Ebay Fee Calculator – Ebay Seller Fees
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Ebay Fee Calculator – Ebay Seller Fees

hi everyone stacy serrano here I just wanted to shoot this quick training for those of you that are having some issues figuring out just how much your profits are going to be after ebay fees are deducted so this is an ebay fee calculator that will help you out in the beginning just until you kind of get used to things so this is a site here at CLC alc calm now the first thing you’re going to do is come down to this section right here and make sure that it sets a fixed price standard if you’re not getting charged at thirty cents by ebay forgot to list that listing you can switch it to no insertion fee but for the most part is always going to be on fixed standard now the very first thing you’re going to do is head over to this box here this is the buy it now price so this is going to be the price you listed for on evening so whatever you’re selling it for and what we can actually do here is actually do I’ll show you an example in real time let’s see um let’s just listen this one okay so this one has free shipping and this is okay this is a good one 69 79 is what it’s going for so let’s just say you want to sell it for 89 99 and it was 69 79 so you’re going to put that here in the cost to acquire box and then you’re just going to scroll down and click do the math and here you go you have a net profit of eight dollars and 24 cents and to break even on that sale you would have had to have listed at at eighty dollars and 53 cents which basically means anything below that price you are in the red you’re losing money so that’s not what we want so you want to always pay attention to this number here and make sure that you’re at least above it if not equal to it if you’re just looking to break even which that’s not why we’re here but I also want to show you one more quick thing let’s just say your goal for that was to make nine dollars for whatever reason you wanted to clear nine dollar profit on that item when you sold it make sure it sets a net profit now click through the math now this number has changed this number is still the same because it’s still you have still have it at 89 99 but if you want to make a net profit of nine dollars then you’re gonna have to list that item at 90-87 on ebay and this is this was a huge lifesaver for me because there was a lot of items that I knew I could get a ten dollar profit on or I knew I could get a twelve dollar profit on and this just it just helped me out you know so I could just type it in here real fast then go punch it into ebay and boom I was done so I hope this helps you as much as it helped me when I first started and happy listing bye bye now

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