E.l.f. VoxBox Unboxing from Influenster
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E.l.f. VoxBox Unboxing from Influenster

Hey y’all and welcome to my channel! My
name is Natalie if this is your first time here and today I’m going to be showing you
my E.l.f. VoxBox that I got from Influenster. So let’s get started. So when I open it up, the packaging looks like this on the inside. I will be
showing you guys the E.l.f. 16 hour camo concealer (which is why the box is camo). The
card says the formula is intense pigmentation for full coverage that
won’t settle into fine lines and it’s an oil-balancing formula that leaves
behind a powder-matte finish. Sounds pretty cool. So they gave me two to try, so we
have… yes they’re both .203 fluid ounces, so six milliliters. Here’s the other one. This
one is fair warm and this one is fair beige. So I’m really bad at choosing
which shade I am. This is fair beige. This is the large applicator. Okay, so fair beige. Okay, so here’s what they look like
swatched. They’re pretty similar except one’s more pinky and the other one’s more
yellow, so I think I’ll go with the more pink one, the beige one.
Okay, so now I’m in my bathroom and I’m going to be putting on this E.l.f.
concealer. I decided to go with fair beige. So I’m going to put this on just like I put
on regular concealer every day and then that will be the end of the E.l.f. VoxBox
showing, but then I’ll follow it with my other everyday makeup so you can see how
it looks like in a completed look. I’m not gonna do the full face today, I’ll
save that for another video, but I’m going to put on some foundation over so you
can kind of see what it looks like under the foundation. So we’re going to
open this up and one of the things that it said on the paper was that it had the
big applicator (so this is what the applicator looks like) and that kind of scared me
honestly because I know it said that it was useful, but I usually put concealer
like in the corner of my eyes right here and then like in a little triangle
and that’s pretty much the only… like the only thing of concealer that I do. So I’m
kind of worried that this is gonna like get in my eye. So maybe this wouldn’t be the
best product for that, but we’ll find out. I will say, I don’t usually put on this
much. This makes it really hard to pinpoint certain areas, so it wouldn’t be good
to like just put on acne or to do like this unless you’re being very careful,
which I did not know ahead of time. So that’s a recommendation for that. And I’m
just gonna blend this with a Beauty Blender. Uh, yeah that put on a lot, but maybe if I
keep if I keep blending it will all turn out okay, I don’t really know. No, it needs to be blended more. Blend blend blend. Okay, so that’s the end of the E.l.f. 16 hour camo
concealer, but this is what my face looks like after applying. I only applied in my
inner corners, under my eyes for the bags, and then down to highlight the rest of my
face. So the concealer, after sitting for a little bit, does look really
smooth and flat. I mean, it looks a lot better than the one I’m using, which
makes me look kind of cakey, but this one’s like really smooth to my skin and it
almost looks like it’s not there, which is the secret to makeup. I use BareMinerals Blemish Remedy (foundation) in “Clearly Porcelain”. Alright, so here’s what it
looks like. It looks really good, like the powder isn’t setting on
top of the concealer, which is super nice. The one I have, because it’s cakey, it
kind of sometimes can get this powder on it and it’ll like stick on it and it
won’t look at it all, so this is actually super nice. Yeah, so here it is with the
foundation. It looks completely smooth and fine, so I will definitely have to
use this over my current concealer. I’ll post a new video soon of this concealer in
a look, and so maybe you’ll get more of an idea what it would look like with the
full face, but for now I just wanted to show the concealer itself since this is
my VoxBox video. I think E.l.f. is a brand that you can buy at Target and Walmart, so it’s
definitely on the inexpensive side for anybody who’s looking for that in a
really good makeup. So, makes it even better.
So, thanks VoxBox, thanks Influenster, thanks E.l.f. But, most importantly, thank you
guys so much for watching! Please like and subscribe and turn my post notifications on to see that next video with the full face of makeup. Bye guys!

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