Ebay Dropshipping Title Builder Optimization Online Jobs Tutorial (ENG/SUB)
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Ebay Dropshipping Title Builder Optimization Online Jobs Tutorial (ENG/SUB)

Hello and welcome back to our channel So today, I will teach you on how to build a title here in eBay dropshipping or what are the client’s criteria about building a title because this is very important in our job product research, title builder or optimization this is use oftentimes if you can see the job post you will see that it has a title builder for those who watched our videos for the first time please visit our channel watch the quick guide on the first part of our channel for us to know the content of our videos and for us to know what videos we need to watch first and please don’t forget to subscribe these are the four types of client’s criteria when it comes to title in eBay the client has different criteria or they have different strategies first is, they will just copy the title from the competitors and this one the reason why is because this is the selling title so what client’s do is he just copies the title of the competitor or from where he got the items Next is, what client wants, this is the second one he wants just to rearrange it you will not copy the title exactly what you will do is you will just rearrange the words from the title but the title is just the same Next is, the title must have 80 characters here in eBay because in eBay we have 80 characters capacity for the title optimization what client’s want is we consume that 80 character or optimize the title this is the fourth, I will teach you which is important, this is building your own title how can we do this I will teach you about that today for example, this is the listing that we found. this is the selling items then we found this on eBay so we just copy this title then we will just paste it when we list the items here in manual or in dropshipping tools so that is how to copy the title from competitor’s title next is shuffling words of the title when shuffling the words this is the example. For example, this is the title large heated pet dog cat house warm waterproof electric heating pads bed outdoor so, if you noticed, the title has no rhyme because here in eBay we don’t use rhyme words like eight pieces large heated pad dog bed house, like that eBay doesn’t have that what is more important here is the keywords or those words that are often searched by the buyers if we list a specific item. for example, heating pad that’s where we can use it this is the second example this title, what we will do is, the waterproof bed heat outdoor, we will put it in the end part we will just shuffle it, this is how to shuffle the title or for example, like this bed outdoor we can simply put it after waterproof so this is it so it’s just like that we will retitle but we will use the same title keywords, that is how to reshuffle next is, 80 characters 80 characters are very important to use by the listers because sometimes, if you noticed their title is consist of only 30 characters so we can still use to create words that can be use as the search engine that can be detected by search once the item you are selling has keywords you will write the keywords so what clients want is to use that all 80 characters for example, large heated pet dog cat house warm waterproof electric heating pad this one for example, we still have 5 more characters to use it doesn’t mean that the 80 characters doesn’t mean we will use these all at least you have for me in my own experience what my client does is at least use 75 characters if it’s only 72 we must add the word “new” or if it’s not complete for example, the title exists 80 characters for example like this one four-pack LED then the then this letters “La” wall la, so this is a lamp so we cannot add letters M and P anymore so what we will do is, we will adjust in the word “Pack” the word “pack” will replace by “4X” so we can add letters “M and P” in the last word if you got my point because we are only allowed to use 80 characters we must not exceed with that but what clients want is we don’t have a very short title so here, we must know how to adjust words so these are the character shortcuts that you can use 4 pack, you can replace it with “4 pck”, “4x” or ” Pack of 4″ pack of 4 we will use this if our title is short so for example, your title is short of 3 more characters you can use Pack of 4 instead of 4 Pack next is the word “feet” you can use its abbreviation which is “ft.” or you can also use its sign(‘) next is the word “inches” if your title is short then you can use the word “inches” that is the strategies on how to build a title here on eBay we cannot just create a title that on our own what we need to do here is we will think about what buyers are searching for example, you, you will buy a=heating pad what is the word will I write for what? of course when you say heating pad, there are heating pads that are for humans and for pets so make it clear you can put for pets or you have a particular pets who will use that heating pad for example dogs, you will write “dog heating pad” or for cats also so we can write, “Dogs and Cats heating pad” our title must be accurate what is the size, what is the color so here, they are using Keywords Everywhere so this Auto Constant Temperature this is not commonly used so we will just remove the words that we don’t need in the title we will replace it with a word that has to be used just download keywords everywhere add to chrome, it’s free so you can check the volume of people who are searching for a heating pad you can see here, 6,600 so this is the title builder or title optimization I have an example item here on Amazon. So, if you can see this title it will exceed 80 characters so what we will do is we will build a title remember, put the size first or the quantity or how many inches, what is the length so here we will put the quantity first or the size 8 pack next is, what is the item that we are selling for example here, Solar Ground Lights so what’s this? Garden Lights, LED Garden Lights don’t forget what type of item are we selling LED Garden LIght then, we can make it Solar Solar Garden Light then, we can make this Ground Solar Garden Ground LIghts, then what do you think we can add they can search for Ground Lights they can search for Garden Light they can search for Solar next we can add some buyers search for Sensor with the word “with”, we can replace it by “w/” like this ‘w/ Sensor” then Patio Outdoor Light Outdoor Lights so if the title is short we can use “Pack of 8” we can use 4 Pack or 8 Pack if the character is short at the end of the title we can use “8X” or “8 pcs” so here, always remember in building a title those that are not necessary do not add it. here, you will just put the words that buyer can search we can use keywords everywhere to see the the volume of research for these words of the Yard, Driveway walkway if it is not necessary words don’t put it in the title at least we put the full details of the product that we sell that is how to do the title here on eBay so just stay tuned I have a lot of things to teach you good luck and thank you very much


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