DON’T TRUST What eCommerce Gurus are Telling You [The TRUTH They WON’T Tell You]
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DON’T TRUST What eCommerce Gurus are Telling You [The TRUTH They WON’T Tell You]

and another example of a bad one that
you don’t want to follow is you see this all over the Internet
we’ve all seen X person made a hundred grand on this one product Shopify drop
shipping it sounds so sexy it sounds so easy it sounds so you know jump right in
you can make money right away hence the short term I’m not saying that
these people aren’t necessarily doing that although a lot of them are but
someone definitely are however when I am saying is don’t chase the short term for
every person that you sell si succeeds with entrepreneurship there’s ninety
nine maybe you know tens of thousands that fail for every person that you see
succeeding in private late lunch there’s a thousand that failed for every single
person that you see that makes you know not just money not just it is profitable
with Shopify or anything like that but also makes you know tens of thousands of
dollars if not millions of dollars dropshipping a stupid little product and
they claim oh it’s so easy because all we do is we do we take it from this
person and then then we dropped you to this person we make the difference no
when you don’t see is a thousands and tens of thousands of people that failed
and spent a couple hundred bucks on a course and then spent a couple hundred
bucks if not thousands of bucks more to promote it with ads to promote their
store with ads and waste that all no that’s just a simple lesson I want to
get too too much into it but it’s an important lesson I want to touch on
don’t focus on the short term you don’t want to be over here instead focus on
the long term even if you’re chasing a short-term business not saying don’t do
Shopify will don’t do private labeling what I’m saying is if you get into these
don’t expect to make a shitload of money right away instead going to it with a
long term strategy a long term approach understand that it’s a business you’re
setting up a business there’s no shortcut here there’s no tricks there’s
no hacks long term mindset literally changed for me and now I go into things
trying to build long term businesses long term relationships with customers
you don’t want to start getting one-up on your customer you don’t want to chart
sorry you know a bad a business relationship you know trying to pull
twist someone’s arm essentially and get the best deal
because what does that mean you sure as hell won’t have a second business
relationship and that customer that you just potentially ripped off maybe well
they’re not gonna come back and buy again so repeat customers long-term
strategy and that’s all


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