Dragon War G7 Chaos from Flipkart!
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Dragon War G7 Chaos from Flipkart!

Started? Okay so let’s open the mouse that I bought yesterday from Flipkart and they delivered it to me in a day. That’s quite an amazing. It’s a G-7 Chaos of Dragon War. The company is Japanese. The company is certainly Japanese! So I will open it. And as you can see this is a new packed-up version. So it has never been tampered with.I know that there is a lot of videos in YouTube about this but none of them show a packed up version like this… so with this let me start. Now I’m opening it.It claims to have a 3200 DPI sensor and a gold plated connector.So I am quite
interested about it. A professional gaming mouse.Okay so
this is the mouse at last. As you guys can
see, it comes with a mouse pad and seven buttons. Okay here it is written nine keys.
While i bought it i saw that it was seven keys. the left and right mouse buttons have
been certainly included. okay let’s keep this apart. And this be the mouse.Quite amazing in its looks as it is the G-seven as I mentioned. Claims to have a gold plated connector so that’s the thing. I’m thinking about how much connected it would be. And a multi-coloured LED lighting. So this be a good one I hope it’s a good one. As you can see this is the thing. Okay so there is a seal over here also. Many say that the Logitech mouses are better but I bought this for only Rupees Rupees 999. Now how much will that be….somewhat around let’s say 20 dollars. Far lesser than that also. Some fifteen dollars at the max. Okay so opening this part is also a little difficult. See and here I have opened it and now this is the mouse as far as I’m concerned. Okay so this is
really gold plated as we can see here and the super high-speed wire is also here.It’s a one point eight
meter super high-speed wire with all the
buttons.I’ll see this later and let me see the mouse pad as for now. The mouse pad was supposed to have a
Dragon’s picture on it so let me see how efficient that is. Aaahhaa…what a cool thing .Cool gadget for gaming hours that is.And it’s quite cheap that’s the thing,that the most
important thing because we students don’t have much money. And this is the mousepad. Let’s have a closer look and as we can see it’s a quite good mouse pad.Size is good too.. so… with this I will end this part,the opening part let’s see how it’s multi-colour LED works when we go to the computer. Okay so now I’m here near my
computer and laid down now mouse pad and this
comes along with the mouse. this is the driver disk and this
is a manual of the mouse. And I have the mouse over here also so let’s pull it out and then see the multi-coloured LEDs.And for that I would switch off
the lights and connect the mouse. Okay so I switched off the lights and let me connect the mouse also.. And here I connected the mouse and as you can see it’s quite cool!! Its damn cool man!! A mouse like this… and let’s see it’s face. It looks like a car! Indeed a toy car! and let me see more… with the lights on also it will look quite cool..I
hope so… so here are the buttons.. the two DPI changing buttons….the left mouse button and the right mouse button.. the scroll wheel as we all know here are
two more buttons over here.. aah.. that’s all I have discovered till
now..so let me read the manual and then I’ll discover more. For today I’ll say goodbye and we’ll see
more of such videos in the future.


  • Ritam Baidya

    its good and i have ordered it too..but DRAGON WAR is a Vietnamese company i think  i have heard it somewhere

  • Vikas Mathur

    yeah dragon war ele g9 is better than this having a turbo button and it also include a 600 cpi mode when istalled by driver and that mopuse come with great texture as well as design and looks preety good than this….

  • Sudipto Chaki

    Well excuse my mistake of saying 32000 DPI. It is 3200DPI. I was really excited so i made the mistake. And as for the origin of the company..its office is in Hong Kong but its official website is from Japan. The writings on the box is Japanese as google translater could translate it from Japanese to English. There is a Korean movie of a similar name.
    As for getting it fixed to ine colour. Try out the options in its driver software.

    In the end..i am really enjoying it. Did not try G9 so i do not know its features well enough. one of my friends did buy G9 so i will ask him for a description.

  • shakeel saraf

    how to get the white colour…(u dont get a white colour option from the software but the white light glows after ice blue colour in random colour mode!)

  • Sudipto Chaki

    Well I bought the 1300rs one for a discount. Now 2 variable packages are available but in the days I bought only one was available. Before buying the rs899 one,be careful. It may not have the Mouse pad. Compare in flipkart..see the packaging. If you do not need the mousepad then its okay.

  • Sudipto Chaki

    Damn!I have bad luck.I just discovered today that its not working any more.I mean the lights are fine,but its just not working.May be a driver problem.Be careful while buying any cheap product.

  • Snowlight

    Sudipto. I want to know that do you still use this mouse ? or is it still running well ?
    I dont know much about indian online stores. I'm new here, so.. 🙂 can you help ?

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