also I have dark hair, curious to see how this blue works if it doesn’t work You can always just paint yourself in this and be a smurf for Halloween that is another option wow that does look pretty cool Please come through real well even on my dark hair You know once again it is giving a very kind of highlight vibe. It doesn’t cut your hair Evenly well it coats your hair evenly but in in sections I don’t know. It’s weird even though I try to distribute It evenly it still kind of goes where it where it wants to go. It seems. You know whatever Let’s just go all in let’s go ahead and add another scoop Second round oh That feels real nasty. Man that is coming through though, for real. It’s very look at this bed right here This is spiking straight up. my hair is very wet at the moment, but you know like the silver stuff I expect this to dry down. Also. I’m gonna go wash all of this stuff off and then then I shall return Alright, so it’s been about 10 minutes. I was just letting my hair Fully dry everything is now completely dry but you can see that color that color is still popping It’s still going really strong because it’s lunch time I’m hungry I’m gonna get myself a burrito, so yeah I wasn’t really sure what I was I was gonna into but I gotta say performance wise it has performed a little bit above my Expectation I will say in order to get you know a decent amount of color you have to use a lot so in my opinion There’s no real way to have your hair look natural like my hair looks Oversaturated with product as you can probably tell, but it’s also got a really good blue color There’s no real way That I that I think any ways of having a decent amount of color and having your hair look kind of on the natural side So that’s probably the only thing that I would really recommend you keeping in mind if you want to try this out however You know like I was saying for parties for Halloween for special events people aren’t really going for a natural hair anyways and for those kind of things those kind of events this stuff seems Really decent I gotta say. I probably I would use it You know if I if I ever dressed up for anything so does this hair coloring wax get my seal of approval Like I said if you are okay with the fact that you have to use a bunch of this stuff And you’re fine with your hair not looking that natural then yes It dries down completely my hair is not wet at all But I still got a good amount of color as you can see it’s very kind of it’s it’s almost Reflective neon bright all in all it’s a hair wax. That’s meant to color your hair. I’d say It did just that. Also I just got the the blue and the ash color, but I think there’s around five I’m not sure how many colors, but like I said, I’ll link it down below But there’s there’s more colors than what I just showed you and if you guys want to check it out also again Black Friday deals for blue muncom, it’s going on right now. If you haven’t picked it up That was a good time to go get some percentage discount. Maybe even a free comb that says blue maan on it Thank you guys for watching this video. If you enjoyed it hit that subscribe button and that like button let’s go all out I want to see subscribers and likes like we’ve never seen before. And I’ll see everybody next time


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