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hey guys
yes I went to the Dollar Tree again so let me show you my goodies I got a
mixture of makeup candles food related items a whole bunch of stuff so let me
show you what I got so the first thing is this Tea by Tevive
I think that’s how you say that and this flavour is mango and strawberry
fruity teas are not usually my favorite but I don’t know I love mangoes and I
love strawberries so I figured I would give this a try just looked kind of
interesting so like then I got this Hunt’s recipe ready pot paste tomato
paste and I like the fact that these are individually wrapped you get six pouches
and there are two tablespoons in each pouch so I I thought this was really
kind of genius because I feel like when you open those little tomato paste cans
they kind of got left in your fridge and you end up I don’t know I end up
throwing them out cuz I just don’t end up using them these low fees and these
are glass gems decorative gems and when I go to the nail salon to get my nails
which you know I don’t go to often I use my industry my nails at home but they
always put these gems and like the little glass containers with water and I
should never get them for that reason but I got them for more of a foot soak
and then you know you could put some bats soft and I don’t know whatever you
want you could put bath salts you can put essential oils and it would be a
really nice treat for your feet so that’s why I thought this was a really
pretty blue color but they do have a whole bunch of colors at the Dollar Tree
I also got this so this is something new I’ve never seen it at the Dollar Tree so
I wanted to go ahead and try it it says mild and moisturizing hypoallergenic dye
free paraben free and it’s called purely by white rain and
it does have a first cent it says so I wanted to go ahead and give these a try
they just looked interesting I picked up more nail polishes
I love these nail polishes actually hauled some in my last Dollar Tree haul
and I got this really pretty green color I don’t know I’m like addicted to green
nail polish I love green nail polish this one is called sky high and this is
the gel strong which lasts longer than regular nail polish on me at last about
a week maybe slightly longer just depending what I’m doing though if I’m
not working too much with my hands don’t lost a slightly longer but it’s usually
about a week compared to regular nail polish which on me at last about two
days because I’m just hard on my hands so I really really love the jail I’m
nail polish that you don’t need to put under like the UV lights it’s just like
regular nail polish but it’s gel nail polish so I got the green I’m not sure
how I feel about this color it’s called call me nude I’ve never worn a nude
color like this I feel like it’s just gonna kind of blend with my skin tone
but I don’t know I wanted to go ahead and give it a try and this again I’m not
sure how I feel about it but I’ll go ahead and give it a try so yeah I am
gonna add these to my gel nail polish collection others picked up this tube of
Colgate toothpaste and I like the fact that it’s a two-in-one toothpaste and
mouthwash by Colgate a name brand and it’s also whitening and I just like the
little container this would be good to kind of just throw on my bag I’d like to
usually take just seen those little tiny travel tubes of toothpaste and just
throw them in my bag with a travel toothbrush you know just in case I’m I
don’t know if I don’t lunch at work I eat something just really like garlicky
or lots of onions I just kind of like brush my teeth so yeah that’s why I
picked this up this makeup by Beauty benefits and isn’t it packaging adorable
I mean I think that’s probably why you picked it up the packaging just kind of
like drew me so I got a mascara and I got eyeliners
and sparkling lipgloss and I thought this color was really really pretty it’s
just like a soft pink with has a little bit of glitter and it says mega shine
you know so I got the soft lips in the pearl and I got these in the pearl and I
liked the fact that they have some lip conditioner a sunscreen SPF 15 because
your lips do you need that as well so I got two of these because I think
these are my favorite and I love the color the pearl color so I got two those
and I had never seen these two idolatry and these weren’t the dollar tree that I
want to literally have these two left they didn’t have anything else and they
were just kind of thrown in a plastic container so I got them because I
figured hey I guess he’s just kind of like left over from another from a
shipment or something I don’t know but I’ve tried the soft lips before and I
really really like it and it’s got its it also says it has sunscreen it’s
gluten free shea butter has vitamin A C and E so this is really good for your
lips as well and then this this one with the lemon little pot I thought it was
adorable so I wanted to just get that one too because I thought it was cute
and then I like anything that’s watermelon scented so I thought this was
adorable too and it has like an interesting and I container you kind of
just push it up and then the product comes out so yeah I have five new lip
balm lip balms pina colada Ruby guava and Island hibiscus I think
well I don’t think I know that my favorite is the piña colada this one
smells amazing so this one has a really really strong scent in a good way
this one smells so good I love it oh so good and these containers are so pretty
like look it’s got it’s kind of like an ombre like purple and pink and orange
and blue and yellow and look how funny this is
these are steak coasters yes steak coasters and it looks like they’re
paper and you know what I have to open this to show you guys because it even
has like the little container in the supermarket like how cute are these I
mean they’re only gonna last like one use I think because they are paper and
if you get you know the water condensation from the glass it’s just
gonna ruin them but that’s okay like how fun is this to have for a
barbecue that you know just kind of pull these out and put them on the table it’s
gonna be a nice conversation piece and I think they’re really cute picked up
these kiss fake eyelashes and the reason that I think is that I hardly ever use
fake lashes just kind of look on special occasion they I got them because they’re
natural and lightweight it says here and reusable and I like the fact that it
came with an applicator because I have other fake lashes that I’ve used but
they didn’t come with an applicator so honestly you guys that’s really why I
bought them cuz it has like the little applicator and I really wanted that so
yeah I got the and I also got a couple of lipsticks and I love these colors
because they’re really natural like this one is it’s kind of well let me tell you
who it’s by it’s by wet and wild the color is breeze breeze breeze a I think
and look how pretty this color is it’s just like a looks like a soft pink oh I
can’t get it out of the package looks like a soft pink I’m gonna swatch it
first oh look how pretty that is
oh I really like that it’s just a really soft kind of shimmery pink it’s good for
the everyday I really like this really pretty alright and then the next
one this one is by color mates paraben-free I like that the color is
called ginger spice and it has vitamin E and aloe and then you get a little tiny
lip liner let me swatch the lip liner first oh pretty really smooth
let me see do you have a scent no some whatsoever look how pretty that color is
it’s just like a shimmering neutral Brown I mean that’s why I picked these
up guys I just thought the colors were so pretty oh that’s gorgeous I love them
both I’m really glad I picked these up really pretty I love them toothbrushes
whenever I see the name brand choice bro mm toothbrush sorry rock toothbrushes I
do pick them up because it’s such a good deal three for $8
I mean you can’t really get that anywhere I don’t even think he could get
that in Walmart so yeah I had to pick up two packages cuz we kind of go through
these pretty quickly my husband’s kind of hard on his
toothbrushes and his toothbrush by the time I change it is like pretty much
demolished oh yeah so I pick up toothbrushes I think yeah
pretty often when I go to the Dollar Tree if I see the name-brand so yeah I
picked up this script Oh what do you call this thing lighter and I thought it
was pretty in the gold and I just use these for my candles so oh I forgot this
one I also got this eyeliner in the ultrafine tip by la colors I’m not very
good at putting liquid liner on my eyes but I figured maybe the ultrafine tip
will help me you know kind of practice and just do it better
assess for precise lining and control so yeah I wanted to give that a try to see
if I don’t look like crazy when I do my you know fine line eyeliner I also got
this cute it’s cute X corrector pen with nail polish remover and I use the I have
used these for years whenever I can find them I buy them because they’re really
good if you get you know the nail polish you know on the edges on your skin and
then you can kind of just go in there and just remove it you know kind of go
like that and just remove it these are awesome
I love them and you get four replacement tips as well
so and then once you know if this dries out on you and you still have the tips
you can kind of just dip it in your nail polish you know your regular nail polish
and you can continue to use these as long as you know they’re not like you
know super dirty so yeah that’s what I usually do picked up this coffee kitchen
towel I thought it was adorable I’m just really into coffee things lately so I
just love the neutral colors in this kind of like the pumpkin color this is
great for the fall there’s time of season and it kind of just looks like
pumpkin spice coffee to me or even like a chai latte which I love so that’s why
I had to pick this one up I just think it’s really really pretty and I picked
up these hair bows for I know these are for little girls but I really picked
these up for my crafts they have like the little you know like the little
clips to kind of like put in the hair but I’m gonna take the boat out and just
use them for crafts so I mean and then love the black and white polka dot and I
thought these little flowers with the wood buttons in the middle were really
super cute too here a band this was actually recommended by Chief
crafty girl so I wanted to go ahead and give it a try she says she loves hers
and it really stays on her head so I hadn’t wanted to give it a try because I
could use this you know use one of these as well and I love the colors in this
one the teal and the green and against the light also got these head
wraps you’re really pretty and stretchy and I love the fruit beam to this with
the watermelon and the Kiwi and the little strawberries I thought that was
adorable and then you get a solid green one as well I picked up two things
together delicate wash bag and it looks like that looks like a little you know
you open it in the middle and then it also picked up mothballs now I heard
this on another YouTube video that this will repel eyes so we tend to have
barbecues a lot in our backyard and I figured I would put these mothballs and
the bag and kind of hang them close to kind of where we are and that would
repeal the flies you know Oh golly you guys know to see if it
works I don’t know if it’s gonna work but I figure I’m only investing in $2
and if it doesn’t work it’s ok these guys this is a drain Rooter I’ve already
used it might well my husband has used it actually we had our guest bathroom
the tub was clogged the water wasn’t draining properly so you know I said to
my husband I saw this drain Rooter at Dollar Tree I’m gonna go ahead and pick
it up and see that works and it worked like a charm guys for a dollar we didn’t
have to call a plumber and spend like loads of money was just stuck with a
whole bunch of here and you know my husband pulled off everything with this
and it just worked great and it saved us a ton of money so I’m so glad that I saw
this the gift bags look how pretty this one is this one is a denim theme and I
love anything denim and I thought this was so so pretty it’s gonna look a back
pocket and then it’s got this beautiful butterfly with like little googly eyes
and it says happy birthday and it’s got this little flap here which
I thought was really really cute and pretty and then you get the little gift
tag isn’t this cute guys I love it and then the middle is just you know the
denim again alright and then the other one it got pretty this one this was such
delicious this could be really for any occasion it just as delicious doesn’t
say happy birthday happy anniversary you know so I thought this was really
pretty and it has like a pop-up like double ice cream cone and just put the
cherry on top again a little gift card and I thought it was just beautiful
Estelle I had to get it and look how the middle this with the pink and white
polka dots guys look at this unicorn oh my gosh so
pretty I love the the pink tail with the pink hair and the glitter and this
pretty love it I love craft bags I just think they’re so pretty
and I love the foil multicolored little dots that kind of decorate this one
isn’t this pretty and this one again could be for any occasion it just as
let’s eat cake it could be on a bursary it could be birthday it could be a
graduation it really could be anything I just think it’s beautiful and it’s got
the fall in the back as well and look at the bottom of it it’s got the polka dots
in the back at the bottom as well and look how beautiful the side is it’s
striped doesn’t this gorgeous I do this is my favorite out of the bunch that I’m
showing you today and it’s got this a bright neon yellow ribbon as the handle
isn’t it’s gorgeous that’s my favorite all right I have two
more to show you which are really pretty but honestly the other ones my favorite
look how beautiful this one is this looks like a like a like a handbag love
the animal print love the high-heeled shoes with the box
and look at the perfume bottle down here this is it’s hard skies that’s gorgeous
so pretty I love it look at this one this one is um I guess this one could be
any occasion as well it’s just a beautiful cupcake with sprinkles and it
says you are the sprinkles on my cupcake isn’t this gorgeous and then the side is
just like that just playing and I just love the holographic addition to this
that they put on the back I think that’s a gorgeous and the back does not have
that it’s just plain but I love love this side it’s gorgeous
and the last guys I have never have our see mess they’re calling this a tote bag
and it’s a plastic bag the handles are plastic and look at this being the
coffee theme oh my gosh I love this they had different prints but honestly this
one wasn’t the prettiest one so I had to get this one and it says cup of joe time
for coffee dark roast fresh brewed aren’t these
pretty I haven’t decided whether I’m actually
gonna use this as a tote or just cut these coffee mugs out on coffee cups and
use them for my crafts I haven’t decided but I just think it’s gorgeous
I love it I got fast let me show you I got these
two items for a DIY which I saw on a YouTube video if I find it I’m gonna
link it for you below she basically had this brilliant idea of using a glass
cutting board and one of these she liked holders and then just doing a DIY for
her hot glue gun which I’m gonna do as well because I thought it was just
brilliant and I bought the you know the things to do it and then she used a
candle holder to just put all her glue sticks and then she basically glued it
down and let me just show you my glue gun if I could find it and it’s just
basically a stands sorry I’m like I’m gonna smash but so basically if it drips
it would drip into here and then you know I would be like I would have my
sticks just on hand to use them I just thought it was brilliant and she
decorated it really pretty I don’t know if I’m gonna do that I might just leave
it as is I kind of like it just plain so I got this one which has walked by faith
prayers from the heart moments of peace choose hope and living by grace and you
know there’s religious elements in here but there’s quotes from all different
people for example let’s see so this one is
from the Bible this one is God is able to make all grace abound toward you that
you always having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every work 2
corinthians 9:8 and then you also get you know different quotes like I said
quotes have all different people or books grace is but glory begun and glory
is but grace perfected by Jonathan Edwards and these are just I just
thought that we’re beautiful and you can use these you know you can keep these
for yourself or give them as good because you have like the – you could
put the person’s name here from yourself and then the date that you gave it to
the person so I thought these were really really beautiful for a dollar I
just think it’s such a nice like little addition to a gift that you might be
giving a person so I just love this one you know living by grace choose hope
moments of peace prayers from the heart and walk by faith I haven’t decided
whether I’m gonna use these for gifts or keep them for myself and I don’t know I
might just put these in my night table and then just read them as I need to so
I thought these these were just brilliant and just a nice find at Dollar
Tree so guys that is my new Dollar Tree haul I hope that you guys enjoyed it and
got some good ideas and want to get on your next Dollar Tree haul and thank you
guys for stopping by my channel and if you like this video please keep it a
thumbs up and subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video have a great
week bye


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