E-Commerce Marketing 102: Supercharge Your Sales with Customer Personas and Segments

You can find more about us at What are customer personas? Customer personas are a researched-based representation of who your ideal customer is. By ideal, we mean customers who will spend the most recurrently. It tells you the decision-making process, concerns and criteria your ideal prospective buyer has. I am going to differentiate between customer profiles and customer personas. and why think we customer personas are the better way to multiply sales for e-commerce stores. A customer profile contains basic information only. It acts as a tool to clarify the understanding of your customer. A customer persona is where you create an extremely detailed representation of your ideal customer. It answers the most important question of why they buy what they buy. A customer profile focuses on who is capable of buying our products only. However, you must make sure a customer is interested in your product in the first place, or else how much money he has to spend does not matter to your business, as he will not spend it on your product anyways. For instance, I create a customer profile by putting all men aged 40-50 and who owns cars into one category, these are the people who I think are financially capable of buying my product. We are disregarding that there are individual values and preferences that each customer has. Them having enough money to afford your product does not mean they are potentially interested in it. Instead, their shopping patterns and behavior generates insights into their potential. This is the deciding factor that contribute to whether or not they make a sale with your e-commerce store. A customer persona analyzes the decision-making process behind why he buys what he buys. Why should you care about the benefits of a detailed customer persona? A customer persona provides marketing insights for your company. It determines which customers are potentially interested in the products you are selling. It acts as a structural guideline for your company to understand where to focus your time. and how to guide product development to cater to the interests of ideal customers. You will attract the most valuable visitors to your site and drive them to make a sale successfully. How do we build a customer persona? What is considered an ideal customer persona? Metisa builds customer personas based on real data, machine learning and algorithms. Instead of using the inherent understanding of customers and making educated guesses based on demographics of customers as a way to create a customer persona, we find patterns in customers’ purchasing and behavioural patterns and groups them into clusters. The clusters of customer personas are what we call customer segments. They are your potential customers grouped according to their behaviour and purchasing patterns. By experimenting with different ways of grouping existing customers, it is much easier to figure out which way of grouping them produces the best fit. You can find out the key information you need to learn about where to focus your resources on, and you can find out their respective motivation and goals based on the keywords they are interested in. That concludes our second segment on customer personas and segments! Find out more about us at

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