EBay adds a Buy Box
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EBay adds a Buy Box

Hey guys this is Ted with OAXRAY and today
we’re going to go over how e-bay is becoming more like Amazon and making things easier
for buyers. So I don’t talk too much about e-bay but today
I’m going to just because they are making some strides and they’re actually starting
to become a little bit more friendly than Amazon is for sellers and they’re trying to
become even better for the buyer. And 1of the things that I notice that they
implemented a few weeks ago is this feature kind of like we have on Amazon. So if we come over here to Amazon we’ll
notice that the listings kind of have all the listings in one. So for this LG V 20 phone, it’s a phone that
I’m looking at upgrading to we can see here that all of them are listed under one listing,
we have 21 used offers here. On e-bay we used to not have this option of
grouping similar items so whenever I type in the V 20 cell phone or phone, what would
happen was it would show me all these different results and nothing would be grouped together. So it was very difficult to compare similar
or the same exact listings because each listing looks very different, each person takes their
own picture. But what e-bay has added is a little button
here and it says group similar listings. When we click on that what it does is it compacts
everything that they think is the same or similar just like Amazon does here. So all of these 21 listings together new and
used offers, they group them together but if the phone a slightly different then they will
actually be on separate listing. So whenever I type in V 20 phones or LG V
20 cell phones I see most of the sellers with the exact same item are grouped under one
listing. And then whenever you click on listing you
have something in the buy box which is this expensive item right here $319.99 I believe
that it’s in the buy box because it has a prime badge and these others may not but
if I go over here it actually does kind of the same thing. So even though the lowest price seems to be
$250, e-bay actually adds 1 of their own, I will call it a buy box I don’t know if that’s
trade marked by Amazon probably. So they have added their own buy box essentially. So they’ve selected one of the very best looking
item here what is going to give the customer the best experience and it’s probably the
seller maybe they have really good shipping and what they’ve also done is they’ve added
this star rating system here so we can see how good this item it. So it has an average of 4.5 stars and we know
the basic information just from the title but all of these 34 buying options that we
see here should be for that exact same phone. Another thing I noticed about e-bay is now
you are able to do guaranteed 3-day shipping. And this is something that I never really
noticed before making it very easy and this is e-bay trying to compete with Amazon in
their 2-day shipping. So I thought that was really cool because
I needed my phone quickly. So another cool thing about this is whenever
I click here if I click on either the brand new listings or one of the used things
up here, it’s going to bring me to the listing that e-bay thinks is best for me. So it has selected this based on the price,
probably the seller rating, how good they are at shipping things and how quickly is
going to get to me but as I scroll down I noticed here in the details page it shows
the other office for this product. So this is all the listings for this exact
same product. So from here I can see that there is a bunch
of these available, if I click “see all” I get more options and this actually shows
me those 50 listings for this product but it took it out of the group view. So now I can view them separately and I can
actually see if they have specific pictures with them. So whenever I buy something like a cell phone
I almost always buy it on e-bay over Amazon and that’s one of the things that I do because
if you look right here I like to actually see the item in the original package. So this for me is ok like the stock photo
but I actually like to see the item. So I like to look here Mint condition, I can
see that it comes with the box, it comes with the charging cable and then our cable and
then if I look a little closer we can see any dense or things like this. So I think that e-bay is making kind of a
comeback here in the fact that it makes a little bit easier for you to actually see
your specific item because you’re able to upload these to your specific listing but
at the same time they’re using this kind of buy box technique which leads you into buying
a specific item. And here it says, our pick top item for this
product matching your search criteria and it tells you where it’s coming from and it’s
probably using the same kind of logic that Amazon is which is essentially what’s the
thing that’s closest to them, who has the seller best seller rating and they are giving
you that information. This makes buying on e-bay much less confusing
because like I said before I group these items they’re 53,000 listings and by grouping
everything together now I can compare apples-to-apples comparison very easily. So I see the exact same item, I don’t see
a whole bunch of different items, I can click on this listing and see who’s actually the
best seller for me. So I think this is strides ahead of what it
was before, e-bay is trying to become more competitive with Amazon and with Amazon restricting
some things and with Amazon you know just the way that they have been working as of
recently they are becoming more buyer friendly a little bit less seller friendly I think
that Amazon is going to have to keep an eye out on e-bay and Wal-Mart who are actually
moving in, there taking steps to make things easier for us the buyer and it’s going to
be a contender in the platforms maybe not as big as Amazon, definitely not as big as
Amazon but if you’re able to figure out how to grab the buy box and now that we have it
on e-bay you’re going to be able to make a lot of money. So e-bay is something that you want to look
at, I know I like selling on Amazon they are the best but they are cleaning things up over
here on e-bay and since there is a lot less sellers there’s definitely some opportunity. Thank you guys very much. Have a great day and make some money using


  • Sanctus Vianney

    I will always search all listings on eBay. I usually shop by price for items in the same condition. Letting eBay pick for me will leave me wondering if I could have picked a better deal. I don't like it at this point. Amazon & eBay are 2 different beasts & that's ok with me.

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