eBay for Business | How to Get Your eBay Listings on Google Shopping UK
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eBay for Business | How to Get Your eBay Listings on Google Shopping UK

Hi I’m Hannah and I’m Paddy. He’s from Google and she’s from eBay. Today will tell you how to increase the chances for your eBay listing showing up on Google. Google handles trillions of searches per year. Many of these searches are from people looking for items to buy. This is good news for eBay sellers. That’s because eBay and Google have teamed up to help you get your fixed price listings onto Google Shopping. Like here here or here You can do three things to increase your listings visibility on Google. First make sure your photos don’t have any watermarks. It’s important that images show your product with no additional… marks logos or text Second, be sure to use the product identifiers. They are the unique identifiers for your product. Depending on what you sell they’re called …GTIN… …EAN… …ISBN or… …MPN. eBay sellers should always include the codes when they list. If your item’s got more than one type of code, add them all in the correct fields. And third always complete the item specifics fields. You know, the ones like brand name, colour and size. They’re especially important when you’re selling clothing, shoes or accessories. Without them, the listing might not show up on Google Shopping. That’s it short and sweet. Say no to watermarks. Say yes to product identifiers and item specifics. By following these tried-and-tested methods you could get more customers and more sales. To get more tips and guidance from the eBay team, subscribe to our channel on YouTube and click the bell icon to enable notifications. YouTube will let you know as soon as new videos are available.


  • Scott Taylor

    Say no to watermarks, just let other sellers copy your images and infringe on your copyright!!! Just goes to show that ebay and Google don't care about intellectual property theft. Not everyone sells generic mass produced products where one photo fits all! Watermarks are the only deterrent that there is in this copy and paste society and we shouldn't be penalised for using them just because they don't fit in with the clinically presented search results.

  • sy ys

    Hello eBay,
    Could you specify what you mean "no logo"? Is it about my company logo or any logo like brand e.g. Adidas, Puma. If I sell branded items like Nike Puma Reebok, could I put the Nike or other brand logos to the pictures? And could you specify if it is only about for the main picture or all pictures like these in the drop-down menu like these in listing's description? I have listings with variations sizes colours etc. Could explain if I have a picture with size chart where is a text of course? How is treated by google search engine?

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