oh my god
Oh oh shi oh shi security alright guys I’m back it’s daytime
daytime DUMPSTER DIVE I want to check Aldi’s but i want to be way over here so it doesnt look like were doing anything empty Oh the other one is Recycle so quick so I want to go to TJ Max is
great though no I want to go down this because their Dump Truck comes tomorrow feel like they throw away their shit
over here now Aldi’s scares me so you go I’ll just catch me so you go see if there’s any fiveBelow stuff its so nasty its so nasty you better get over there and look in those dumpsters! you better get up in that dumpster girl what you gonna get in Aldi Dumpster Nothing she’s just loved it zip it or I’ll come
up there and sip it for you good day two hours later hey you shut your face what-what-what-what gets me all excited you have to get out and show them all that food they wasted! Why do i have to get out where’s this date it says it on the side
didn’t she say just below that’s pretty cold outside cell by June thirteenth
nineteen what choose their teeth nineteen in the side oh shi oh shi i remember you they threw out a bunch of food I hate when they do that most of the time i leave it for the homeless i know they come back here Aldi’s grocery store threw out some ground turkey last week they threw a bunch of stuff away steaks bread chicken two hours late Ok get out of the car and go get the food Nobuddys going to yell at you do you want Orange Juice sushi No don’t touch it okay guys so we got this just to go
dumpster diving with us you we’re getting some lights it was she
like just Disney here what yeah
Oh everybody’s Ohioan oh you got a call oh yeah we’re gonna go to work we’re
going to what oh all right enjoy thank you too mushy stuff
no you don’t still report because the hell – nobody’s I cheated yeah I’ve got goat cheese we
got blue cheese crumbs crumbled April night in 2018 April night he said they
just threw him out he was waiting there for him
I got goat cheeses I got synonymy go check I don’t know this forget singles I
had my signals just pack it in packages of them there are box like that no sir
that’s all the ones you get yeah like this one best by June 2018 we got
cheese roasted turkey I think this is what he was taking on the gun sir March
21st 2019 these are what he was getting at yeah dilled
favorite cheese habari averaging 80 cheese grass-fed cows the one guy didn’t
watch them struck dog he goes oh my god eight twelve nineteen fifty four eight
twelve nineteen um he he goes every day he doesn’t at work like some on his
lunch break he goes to all these every single day daily diving at all these
first twenty second 2019 for this smoked gouda cheese Gouda me with hickory
smoked bacon some shit mm five months in the fridge so it
doesn’t that’s asiago cheese yeah you said Adam cheese I did not okay let’s go you guys see anything else you might
want from Ali’s tell me now because we’re gonna stop by again
okay but look we’ve messed up there’s a diamond printer in there look I’m sure I
mean I still everything there we probably did bangladeshi there’s more
stuff you know that’s it we’ve got he took a bunch from us we take our shoes
yeah he took all those shoes wait on one thing I just want some I’m sure all the
stuff in there Oh after I can’t you

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