E-commerce success story : Make-up Atelier, a successful online cosmetics store
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E-commerce success story : Make-up Atelier, a successful online cosmetics store

Hello, I’m Maxime Bouillard, CEO of Make up Ateliers. Make-Up Atelier Paris is a
professional makeup brand. We take great pride in manufacturing our products, which cater
to all types and shades of skin in all areas of makeup, from fashion to Special Effects. In 2008, we decided to publish makeup videos
on Youtube in order to promote the brand. These videos were a big success. People from all around the world
wanted to buy our products! We were faced with an enormous demand, so we
decided to quickly launch our online offer. Our first customized store
was not at all optimized. Choosing too quickly our
web agency was our error. We lost a main part of our budget and time. But one year later, we’ve succeed in launching a new online store with
PrestaShop solution without no developer, no delay, and few costs. In less than a month, we had created
our own website, fully operational. Sales were lower than 10.000€ a
month with our first online store. After opening our new website with
Prestashop, sales started to grow quickly. Four months later, we were
selling 20.000€ per month. It’s been a year and we’re now
approaching 40.000€ a month. We already had a physical store
before opening our website. We implemented it at no cost and we
didn’t have to hire any more staff. In France alone, we’ve doubled sales and now
reach not only Paris, but the entire country. The organisation is very simple. The first thing that we do in
the morning is print orders. Then we pack them and wait for
the carrier to pick them up. Then we open the store. During the day, we all take time to answer questions left
by customers on the website and work on improvements, always checking to see what
new modules we could add. Our acquisition strategy is based on teaching the
correct use of makeup thanks to Youtube tutorials. Combining our techniques and skills with
products that we develop amaze people. They start to share that
knowledge with others. They see the results and
want to put it to use. I think, when you would like to launch your online business,
you have to be conviced by the quality of your product, you need to find the best way of communicating those qualitities
to others so they will understand why your product is amazing. What is it for? how can this
product benefit the owner? You can do this through photos,
texts, videos, tutorials… Once you’ve created relevant contents, you can share on social
media for free, all over the internet, and boost your acquisition. And finally, take time to well choose the developer or web agency
you will work with, especially if you have a limited budget. People you will work with you during this main step,
will determine the success of your online business.

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