Don’t Give on YOUR eCommerce Just Yet
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Don’t Give on YOUR eCommerce Just Yet

– Hi there, my name is David
Gregoire, Mr. eCommerce, the founder of, the app that makes
product photography easy. And today I’m answering Jake’s question. Jake has had a website on
Shopify for a few weeks and no sales. Jake, first, don’t give
up, it will be a mistake if you do so. But I’m going to tell you a few mistakes that you’ve made with your website. First, if you only have 25
visitors per day on your website, then it is very too low, not
enough to make a decision whether you have a good niche or not. Why am I telling you that? If you have a good conversion
weight on your website it could be anywhere between 0.5 to 5%. Obviously, if you only have
25 visitors, it means that you could have like a quarter
of a purchase per day, which is not really good, or actually it’s hard for you to take a decision with like if it’s good for a quarter of a purchase or not. Obviously, what you
want to do, short-term, is bring lots of traffic to your website, and then learn from that traffic. So this is like the first
thing you have to do. Second thing, I think that you’re
selling luxury products at a very, very, Wal-Mart low price, which I think is a mistake. Like I’m the kind of guy
to buy luxury products, and I would never pay
$12, $20 for a watch. So if you are selling luxury products, even if the prices are affordable, they should be higher than
that, otherwise it’s impossible that they are luxury. They might look luxury, but
when you walk in New York City and have people selling watches there, even if it looks luxury, it is not. They’re going to break in a week. So if you are selling $25 watches, don’t sell them as luxury. If you want to sell them
as luxury because they are, but you have to sell them
at a higher price than that. So try to make your message consistent. And the very last thing, but
it should be the first thing that you’re doing, actually the
next thing I’m going to say, try to monetize all your traffic. Right now, people don’t know you, so everyone that is visiting your website is his or her first visit on your website, so they might never come back again, okay. So, if you pay advertising to
get traffic on your website, at least find every single
way to get their email address and try to sell them
later, this is important, otherwise you will lose these visitors. What you could be doing
is with a simple pop-up that could give a $10
or $20 or 20% off coupon and they could get it by email. Don’t say “Sign Up to the Newsletter”. Just write, “Get you’re
20% off coupon by email,” and try to monetize all this traffic. So you have to bring more
traffic to learn from it, you have to monetize all this traffic, and I would personally
change your pricing strategy. So thanks for watching, David
Gregoire, Mr. eCommerce, the founder of Have a great day.

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