EASY Juicy Summer Makeup Tutorial
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EASY Juicy Summer Makeup Tutorial

hi beauties hi beauty fam welcome back
to the second part of our colour-pop big birthday bash this is the second part of
the video where I show you how to create the look that I was wearing in the
collection reveal so if you want to see how I created that look then please keep
on watching don’t forget we do have the giveaway coming up and we are now on
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video a thumbs up thank you guys so much for your support and without further ado
let’s jump in and create this wonderful look with the main squeeze from
colour-pop okay so as you guys can see I already do
have all of my face on right now but I really wanted to make sure that this
video was in a hundred years long so I want to just really focus on the eyes
the shadows don’t have too much fallout I’m not worried about powdering
underneath my eyes but I really wanted to sit down focus and actually make a
makeup tutorial video because I love doing different looks and I love showing
that off and being creative and also too if you guys ever have questions about
makeup or blending or just you know questions relating to makeup to hit me
up in the comments you can DM me as well on Instagram on Twitter I’m always there
and I’m always happy to help and be supportive as much as you guys are
supporting me it does mean a lot to me but the first thing that I’m gonna do is
think everything is already primed and set and ready I was just gonna move into
the eye shadow I am going to pick up on a fluffy brush and this is the J age 35
and I gotta wash my brushes do not judge me I already know I’m gonna pick up the
big dope and see here so there’s not a lot of fall back or kick back in the pan
now I’m gonna do one eye on camera and when I off a camera I think that’s the
fastest way and that way I can really go in depth to what I’m doing and it’s not
going to be 1,000 years long so think we’re gonna start over this eye okay so
the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start right here and see how
pigmented that is that is so beautiful I like to start with a big fluffy brush
and just start to pat on the outer portion of my eye that way most the
pigment ends up creating that shape in that shadow that I want and it’s not
going to end up here where it’s the most pigmented and then almost
I’ve got a nun blendable I so I want to make my job as easy as as possible so I
start here and I just start to slowly circular motions in you see how nice and pigmented that is
but it’s just nice circular motions right now I’m not really work worried
about a shape I’m more so worried about getting that pigmented pecked on there
and getting it spread out throughout the lid we are just gonna focus that and
we’re not gonna worry about the share tuenti are only gonna keep this right
underneath the brow bone and then above the lid if you get some on the lid don’t
worry about we’re gonna do a cut crease anyways which cut crease is always a
superhero at all of these looks so just stay patient with yourself trust the
process and know that this is going to look incredibly beautiful I know that
sounds strange but if you preach positivity your mind is thinking
positivity your body stays calm your mind stays calm and everything turns out
gorgeous so just keep trusting the process here and I’m just gonna keep
blending in and out and again this is the first shadow we’re actually gonna
lay down so this is where you’re gonna really put the muscle grease in and
really put the hard work in the rest of its kind of just gonna go on there and
you’ll see that throughout the process but if we put this down incorrectly or
if our primers not laid down or dried correctly then every other step from
that point is just gonna be a huge mess so this step is crucial the rest of it
is gonna be kind of a breeze and I’ll walk you through the rest of it I’m just
gonna continue to blend this out here and at this point there is no longer any
pigment on my brush now I’m really just going to get into
those now I’m really just going to go in here and just start blending making sure
everything seems to me as seamless and blended we are gonna add more shadow so
it’s gonna help that process as well but at this point you should start to have
something that looks kind of like this and I know it’s a little intimidating
because it’s a nice big bright red shade but I’m telling you it’s going to look
incredibly beautiful think positive stay positive and you will get that result
all right so the next shade we’re gonna pick up is like it’s hot and again same
brush we’re not gonna make things over complicated with 15,000 brushes we’re
just gonna pick up the shadow and get to work and again you can see I’m starting
that padding on the outside so I can start to build up that pigment I do this
because I put the pigment here and then I myself can control how much actual
product goes where at this point so see I’m pressing it here now instead of
having it all over here I just start here and just slowly blend in this shade
is our second shade now so now that we already had that nice transition shade I
already laid down the shifting to go on a lot more simpler a lot more easier but
we’re not gonna go as high this is just to deepen up that crease you see how our
first shade is all the way up here and now this shade is a little bit lower we
don’t want to go as high and you see I’m getting some on the lid but don’t worry
we’re gonna cut crease you can see we start to have some sort of shape going
on and that really is all there is to the
transition and the deepening now we’re gonna jump in I’m going to grab now I am
gonna drive a different brush because I don’t think that brush would work for
cock cruising I’m just saying if you figure out how to make that work let me
know because I don’t know so the best I like to use is something very thin kind
of like this you know I have to clean her but I want you guys to see what I’m
actually using it’s very thin it’s not full whatsoever and I used this it’s
kind of like a dumbfuck but it’s very thin like for me something like this
would not work because it’s thick I still got that like kinky brush feeling
that works for you then that works for you I’m just letting you know how I
create my looks and what makes them easier for me I also have something like
this as well which is also considered a dome but it’s a little bit thicker you
can see see how thick it is compared to this one there’s a lot thinner push you
can see that on camera but it is a lot that it’s a lot thicker has more
bristles so weight to work with this one so for this I am using the again this is
fair 0 0 and this is bicolor pop and it’s a concealer you can see it is stark
white that’s another trick that I love to use and I just really puts him on the
back of my hand good night she’s gonna load it onto that
brush what I like to do is I like to just kind of start here I don’t start
here because I want to start creating that shape that I want and then from
here I can drag down you can see right now it’s pretty sloppy
it’s pretty messy it’s not perfect we will perfect it but at this point we’re
just trying to get that concealer on there and start to create a shape so be
patient with yourself trust the process and know you will get there putting a
little bit more concealer on take your time – this is not a rush so that’s what we want to start to
seeing we want to see where we have a somewhat all I did basically is a normal
cook craze but instead of going curved like this I just took it in flicked it
out I’m just gonna continue to make that
concealer as big as possible again I’m not going to worry about it this is too
white right now because right now I’m gonna go in with a red shade if I was
gonna go in with like a pink shade or a yellow shade or something lighter than
the red that I already have on then I would want to obviously remove all the
shadow underneath but because I’m going in with a red shade I’m not going to
worry about it too much so I know it’s completely crazy right
now but trust the process and we will work through this now right now I’m just
gonna continue to bring that concealer down on the eye what you want to do is
kind of create the shape and then fill in so just like as if you were coloring
a picture in a book you want to outline and then color in again guys this is
just what works for me and something else works for you then
definitely continue to go with that but these are just my tips and tricks and
how I created that beautiful look in the first video makeup as a form of
expression I’ve always believed that and you should never ever try to express
yourself through someone else’s eyes if you can pick up tricks and ideas and
thoughts from them and more power to you but still make it your own that’s exactly what I kind of wanted to
look like as a right now and again if I was trying to go in with like a whiter
shade or a pink or a pink or something Pinker peachy I would want to make sure
this is as white as possible so that color isn’t transferring and seeping
through but because I’m going in with our red from this palette I’m not gonna
be too nit picky now this is the point where I’m going to use a big big big fat
foam don’t don’t brush this is the JH 41 I’m gonna spits my brush I always do
with all shimmers so keep that in mind okay so what we’re gonna use it are
gonna use the Marcia no shade in here that’s the shade right here nice
beautiful red if she’s loaded on the brush and now because I have this
outline I’m not too worried about using a bigger book it’s just my point
look at that oh nice leave that one on again at this point don’t worry about
making everything extremely perfect I will show you how to do that and I
promise you it’s gonna look gorgeous I’m gonna take my shower brush that I
used to cut that crease because right now I want to kind of follow through the
wing that we created with that white concealer okay you can see everything kind of
still looks a hot mess still trust the process we’re gonna get there alright
and then the next day so this is the supernovas channel from colour-pop and
it is in the sand ax smash bundle you can see I am leaving a little bit of
this top portion white and not explained that to you in just one no that’s what
we have so far it’s not gonna stay like that it’s gonna get better just this is
what we have so far I want you guys to see it’s not perfect by any means but
she’s gonna get there all right the next thing I wanted you there are two color
pop liners we have a white one and a black one now here’s what the white one
looks like she’s loud so no judging that’s what she looks like
I’m just gonna go over the top and again go slow at this process trust yourself
stay steady and you’ll get through this process but this is totally optional too
but I really want to create that watermelon fantasy that beautiful white star in the form so we wanted to look like at this point okay so now we have our liner down and
I’m aware the top fancy so again all these steps are possible are extra you
don’t have to do these steps you can just leave it at this so some mascara on
or some boss lashes so your bottom lash doesn’t be done but I’m gonna go in with
Midnight Cowboy I’m just gonna line right over that white and that’s where we’re at right now with
this look now what I want to do is I want to go in with some mascara and I’m going to take my small brush
it’s like a very last step and then we’re just gonna throw them some fossil
ashes and built that bottom lash line and I am going to pick up a little bit
of juicy fruit want some of the extra gold I’m just gonna put it right in the
center nothing super precise but just so that you can see the reflects of it a little bit of glitter ok let’s start
building that bottom lash line and we are also at the top so let’s just start
building the bottom portion of it and I’m gonna go again and I’m going to mix
big gulp with it like it hot okay guys that’s it I’m gonna throw in
some false lashes and I will be right back after I throw on this side as well
hi beauty fans so I went in and I did add the lashes on below the eyes I did
create the other eye here off camera and then the last thing that I want to do I
feel like you really add a watermelon vibe his whole book I want to add like
the teaspoon liner and this is from when they came out with like the st.
Patrick’s Day collection I’m just going to add that in my waterline and it just
gives us like a further kind of like feel for a watermelon vibe I don’t know if that’s really gonna show
up for you guys on camera but I wanted to do that on camera so you guys see
that that’s like the final stuff that I do I feel like that just ties everything
together and gives us that watermelon vibe but this is what I was able to
create one of my first looks with the colour-pop birthday fifth birthday
collection I hope you guys like it I hope you guys enjoyed this video you
guys do enjoy these types of videos please do let me know down below in the
comments cuz I want to make more videos and I’ve been posting more looks on
Instagram and now on Twitter but if you want to actually see me create them and
you have questions about them definitely let me know in the comments because I
love making these types of videos and I would love to make more for you guys but
that will do it for today’s guys thank you so much for watching in your support
until the next one you


  • Meagan johnson

    I loved how this turned out I don’t have this palette but I have similar colors in other palettes so I might try and recreate this look…much love to you and mom stay beautiful and stay sexy 💕😋💋💄

  • Ashley Norton

    Lol I'm always having to tell myself that when I go out of my makeup comfort zone. Be patient, trust it'll look good in the end!

  • Tiffany Lucas

    Gurl the talent! So good. I want to pull a look like this off but I have weird chunky hoods so it always looks wonky 😂. Great video and tips.

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