Earn $164.84 In 1 Hour 💰Make Money Online For Free💰 (Worldwide)
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Earn $164.84 In 1 Hour 💰Make Money Online For Free💰 (Worldwide)

You asked for it here it is make money
online free and worldwide. What’s going on everyone Attan here and in today’s
video I’m going to show you how you can make hundred and sixty four dollars and
actually a lot more in one hour, we’re talking about worldwid
opportunities we’re talking about free money. What you need to do is stay with
me but first if you new around make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel
because I upload videos on a consistent basis about how to make money online
work from home opportunities entrepreneurship and much more and make
sure you also hit that notification bell so you can be notified every time I
upload on your video. Alright guys so as I said I’m gonna show you how you can
earn hundred and sixty four dollars and even more actually and this is free
money and worldwide opportunities I’m going to share with you at least three
opportunities in here so what you need to do is pay attention don’t skip on
anything because then you might miss out on any important information I’m going
to share with you regarding this free and worldwide opportunities here and if
you’re interested in making a full time passive income online build a really
sustainable online business I do have my number one recommendation
right here below that I highly suggest you to have a closer look at when we
finish this video of course but for now let’s see how we can make money online
for free and worldwide let’s get started alright guys so first off we are going
to the site here and that is you test.com so you can quickly realize and
say that we are talking about becoming a tester you can see here that you get
paid to shape the digital landscape you test by applause is the number one
destination for freelance software testing and feedback so more or less you
work as a freelancer here by testing out some softwares and some other stuff
there and you’re going to leave a feedback on that and get paid for it now
if I go here to the project board this is what I wanted to show you here so
have a look at this you can see here I Android devices let’s go for a Sri Lanka
for example okay boom look at this they have one two three the first one need
testers to test an app on mobile phones Android TV Apple TV fire TV and tablet
devices the next one argent video-on-demand project need
drivers and riders the third project three projects available okay let’s go
for a Dominican Republic there you go one two opportunities let’s go for
Algeria Algeria here we have Algeria sorry let’s go for Algeria one
opportunity here it totally depends on when you arrive here to the site that
might not be for the moment but you can clearly see by just picking your country
here that they do have some opportunities available for you this is
a very active site here is an Oracle section and the forum section you can go
in here and check out all the details for yourself if I just open up here you
can see that they do have official you test articles here ecommerce how
software testers are shaping the shopping revolution so you can go inside
here check it out radio articles so you can get an idea about this site so you
can have a clear idea and it is super easy actually what you need to do is
just go to sign up for free you can see this section here basically here first
before we do that in home smart speaker testing here is a world wide devices
okay so this is ongoing projects they have TV testing on demand January 31st
so February 10th this is active opportunities right now guys so you can
make some serious money I just googled and searched and asked how much do you
test pay you can see that you can earn up to three thousand dollars per month
so there is easily hundred dollars a day okay so you test calm just go to sign up
for free here fill in the details apply and get started to make money
this worldwide opportunity here now since we are here at the same topic we
can earn even more money by becoming a tester we can go to a site like a
testing time calm and if you go to the section here if I go back just to show
you how it looks when you arrive here we recruit test users so basically you go
to this section here where it says become a test user so if I go here you
can see test products at home via Skype on site with a customer and you earn up
to 50 euros per hour alright 50 euros now this is approximately hundred and
fifty fifty four dollars and 84 cents I’m sorry
so how this works is that big companies they want to test the website I want to
test some product or launching and they want to record a call with you via Skype
so they’re going to ask you some questions they might say like could you
find the tab for the dresses for example or for the coat or for whatever it’s
going to be so you can clearly see it there is a video here also if you want
to see it but I think it’s pretty simple and straightforward actually alright
so you sign up you tell them about you a little bit so they know actually how to
target more specific jobs for you there and of course you accept the job and
you’re going to take it you’re going to get to get started to take that test job
and of course you’re going to get paid also here okay you can see here you will
get paid within 10 days so that is pretty fast and you will test products
from you can see of these companies they are big I mean trivago for example
dynamics at Orlando doodle UBS these are super big companies there is also a
frequently asked questions if you want to head over to this site here ok so you
can say for example what other requirements first of all we expect you
to be on time and that is pretty obvious I mean you just can’t sign up there and
go ahead and say Oh we’ll be there 3 p.m. and you won’t be
there alright and why is my being reliable and honest
so important I think it’s pretty obvious actually this shouldn’t be even here to
be honest I mean you should definitely of course not lie and the show up there
as you should because that is how you’re going to get paid now what are some
advantages of becoming a test user it’s fun to test new product and services and
can I make a living testing products oh no basically while you earn a little bit
of money with each test you won’t be able to make living this way all right
so that is why it’s so important and that is why I wanted to share with you
more than just one opportunity because you can’t be reached by testing sites
and apps and soft words there it’s definitely why it’s so important to
have a look at like my number one recommendation that I have below here
all right ok let’s move on here a little bit’s basically I’m not going to read
through it because you can have a look at this for yourself actually but I
wanted to share with you another opportunity that is worldwide and very
very popular this is a site this is a pen calm if I scroll down a little bit
here you can see that they do have experience working in 130 plus countries
expertise in hundred and plus languages this makes it really a worldwide company
and they do have a lot of jobs and here actually because if you just go to the
job section you can see here you can become a Raider for example flexible
part-time home-based we have language jobs we have micro tasks and we have
corporate jobs so if I just go here to the corporate jobs and you can extort to
search for all the categories and locations here ok the same goes here
let’s say that we go for Sri Lanka remote for example if I hit the search
look at this they want the transcriber they have a Sri Lankan language expert
and the social media evaluator ok social media evaluator you see they work with
eight out of the ten global technology companies in the world to improve and
optimize the product for users worldwide including social media platforms search
engine voice recognition system and e-commerce sites the world of tech is
moving fast and since our founding in 96 we rose for the challenge by becoming a
publicly listed company and by building an international team that works in over
130 countries and in more than 180 languages alright so if you love social
media as they say here and want to influence on how they can interact with
technology then you can definitely apply for being a social media evaluator they
are going to ask you some questions if you can see specific ads on the newsfeed
for example on Facebook and stuff like that
super easy job and opportunity but as I said just go here and search around
there are so many opportunities available here on happen and this is of
course also worldwide opportunities here so there you have it how you can make
money online totally free and worldwide now as I said in the beginning here if
you are interested in making a full time passive income online with the
sustainable online business working from the comfort of your home or
wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection then I do have my
number one recommendation right here below that I highly suggest you to have
a closer look at if you liked what you saw I really appreciate if you smash
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and you’re going to find another make money online video recommendation here
also thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one


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    Nice video. I hope you could find Forum Moderation Content worldwide opportunities. This is the first video I have saw so far that really mention Dominican Republic most of the worldwide jobs videos do not really work here

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