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Hi everybody Valerie here I’m back with a
Dollar Tree haul I have a variety of things that I found as you can see from
the pile of things that I have right here I also did pick up a few more
Christmas items so definitely stay tuned for that so let’s go ahead and get
started with the food items I found so these live savers and I love hard life
savers and I found the butter rum flavor which sounded really really interesting
and really yummy and although maybe you guys can help me with this it’s the
butter rum flavor the same as the butterscotch flavor interesting so I
wanted to try it I don’t think I’ve ever tried the butter on flavor I’ve only
tried the butterscotch so let me know guys if there’s like a big difference in
flavor down on the comments below but I was really excited to find this and then
the next item I found Chupa Chups lollipops these come in Cola flavor
creamy and fruits so these are really kind of fun and I wanted to try I was
really intrigued about the cola flavor so I was really intrigued about that you
know I wanted to go ahead and try it so I found these holiday makes lifesavers
hard candy and again these flavors just sounded really really interesting so I
had to go ahead and give them a try and I like the fact that they’re
individually wraps I could just throw them in my purse for work and things
like that and I like the candy cane peppermint flavor you get cherry and you
get apple but yeah interesting oh so I came across this by Bear Creek it’s
called grown-up mac and cheese for cheese and I love my mac and cheese so
you know I wanted to give this a try and it just sounded interesting it says it’s
got let’s see Hardy blend of parmesan cheddar Swiss and flu
cheese that combination sounded really really yummy so this would be great for
like a quick meal at night when you know you’re not in the mood to cook a
full-blown meal so yeah hopefully that’s good so I can go ahead and pick up some
more found this dream whip and it says it’s whipped topping mix I’ve never
tried this before either but I’ve seen other youtubers haul this and it just
sounded interesting it says each envelope makes two cups and it looks
like there’s a dream cake recipe and dream pie recipe so I’m interested in
trying these out we aren’t gonna have Christmas Eve dinner at my house this
year so I don’t know maybe I will give this a try haven’t decided but maybe I
will these cute little bag clubs I feel like my either disappear somehow or they
break so and then sometimes we kind of do right now because we tend to use
these a lot so and these colors were just so cute so I had to pick these up I
loved like the purple and pink combination the green and blue they’re
just really really pretty and I also came across these cute little trash cans
guys look at these look at the colors the colors again are so stinking cute I
already have one that I picked up a little while back from Dollar Tree that
looks like this and I do use it as you can see I put my like little wet naps in
there or whatever you know in my office that I want to throw out cuz I don’t
have a big trashcan but I mean you guys I don’t need these but honestly they’re
just so cute and these have like the little push a little push thing here
that kind of just springs back when you’re done you know putting in whatever
you want to throw out I needed a couple of eyeglass cases for two sunglasses
that I have that don’t have a case for and these aren’t just you know their
look at material ones but I figured this is better than not putting them in
anything this at least will give them you know a
minimum level of protection but at least they’ll be protected and I love the
prints of these the little glasses or sunglasses so I did go ahead and pick
two of these up because that’s exactly what I needed I needed for two of my
sunglasses cuba says this does gifts of love cards you get five pieces and it
says here it’s great gift for kids to give to their parents but I don’t have
any kids but I was thinking of maybe giving these to my husband
this one says good for one day of peace and quiet um I will keep my room clean
for one week I mean some of these don’t apply
but maybe this one good for one day of peace and quiet good for one day of no
complaints this one says parents choice Circle one
breakfast in bed do the dishes take out the trash so I might take advantage of
this one for the breakfast in bed one and then this one is good for one giant
bear hug so are these cute I can’t wait to put these in a little like gift box
for my husband I’m not gonna use all of them but I mean some of these I will use
for my husband and he’s gonna get a kick out of these so super cute and these are
great for a stocking stuffer but I think I’m gonna just put this in a cute little
box and then you know and then you get to you know you have the little
to-and-from so very cute glad I came across and guys I also found this which
was I I don’t know I think I’m addicted to like lip balms I have tons of them
but I do use them and this one is called lip SIL silky Swedish beeswax lip balm
so that in itself drew me to it the fact that it’s beeswax and it says for extra
dry sore lips and I love the fact that the scent is chamomile and honey and
actually I bought a second one which I already opened and it does smell really
really nice it does smell like honey and it actually
is a very moisturizing so I really really love this if you come across this
thing you need you know just stock up when you live all the stuff let me pick
this up and it has organic shave and honey so for a Bock I picked up two
of these and I love them they’re really really nice I also picked up this
hydrating gel melt cleanser by elf and it says it’s with purified water argan
oil rose extract and I also did pick up two of these and I already used the one
that I did open and Ashley did not bring it in here but let me show you what this
looks like it’s really nice cleansing and gentle
that put all over your face and then you you know put a little water on your face
and it turns into a milky cleanser and I really really like it so I’m glad I
picked up two of them and see it’s just like a little gel I really really like
this eye and I have never seen this product before I saw at Dollar Tree but
I absolutely loved it and i actually have combination like oily skin and it
does not make my skin any oilier so super happy with that oh I forgot to
show you guys I also picked up this Twix bar I’ve never seen this before and it
says limited edition and I personally love white chocolate so this is the Twix
white chocolate cookie bar YUM can’t wait to try that one of his videos over
I also found this dev intensive cream I’ve also tried this as well and I love
it it has a really nice scent like you would expect to find from a duff product
and it’s very moisturizing and it’s not greasy and I found these two Sally
Hansen they’re basically like stickers that you put over your nail I’ve never
tried these before but I have seen a lot of people Hollies and I just fell in
love with these two prints I love the black lace one and I like anything
glittery so I got the gold glitter and I just got to him to try out if I don’t
like them you know like I only spent two bucks and as you guys can see I found a
whole bunch of elf which I was really pleasantly surprised
I’m not a big elf user but I don’t know for a buck I just couldn’t pass them up
I’m not 100% sure how much they cost in the regular stores but I’ve heard that
they’re not very expensive at all so but anyway I wanted to go ahead and give
them a try so I got a variety of products here I got this eye enhancing
mascara and black diamond and I know it’s his Black Diamond but it looks like
it’s a greenish color I don’t know I’m gonna open this up to see cuz I’m
kind of intrigued so let’s see I’m gonna put it on my hand here yeah oh you know
what it is guys its blog but it’s got a little bit of shimmer oh that’s so
interesting it’s it’s black mascara with a little bit of sparkly Ness to it there
you go it might be hard to see here but it has
it’s just black mascara with a little bit of silver shimmer so that’s really
interesting alright so the next product I also got a three-in-one mascara
this one is very block and let’s see it says it oh it lengthens it defines and
in volumizes so I got that one and this little be great for like just everyday
and then I got this lip liner and blending brush and natural and let’s see
what these look like so this is the lip liner oh that’s so pretty
it’s really smooth and creamy it’s like a peachy pink you guys see that
it’s a peachy pink and this is the liner and then the brush you would just blend
it like that on your lips it looks like it’s hmm I don’t know it looks like it’s
taking it away not really blending but I don’t know I’ve never used a brush on my
lips I probably won’t even use that but I do like the liner it’s really
pretty and it’s just like a peachy pink I feel yeah yeah the brush kind of just
takes away the color so I would not use the brush but I’m definitely going to
use the lip liner and it’s just a really pretty natural natural color okay and
next I got this elf salicylic acid acne treatment it says it’s a spa gel with
aloe and it’s clear and I do get occasional breakouts so this will be
really great and then it also got these this one is a says lock-on liner and
brow cream so it looks like you can use this as a liner for your eyes and a bra
cream not exert exactly sure how that’s gonna work but again I just kind of have
to play with it and see what it looks like and how it works let’s open this up
as well to see it’s a cute little pot and that is actually a really pretty
brown color that I may use I do use colors like this on my eyes so and this
looks like gonna be a good color for my brows as well so I don’t know we’ll see
how that works out and then I also got this smudge pot in
the colored wine not it says this smooth gliding gel formula is perfect as a
long-lasting eye shadow or eye liner so this one is eye shadow oil or eyeliner
and this one is eyeliner or for your brows looks like this is so pretty I
love shimmery that is a gorgeous color you guys see that so pretty I hope I
really like these because I will definitely purchase some more and then I
also got another smudge pot and this one came in just a different container but
it looks like these are both the same exact product just two different colors
and this one is called cruisin chic which is a pretty neutral I guess like
Brown gold color so yeah I’m so excited to have found these so fun handle of
course I love my candles from Dollar Tree and these are by Pillsbury so
anything food related you know guys know that I love so I found this chocolate
chocolate chip cookies and iced cinnamon rolls so and these both smell amazing
and wash by bolero I picked up two in the Apple Cinnamon guys because this
smells so good they had a vanilla scent which was okay
wasn’t bad I liked it too but when I smelled the Apple Cinnamon scent I was I
put the I put the vanilla one back to be honest
and I got two of these and it’s a nice big container and it’s so cute – I love
the shape and it’s a 13.5 full ounce container so really really cute this
would be great to put in your bathroom in your kitchen pretty much anywhere so
yeah I had to get to those I also got this to try this is a garbage disposal
cleaner and it says it’s deodorizing it helps to remove foul odors and fresh and
pick these up the L the heart and the V which I probably will put on the side of
my fridge Elfa Lauren so my husband a heart for love and a B for Valerie and
these are in my in my favorite teal color so I had to pick these up they’re
so cute I even could have gotten like an e at the end just to spell love but I
thought this was just cute as is what the L of the heart and the B I thought
this was kind of funny I had to pick it up I personally love to cut my hair you
know when you go to the hair salon and they wash your hair that just feels so
amazing I love it so I wanted to get this you know kind of in between I guess
we’ll see how we’ll see if it works but it’s a head a massager so I don’t know
if I thought it was very interesting it says relax escape and joy so for a buck
I wanted to go ahead and give it a try I also picked up this daily defense
shampoo with coconut oil the last time I did go to my hair salon I was told that
my hair was a little dry so I went ahead and picked up this shampoo which you
know with coconut oil because it’s supposed to be moisturizing but coconut
was supposed to be very good for your hair and your scalp so I went ahead and
picked this out for a buck I mean if you like the scent of coconut you’re gonna
love this and they also had an intensive treatment for your hair but I just went
ahead and picked up the shampoo because I do have some some other treatments
that I need to you know to finish so I got that I’ve also got this Scotch
pop-up tape dispenser handband dispenser it has pre-cut tape strips one-handed
dispensing and you basically just put it on your wrist and then you can dispense
the strips that way so I thought this would come in handy for the holidays
waiter wrapping gifts and I also went ahead and picked up two of the refills I
thought I bought these foam brushes I thought this these would be great to use
with this self-adhesive stencil and then also some other stencils I already have
in my craft area so I thought this would be kind of handy to use and for a buck
you get eight of them not a bad deal and this was just really cute I’ve never
tried their self adhesive stencils but I am on the hunt for some other ones that
I know that they have that I seen at the people haul so give that a try I found
these really cute bath bombs I’ve seen other people haul these as well I just
picked up these three these were my favorites so because they do have some
other bath bombs that I need to go through from lush so I picked up the
adorable looking donut and this one is e it’s in the dent scent donut
I picked up the mermaid and this scent is coconut and I also did pick up this
one with the unicorn which is absolutely adorable and the scent of this one is
vanilla sprinkle I love the fact that the scents are all food related so I
thought these are really really fun so I can’t wait these stickers sentiment
stickers they just said really really cute things so I want to go ahead and
get them for example these say shake it off I love that sweet love bye bye you
are the best one-of-a-kind fantastic hugs I don’t
know there were just really pretty sentiments so I’m gonna go ahead and
give that a try and love the fact that they’re on gold and I also picked up
these erasable highlighters I didn’t even know that they had erasable
highlighters so I thought these were kind of fun as well and I love the
colors that they come in in the purple the green and the neon yellow so and you
get three of these and guys I found these beautiful journals or notebooks
and look at these gorgeous colors the greens and the purples so pretty and
they all have silver silver foil are these pretty this one says a dream big
shine bright killing it and be amazing hey guys I use these primarily for work
so I wanted to go ahead and kind of stock up because I do go through these
pretty quickly with like notes and meetings and things like that so and
I’ve got some toothbrushes we go through these pretty quickly and this is such an
amazing deal you get three name-brand toothbrushes
Colgate for a dollar you can’t beat that so I usually go and stock up whatever I
you know go to Dollar Tree fun these are this is another item that people have
been hauling but I just love them I felt like found them at my Dollar Tree and
these are reusable storage bags how cute are these and the smaller ones these are
the 5 ounce ones you three of them and the bigger ones these
are 29 nouns you get two pieces and how cute would it be to give someone a
beautiful like candy gift or even cookies you know for Christmas and you
can even like write something cute on here you know hand me with love
something like that so these are so adorable and I love the fact that
they’re reusable so little lost you know quite a while so these are really fun
look at the little penguin throw in a snowball and these are the ones you
probably can’t tell with the camera but they have that velvety feel like like
Santa’s hat has like that red velvet feel in his suit and the little scarf
kind of like that soft velvety feel so both of these have that some went ahead
and pick those up look how pretty these are
I love the gingerbread man and the gingerbread house so cute
and then look at this one look at the Santa look at the face on the Santa he’s
he’s very definitely like very holly jolly Santa face so I had to get that
one and then this one looks kind of I don’t know I guess kind of vintage II as
well or even like hand-drawn and look at the pretty birds I love this one because
of the birds too so pretty and this one has red foil in some of these so yeah I
had to get that too and then look at these at gorgeous angel gift tags I love
these these are so beautiful and last but not least I have this one which was
the reason I got this one is because I love the colors like the greens unlike
the Burgundy’s kind of like I don’t know not your traditional like bright green
and bright red so I like this one as well just very kind of muted colors
really pretty so guys this is my a Dollar Tree haul for this week I hope
that you guys enjoyed it and head out to your local local Dollar
Tree for these items if you’re interested because especially the
Christmas items will not last forever so thank you guys so much for stopping by
my channel and watching and I will see you guys next week with another video
have a great week bye


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