DSMtool How To List An Item On Ebay Dropshipping Tool Online Jobs Tutorial (ENG/SUB)
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DSMtool How To List An Item On Ebay Dropshipping Tool Online Jobs Tutorial (ENG/SUB)

Hello and welcome bach here in our channel now, I am going to teach how to list the item that we’ve search earlier in video number 3 here in dropshipping tools and I’ll also teach you how to list in manual listing on eBay if this is your first time watching this video just visit our channel don’t forget to subscribe and watch the quick guide for you to know where to start watching video here on DSMtool on dropshipping tools, I am also going to teach you how to set this up these are the dropshipping tools that we can use our client will have access to one of these and now I’m going to show you or I am going to demonstrate the dsmtool let’s go straight to DSMtool this is the dashboard of DSMtool once you logged in it will take you to the dashboard and now our first thing to do is to list a product then I am going to teach you buttons here on the side and now, here on dropshipping tools always remember if we are going to list a product the first thing we need to find out is how to list what I am going to do is click the rapid lister then here at below here I will put the link of the product I’ve search so in video #3 if you watch it this is the product we found and this is the competitor list here we will be going copy this item what I’m going to do is to get the link on Amazon copy then I’ll go back to DSM then paste it here then if theres a variations I’ll teach this variation listing, too and the other type of listing in another video we will include the variations we can select it if ever it has a different color for example it has RED, BLUE so, we will just click this… icon, include all variations and click import then here, if you’re using templates or we have different templates and later I am gonig to show you on how set it up we will just click this and choose the template you prepared here we go to “big sale” now let’s import the product here as we can see the first we will edit the title and here, what clients do or most clients do is they copy this title of this competitor where they copy the product then we’ll paste here in our title because this is the selling title next, we will see our price on eBay and our estimated profit we can get and because the break-even here is 10% so, I’ll teach you later how to set this up and the desired profit of our client is standard 10% this will be our final price and because here on eBay his price is 19.99$ and the 10% desired profit of our client is just the minimum so if 19.99$ I can do it for let’s say 17.95$ I’m still cheaper then our profit will increase it will become more than 50% it will be our profit next we will go to… setting, we do not change it anymore because it’s already setup then, we’ll go to variations just in case we have variations in our listing and because we don’t have variations there’s nothing here but if their other color here you just choose the color here below or just check it or uncheck what do you want to include in the listing then item specs if what specs we can get here in the description here on Amazon we’ll put it on the specs, for example, the Halloween decoration just copy and I’ll put it in type Halloween decoration and what else can we put into it like color it’s Black and if what department just in case you didn’t put anything in, that was fine because we already have the description back up information of our item this will be our template under eBay list and that template goes here below herein description below so, if you use drop shipping tools your template has a design like this then here in the description after title I mean after item specification here in the description, what are we going to do is we will just remove the… like money-back guarantee we will remove the phone numbers, emails these are the words we are going to remove, so, we will delete it this money-back guarantee, because we have our own this payment and return, we have that policy these are automatic, this payment, feedback and return it is automatic in our description then we will publish it but before anything else before the title this is our title, right? and this is our main photo, and we can select here we can select which one of these photos we want to be in our main photo for example this one, we will copy his main photo i’ll click it here then we will list the item we can publish now, or we can schedule if I click this publish it will be on eBay but because this is just a demo I will not be going to publish it here we go with the icons on the side by the way, that’s how easy it is, to list a product we will just going to do it over and over, list an item then product research and list product research and list that’s what we are going to do here in eBay lister or eBay dropshipping and by the way here in the title I’am also going to teach you how to build your own title we have that video and now I’m going to teach you how to set up this tool first here we choose our templates I’ll guide you here in DSM these templates then you choose what template you want to use in your listing like this, this is the one we choose earlier we’ll just choose here next is rapid lister this is what we need to click when we list an product price and monitor here we can see our listing here we can see if how much profit we can make, if how much our target price, we can see it here and the supplier price and our supplier next is sales and orders here we see the products that are sold here it is next is chrome we have google extension let’s add it to our chrome the dsmtool chrome-extension next is settings just click out profile name here then click setting, we will go here this should be in general first, but I am not going to show the general because these are the info of my client and here we will see the alert, for example, you are out of stocks in 3 days it will alert on the dashboard we can actually read it here if when it will going to alert for example, your item didn’t sell in 30 days, it will alert next is the templates, if what template we will be on default like what I’ve shown earlier next here in lister we’ll set up the break-even here we’ll make it 16% and 10% for profit next is monitoring here in monitoring, we will choose our supplier as you can see here so its setup to amazon but this is amazon UK and it has prime protection the prime protection is it will not be listed if not prime we need a prime product here on amazon and we were not be going to enable the add-on items because it’s not free shipping here we can set it up next the sales and orders it automatically be re-list the quantity if it is sold the quantity or our stock will refresh to number 3 again for example, we have 3 stocks, and we sold 2 of them after the purchased, it will become 3stocks again only here we can set this up here in setting and you will see it here and you can read it you may understand this if you watch the other videos and of course, here in account settings, they can make VA(Virtual Assistant) account or if you need to hire someone you can create a VA account so they can’t access the other feature of your account you can also have an affiliate account it can be a profitability so, this is the DSM tools on how to list a product herein dropshipping tools next is manual listing just stay tuned and thank you.


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